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09 Dec 2005 Laetitia Casta vs Adriana Lima

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Posted by simguy on 12/9/2005


(Piped in live to the PPV - shown on big-screen monitors in the arena).


Before: Sexy Adriana comes in with stellar European credentials - she's a regular dance-club battler on Ibeza, and a favourite yacht-fighter at Cannes. "I'm here to evict Laetitia," Adriana brazenly trumpets upon arrival, "What was hers, is now mine!" Private jet sent for Casta - private Limo bringing the Ice Queen to her lair: no expense spared for the Hotel's pampered champion. Laetitia much more relaxed as the incumbent than she was as challenger, oozing entitlement and priviledge as she sweeps into the hotel - she's waited on hand and foot, and won't hear of Lima described as any sort of threat. "Off with her head!" Casta jokes with the press, but her eyes remain hard throughout. Casta in soft grey chinchilla bikini and mittens, matching soft-soled boxing boots with stylish cuff. Adriana in standard white swimsuit bottoms, white Harp seal pelt bandeau bikini top, white rabbit fur mittens and boxing moccasins. Staredown - Casta takes a rude grasp of the front of Adriana's trunks and tugs her-to: long, deep, throaty kiss so hard and meanspirited Casta's teeth click off Adriana's. Crowd murmuring and applauding as Laetitia stays on Lima for what seems like forever - Adriana forcing herself to remain calm, hands at her sides, refusing to flinch. Casta finally pulls back, wipes her lips while staring malevolently into Lima's eyes: Adriana sullen, glaring back, showing no signs of punk as crowd erupts into spontaneous, applause.


During R1: Adriana: lithe, loping, sinuous about the ring, careless with her hand position when outside and out of range. Casta stalking, dukes relaxed at her chest. Lima unpredictable, she'll stop loping, sling a smooth lead right or feature her limber jab up off her hip - hands open, closing into fists only at the point of impact. Casta eyes narrowed, reading: she's batting Adriana's punches down as they come in, ducking under the right hands - Laetitia showing a sinewy, supple side as well tonight. Face punching predominates, both girls scoring with long, caressing clouts - soft fur gloves sounding out with muted thuds against sensuous faces. Not a lot of contact - Laetitia the busier, more aggressive lass in staking her territory in the first.


R2: Lima less loping, more punching this round. Adriana likes to extend, leaning into right hands and scoring with long, clouting blows to Casta's startled face. Laetitia taking a good shot - buttocks firm, legs sturdy - but she's misjudging the gangly reach of her foe, getting caught when she thinks she's safe. Lima stepping fluidly, eyes hard: she's lashing Casta about the head and shoulders - pulling oily left hooks across Laetitia's face, drifting her crosses, then stepping away. Casta forced to cover up, momentarily bewildered by her foe's supple stylings in the second. Lima PRANCING to her corner, smiling into the audience: Casta's cheeks redden at the sight of it - both girls marvelously expressive with body language - a tilt of the head, a swishing gait enough to give silent insult.


R3: Casta weaves Lima's jab, then strokes Adriana hard rights: weaves Adriana's right cross, strokes her clouting lefts. Lima caught again and again and again: fluid, graceful, long-limbed punching for Casta, pounding away to the tanned face of her foe. Adriana too long with her shots, posing after punching - Laetitia just makes one defensive move then lovingly paints away with either hand. Punching at range - both beauties tracing out lean, limber lines, but it's all Casta - poor Adriana staring into punches, lumping up and pouting gets put wobbly butt, sent staggering back to her corner in a fog.


R4: Lima no longer loping carefree around the ring: she's covering up earmuff, grimacing - doesn't want anymore face-punching from vindictive Laetitia. OK with Casta: she taps Lima's guard a decoy lead right, then RIPS her underneath lashing, licking left hooks. Lima cramping up, stooped forward as smooth golden ribs and tummy cringe under the harsh buffet of Casta's mittened fists. Adriana making delicious little whimpers and gasps - all the more exquisite because she's trying so HARD not to. 'Tish working it methodical, stepping Lima around, punishing her thickly downstairs with either hand, throwing just enough up top to keep Adriana's hands up. Crippling abuse adds up - Lima suffering, standing still as Casta tans her ribcage a series of sweeping lefts and rights to open the third minute: Adriana groaning, sinks slowly to one knee, hugging her throbbing torso. Steamy satisfaction from Casta as she steps back - she offers hurting Lima a little smile of derision as she struts past to neutral corner.


R5: Lima sullen, pouting, but fighting back - Casta's pressing Adriana at the ropes and taking risks to get the challenger out of there. Lima able to paste Laetitia's face some silky lefts and rights - Adriana with a nice way of turning her torso into shots, fists skidding off Casta's chin and cheekbones - but French beauty won't be denied. Casta staying on the body, licking her fur-lined mittens against Lima's pulsing ribs, tucking in sweet behind either elbow. Adriana wilting, drooping too far forward at times: when Laetitia sees kidneys, she takes them without hesitation, sending tremors through Lima's long legs. Casta proving stronger, bodying up warmly to stack Lima against the ropes and prevent Adriana's spin-moves - Lima trapped, stacked and worn down as Casta stays on her like a pro in the fifth.


R6: Lima sniveling up off her stool, heavy legged and shabby: that stroking Casta body work sending creeping paralysis through young brunette's slender limbs. Laetitia jabbing Lima to ropes, jabbing at her guard, then STROKING her wide whiplash right hands across the waist - Lima cringing, tummy spasming as Casta works the midsection. 'Tish brawny, setting her hips, pushing at Lima's raised guard, then licking the hook downstairs, alternating to get full leverage on rights - gorgeous, lanky shellack being painted onto Lima in broad, vivid strokes. Adriana gasping, breaking down: Casta starts going to the uppercut off the body and it's all too much. Fur mittens skid off Lima's drowsy face, pound off the body and overwhelm her - Adriana sinks to all fours trembling with hurt, spits out her mouthpiece and quits. KO6 Laetitia Casta in regal fashion.


After: Lima a shriveled, battered shadow of the haughty vixen who began the fight - she's lost, alone as the crowd celebrates the triumphant queen. Hard-hearted Casta hasn't had enough: "My coat, s'il vous plait," she commands as she removes her mittens - some attendant drapes the dark, floor length sable across her shoulders for her to wriggle into. Strutting to blubbering Lima - Casta roughly pulls the girl by her left arm and shoves her to the ropes: Lima exits at the stagger. All through the foyer, Casta pushes a sobbing Lima - Laetitia's pale belly, full breasts, flashing thighs just peaking through her open coat as she struts.


Lima is ejected out into the frigid afternoon - sun low in an arctic sky, reflecting brightly off clean white snow. Formal-dress crowd spills out of the hotel in pursuit of the action, champagne glasses in hand. Lima hugs at herself against the cold, pleading now, but Casta won't hear it. As Adriana trembles, begging to be allowed to collect her things, breath puffing out in white clouds - Casta steps into that smooth golden gut with a merciless right hand, doubling Lima up with a shout. Laetitia takes Lima by the back of the head, turns her, throws her belly-down into a nearby snow drift. Straddling the quaking beauty, Casta sits heavily in the nubile back, grabbing Lima by the hair and pulling her weeping face up. Once, twice, thrice, hardhearted Casta slams Lima's face into the snow, pounding out a concave imprint. Then, with a firm purchase on Lima's damp brown locks, Casta yanks back, exposing Adriana's long throat, and the goosepimpled flesh of her breasts. With her left hand, Casta scoops snow, rubs it all over the breasts and face of her foe, drawing fresh tears and quivers from her broken 'opponent'. Satisfied at last, Casta pushes up off her girl and sashays back into the hotel without one backward glance, coat billowing out behind her as she struts. Lima left sobbing in disgrace, condensation steam rising from her defeated back - she trembles in the snow as attendants finally rush in to assist her.


Casta retains all Hotel privileges, including a private butler, complimentary suite, complimentary food and drink. She is fawned upon by staff and guests alike: it's good to be the queen.

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