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08 Aug 2008 Catherine Bell vs Jeri Ryan (best of seven 6)

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Posted by simguy on 8/8/2008, 6:44 pm


Before: "It's got to be harder for her," says Cat Bell in prefight, sizing up the fight from her rival's POV. "For me - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A handful of punches could give me this thing - I'm almost there. Jeri's got such a long road in front of her - that alone has to be weighing on her. But the other thing is...is that I've been here before, with Theron. I know what it takes to dig deep, deep down into yourself and win these kinds of events. Jeri's had some bitterness between herself and Ali maybe - but it's nothing compared to what Charlize and I have put each other through. I'm tempered by those fights; I know where this is going. Jeri's just fighting on instinct, HOPING she's got enough. I wouldn't want to be in that frame of mind going into this fight." Ryan nonplussed, casting baleful glares about the room throughout Cat's speech. "Every time Bell starts waxing philosophical - or plays the Theron card - or talks about how she's done things that I haven't - I get stronger. She's such a stupid cow - you'd think she'd know by now that giving me any extra juice is suicide. I love that she thinks she's got this thing wrapped. The seventh fight is going to be a formality: once I break Cat in the sixth - the rest is just a parade."


During R1: Cat aggressively at Jeri with a one-two up top - blocked; Bell's long, lashing hook takes Ryan square amidships with a beefy whack. Cat pivoting to her left, weight planted on her front (left) foot - she sweeps another long-armed hook - big, cranking shot - taking Jeri in her waist. Ryan grunting, tight-lipped - she turns on the spot, unable to answer as Cat hoists another thudding hook home. Another pivot-left - more hooks - Bell arching her back, sweeping in the shellack - right hand up around her ear as she tests the Ryan midsection. Jeri backing off, runs Bell onto the jab, then trades blunt right hands up top: Cat absorbs her first chin-check, dips her left shoulder, rips hook-to-abs once again. Ryan hounded to ropes, her dukes up in rigid high guard: Bell sails into the midsection with a thudding series of long-armed rights and lefts - just galloping up and in. Jeri breathless, pressed into ropes - she hooks at Cat's breasts, then brings her elbows down, protecting her ribs. Bell squares away, rings a tic-toc right/left off Jeri's hips, then brings her mitts back to her chin, leaning forward, head to head with Jeri now. Grueling tit for tat evolves as Jeri firms at the apron, quick-snatching at Cat's torso with either mitt, then reforming guard with dukes under her chin. Bell banging the flanks - long, straight-armed blasts shivering on contact, then coming up top with rigid left uppercuts and pounding right crosses. Ryan repeatedly beaten to a seat in the ropes, but rallying well: she's hard pressed, but answering back enough to keep ref at bay. Down the stretch, Cat unleashes a series of torrid hooks, raking Jeri across her breasts and taking her breath away. Ryan swooning, eyes staring at the bell as Cat finishes up strong.


R2: Cat initiating, banging away one-two up top, then following up a cheeky right cross, catching Ryan on the button. Jeri covers, crouches: Cat dips left shoulder, lifts the hook in loud, reaching down Jeri's body to fit it in behind right elbow. Cat doubles that hook - she's punching superbly off that front foot - then she eases onto back (right) foot, neatly evading Jeri's counter-hook. Cat pivots left around a series of jolting left jabs - brunette knocking at blonde brows - keeping Jeri defensive. HARD straight right flows off Cat's shoulder as she bends in and down, pounding the mitt off Jeri's stomach; Bell pivots left around a pair of those lanky, sweeping hooks hoisted up and in. Ryan grimacing from sustained body-licks: she backs away, looking to regroup. Bell stalks forward - jabbing up top (blocked) then diving in and down, pounding that straight right off Jeri's sternum again. Ryan beaten to ropes, covers up as Cat leans in on her front foot to beat that body: another series of lashing rights and lefts thrash at Jeri's ribcage, buckling her legs. Ryan rallies, hooking Cat, then crossing at her: Bell bobbing low, slips the worst of it, while staying in close on her front foot. Ringing hook to ribcage rocks Jeri - Cat's lips tight with the effort of tearing into her foe - brunette body poised on that lead left foot, back arched as she works supple left hands underneath. Ryan chops a short right hand, taking Cat inside her left shoulder; both girls exchange rangy left hooks up top, toggling both chins. Cat maintains her position, left at her chest as she crams a tuff right hand into the pit of Jeri's belly, then throws the left forearm into Jeri's chest to stack the blonde upright at ropes. They trade rights to chins again - ripping blasts - then come back with hooks: Bell's just beating Jeri to blows, taking the steam out of blonde punches. Ryan's knees give, then recover - she dips left shoulder to hook at Cat's midsection, then leans back into ropes, right hand at her chest. Bell paws her jab, leans into a right cross up top, then drops her right (back) foot back a smidge before unleashing another glorious, rangy hook up into the body. Jeri grimacing in pain, body throbbing - she swipes back a hook off her heels, unable to get her weight into the shot. Bell shifts weight to right (back) foot while dragging a hook across Jeri's breasts, then pours forward again, right hand smiting Jeri's jaw. Big blonde head-swivel, but Ryan won't give - she tilts forward, chugs away a series of rising lefts and rights until Bell clangs away left/right to chin in tight. Crowd roaring as proud beauties belt away without restraint, remorse, or mercy. Huge punching second draws to a close with both girls slugging away, Cat on top of Jeri at the ropes.


R3: Cat: one-two up top (blocked); sweeping left hook to waist while pivoting left. Jeri crumpling slightly, ashen faced - Cat's committed body assault visibly wilting statuesque blonde. Bell dips-n'-rips another hook home to midsection, then tips to her right to muscle a right hand up underneath. Ryan sobbing aloud, stooping forward: Bell palms her shoulders, pushes her backward, walks her down. Near the ropes, Ryan pushes out the left hand, loading up her right; Cat dives in, preempts Jeri's right with a crashing right to chin and DOWN GOES JERI! Ryan well softened by thundering body work, crumbles under the clean chin-check - she spills to all fours, suddenly shipwrecked. Bell actually stoops, right elbow up as she's set to deliver into Jeri's vulnerable back: brunette checks herself, coming to her senses just before hitting her downed foe. Creaky 8 Jeri Ryan - eyes brimming, legs trembling: she's shabby goods at the ropes.


On comes Cat Bell.


Quick jab up top screens the driving down-and-in right hand to sternum: crashing blast bouncing off Jeri's taut body, sitting her groaning in ropes. Cat straightens, left hand bracing Jeri in her right shoulder while Bell sets her hips to whack right hands home to midsection. Bell beating at her foe, then shifts weight, palms her right hand to Jeri's left shoulder to lift left hands in underneath. Sumptuous, thudding barrage just a good old fashioned Cat Bell beatdown: she's operating on Jeri here, processing her. Ryan unraveling - tries to clinch up around the hips: Cat muscles her upright, stacks her against ropes, then POUNDS rack a series of jackhammering straight rights and lefts in crisscross pattern. Jeri's head lolling, lips parting - Cat comes off the breasts to tuck a savage right/left deep to gut: ragged blonde sloshes forward, arms draped around Cat's neck. Bell bodies up, shoving Jeri into ropes, pushing arms out of the way and PASTING Jeri's face. Rigid, scraping left uppercuts; crashing, full-bodied right crosses; Jeri's head on a swivel as her body relaxes into ropes, proud legs holding her up as her systems shut down. Ryan's hands drooping - groggy, vacant face just staring into punishment - Cat's energetic, rhythmic uppercut/cross combos simply hammering Jeri senseless and THE REF STEPS IN! Ryan out on her feet, lolling helpless in the man's arms: Catherine Bell wins the fight - and the series, 4 brawls to 2.


After: Bell sobbing when Dani Fishel rushes the ring to embrace her former team-mate: the two hugging and bawling as Bell's new confederates give them room. Cat simply undeniable tonight, driving in on Jeri from the opening bell, crippling strong blonde body and long blonde legs in preparation for the finishing fusillade in the third. Poor Jeri: she's gimpy to her corner, stunned and battered; weight of her foe's momentum simply too great to overcome as Ryan suffers decisive defeat. Swan Lake quickly cuts in as HBO execs fear the worst. A Bell KO to end the series in dominant fashion could very well be the prelude to something unspeakable.


Post Fight

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