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08 Dec 2007 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Scarlett Johansson

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Posted by simguy on 12/8/2007


Before: Scarlett relentless in her personal attacks on Jen - calling her 'Jumbo Love Hewitt' and so on. Hewitt blasting back on her blog: "A size 2 is not Jumbo. Scary-Jo's got nerve harping about my hips - it's not like she's got the classic athletic build either. I've seen harder looking pears at the supermarket!" On and on - it's nasty, meanspirited stuff - designed to weaken the opponent's spirit and self-confidence. Jen in black bandeau bikini with brass ring connection at jug; low-rise hipster bottoms; small black gloves; hair wet for the occasion. Scarlett in festive rainbow bandeau; platinum curls; small white gloves.


During R1: Southpaw Scarlett, orthodox Jen midring: wide, flat footed stances. Scarlett's weight on her left (back) foot; Jen's weight on her right (back) foot. Jen paws with her left hand; Scarlett paws with her right - the hands touching and brushing - each girl looking for potshot-power from the loaded up mitt (right for Jen, left for Scarlett). Johansson used to playing these games with righties - Jen unfamiliar: Scarlett's landing straight left hands hard, placing 'em flat to jug or left side of Jen's chin. Johansson bending at the waist, slipping under Jen's poking straight rights for the most part - blonde supple, comfortable working the 'hinge' with Hewitt (girls angled towards each other much like a door on it's hinge - Jen's left foot forward, Scarlett's right, toes almost touching). Bell, Scarlett brightens, jogs back to corner jugs a-jumpin'. Hewitt scowling, staring at the floor in concentration during a thoughtful walk back to her stool.


R2: Similar potshotting stuff from the hinge - Scarlett again pounding her left hand straight to jug and face, scoring liberally. Hewitt startled and vexed, fielding spank - she's leaning in on right hands to answer, but having trouble finding supple-waisted Scarlett. Johansson mixing in a swatting right hook as well, taking Jen above her left hip: blonde pivoting-right around her hook, turning Jen's left flank. Patient assault from Scarlett - she's content to work from outside, extending into Jen with stamping lefts (the right hook more of a change-up) - Johansson just picking Jen over for points in the second.


R3: Jen still looking awkward, but determined: she alters trajectory on her straight right, pounding it to Scarlett's bulging rack, or slanting it down into blonde paunch for firm touches. Johansson whiplashing her right hook now - bouncing off Jen's left temple or slashing it in over the left hip: good bite on the punch has Hewitt wincing. Scarlett's straight left still scoring belly, tits and chin: Johansson bending at the waist, rolling Hewitt's right, then answering back crisp, stamping lefts with uncanny accuracy. Scarlett warned for tugging Jen's trunks-front to turn her - Johansson being a little creative working her angles. Hewitt sturdy - taking a good shot, but facing into a lot of punishment: she's sent to her corner 3 rounds down with a bleeding nostril.


R4: Scarlett operating out of the hinge scores a pounding left to Jen's mouth; dip-rolls, gets the left to Jen's chin again; dip-rolls, gets a third left to Jen's jaw, loosening Hewitt's knees. Jennifer staring, stumbling to her right: Scarlett reaches in the left, then torques the right hook, pelting it off Jen's temple. Swinging left takes Jennifer in her breadbasket, beating a shout of pain from her lips: Hewitt staggers to ropes, hugging her tummy as Scarlett walks her down. Johansson grinning wide: she leans in on front (right) foot, carrying her left hand heavily into Jennifer's breasts; reloads, stuffs it in again: Hewitt clinches hurt. Ref's break: Scarlett on the attack: JEN JAMS HER A RIGHT HAND! Stubby poke up the middle punches Scarlett's head back as she's releasing her left: Johansson put wobbly butt and Jen over to offence! Hewitt glaring, wading into Scarlett's stomach with free-swinging lefts and rights: blonde backed to ropes, grimacing, crossing arms against her tummy. HEWITT WANTS RACK! Crowd stands up and salutes as Hewitt bares her teeth, sloshes away side to side, dragging her knuckles back and forth across Scarlett's heaving goodness. Johansson clinches breathless, walking Jen to midring: ref breaks. HAMMER AND TONGS! Girls wailing away mindless - both rocked and fighting hurt. Crazy-swinging Jen misses a wild right over top: Scarlett pivoting to her left, pushing Jen in the back, sends Hewitt reeling face-first to ropes. Hewitt's head awkwardly through the ropes, leaving her momentarily hung up: SCARLETT POUNDS JEN'S BACKSIDE! Johansson teeth bared, lets her hands go across Jen's lower back and buttocks - finally settling on a series of ripping right hooks. Jennifer crying out, trying to right herself: Scarlett pushing with her left hand in Jen's upperback, keeps the brunette ropebound. Johansson's right hook cranking - bunching up Jen's buttocks, plowing into glute and sending shockwave-ripples through the region. Ref tackles Scarlett away at the bell as she's gone mindless with rump-busting vigour: Hewitt blushing a deep crimson as she finally extricates herself.


R5: Crazy 4th replaced by a more measured 5th: Scarlett bringing the tempo down, pawing her right hand at Jen's left, working the hinge. Johansson patiently potshotting - placing her straight-stamping left onto jug and jaw; slipping under Jen's return-rights with a cute head-bob. Hewitt frowning with concentration - taking a good punch: when she scores, it's right hands to Scarlett's breasts or tummy - nothing else is landing. Johansson occasionally leaning in to drag a thick left hand to Hewitt's paunch, or leaning out to bite that hook against temple or hip: Scarlett nibbling, stamping her girl for points. Hewitt visibly frustrated: she's put some tuff right hands into Scarlett's body, but not enough to carry the rounds as Johansson goes up 5-0.


R6: Jen sticking with it: she's getting bamboozled, outscored, but she stubbornly leans in and plows that straight right to jug or tummy when she can. Johansson absorbing the blows fairly well - wincing at the spank, but generally getting the better of the exchanges out of the hinge. Scarlett's right hook doing a lot of damage - gouging Jen above her left hip or catching her a weird angle atop the head: Hewitt not accounting for the shot, and her own hook is doing nothing. Scarlett's jab usually just a pawing set-up, but she'll occasionally chop it out from the shoulder, startling Jen to cheek. Johansson doing all the heavy lifting with her left hand: straight-stampers to jug and jaw; swinging sidearm blows to paunch on the lean-in. Johansson's feet completing the mastery of Jen: Scarlett's right foot outside of Jen's left, turning brunette counterclockwise - Johansson not shy about stepping her right foot onto Jen's left either, when it suits.


R7: Good pounding connects from Jen - she drives righty into Scarlett's torso with thudding commitment, finally bumping Johansson out of her stance and forcing her backward. Scarlett frowning as Jen walks her down: curvy girls glaring, walking heavily about as Hewitt subtly renegotiates. Jen stepping in, driving the right hand to Scarlett's breadbasket: blonde woofing in pain, stumbles butt-first to ropes. From midway point on, Jen's able to body Scarlett at ropes, put a tummy on her and stack her up. Hewitt rough-housing, mauling, working Johansson's rack over with crude scrubbing lefts and rights: Johansson mouth breathing, unable to force Hewitt off. Heavy handed scrounging from Hewitt: she's finally on the board, wiping the smile off Scarlett's face in the 7th.


R8: Hewitt bouncing forward, driving inside with a right hand as Scarlett's trying her left: brunette mashes blonde breasts as bodies hurtle into each other. Johannson repelled by the blow, stumbling on her heels: she's ashen-faced, jug-rocked - she's looking to leg for distance. Hewitt hopping forward, snarling: Jen's blood is up, head lowering as she bobs into a crouch to generate swinging power from sturdy legs. Johansson swept to ropes by a series of strong near-misses: Hewitt stepping-with, walks her down, squares up. Jen in front, pounding her jab stiff n' straight - she leans in with clanging right hands, pushing off the back (right) big toe. Johansson getting shelled, fists at her cheeks, elbows together at her tummy in a tight V, torso dipping side to side, or forward and back. Jen's slamming rights bash and bash at the V, trying to hammer through, then she'll throw sidearm rights at Scarlett's waist, smashing her just inside the left hip. Jen using her left hand to prod Scarlett upright, keeping her pinned down at ropes: it's all about plowing right hands home. Murderous, patient assault loosens Johansson's tight V: a Hewitt right finally caroms off blonde forehead, unhinging Scarlett's knees. JENNIFER POURS TO RACK! Johansson falling apart, gives up her jug: Hewitt in there gangbusters, eyes wide, shoulders twitching side to side, elbows in tight to her body as she SHELLACKS that rack. What a pasting - fans delirious - Scarlett's hands drooping, head tilting back as she sobs, sits into the ropes and THE REF STEPS IN! Scarlett's bared throat prompts the official - it's TKO8 in comeback fashion - Jennifer Love Hewitt!


After: Hewitt well-spanked herself - face, jugs and ribs all shiny with punishment - but you'd never know it from her smile. Hewitt erases a 6 round Johansson lead with thudding power - Jen's oft-maligned hips providing her with sturdy anchorage for decisive right hands down the stretch. "So much for Scary-Jo," Hewitt breezes in postfight. "I big-dogged her, you know? I was stronger all along - all I had to do was dial in and make her feel it. When she collapsed at the ropes, it was the greatest feeling: I saw her eyes roll back into her head and her head tilt back and I just poured it on! Anytime she wants to go, I'll go: that was SWEET!"

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