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09 Sept 2004 Kelly Brook vs Nikki Visser

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Posted by simguy on 9/9/2004


Before: Fought at catchweight 130, Visser the athlete versus Kelly the puncher. Interesting series of checks and balances - Nikki who's fought as the bigger girl her whole career probably doesn't carry the sock in this fight, but does possess the more educated feet and cuter ring moves. Brook developing into a nasty right handed hitter, bringing the jab along and honing her stalk-and-destroy style has her work cut out for her: cut off the ring on mobile Nikki or face defeat. Brook in reflective silver/white push up and panties, Nikki in white leather bikini, western stitching.


During R1: Visser showing her legs to Brook - using every inch of ring, spinning cute off the ropes - Kelly's following, just trying to make contact. Uneventful round till late: Visser near the ropes, poking potshot right hands at Brook - blonde suddenly slices a left uppercut/hook, neatly timing a looping Kelly right and BROOK IS HURT! Kelly's right hand sails, legs corkscrewing underneath her - she nearly pitches into the canvas, but stumbles forward into the ropes instead. Sunny smile Visser as she bops to her left, watching Kelly struggle to pull herself together at the bell.


R2: Visser undressing Kelly with delicious footwork - in and out on Brook, turning her right flank. Nikki scoring quick one-twos, then mop up hooks, potshotting and scraping away as Brook turns, keeps her own jab holstered. Costs her midway: Brook trying to find a seam, gets caught staring and Nikki paralyzes Kelly a sudden chopping one-two on the mouth. Brook blinking on her heels - Visser reloads, jumps in a tasty hook on the chin - Brook neatly deposited on her keister at the ropes. Kelly up quick, but shook - she digs in at the ropes as Visser enjoys her first finishing attempt. Nikki dutiful - packing in thudding rights and lefts to Kelly's waist as brunette covers up stoic - but blonde just touching and tapping, keeping Kelly defensive rather than really going after her. Meanspirited shoeshine to the breasts at the bell shows Nikki's got sauce: she's leaves Brook crimson cheeked with outrage for the break.


R3: Visser outboxing Brook midring, but Kelly making some adjustments on the fly. Brook shooting the jab more, even when missing, it's preventing Nik from jumping in at will. Nik in control with her lateral movement much of the round, but down the stretch, she catches Kel a satisfying hook, doubles it to pale British gut and wades in to back Brook up with slugging. Kelly able to step back, load up the right leg and walk Nikki into a short right hand to the chin - Visser sent stomping back wide eyed on her heels at the bell. Kel steals a Nikki round with timely power - both girls bearing up well under the other's heat through 3.


R4: Visser settles Kelly down with darting, dancing footwork, traversing the ring, bringing meaningful contact to a screeching halt. Brook gloves up, stalking, but rarely connecting on tanned blonde meat - crowd restless as Nikki fights dull, but fights smart. Uneventful round for Visser - Kelly needs more crowd pleasing minutes to have a chance of tagging this girl.


R5: Nikki's feet setting the table - she's able to shear in off angles and put tangy one-twos on Kelly's chin and Brook's starting to wobble. End of minute one, Nik jabbing tummy, stepping right, suddenly puts the left/right sharp on the chin, ducks low under a sailing Brook right and KELLY'S DOWN! Kelly clipped, swings herself to all fours and she's badly shaken - barely beating the count and resting numb at the ropes as ref checks her out. Visser moves in, and not gentle like before - she's squaring up crouched, hands at her hips and slugging to get Brook out of there. Kelly showing heart: she's hurt, but punching back, even tagging Nikki hard enough to move the blonde around, if not back her off entirely. Visser's work rate and determination pay dividends down the stretch - Brook tiring badly, breaking down as constant punching to her body has her stiff - she's a helpless beauty in final moments that see Visser tear away at will. Crowd screaming as Brook slumps to seat in the ropes, hands low, head lolling from crisp, deadly Visser combinations. Bell sounds - Brook out on her feet, but refusing to go down - Nikki sent away shaking her head and mumbling as Kelly chins it out.


R6: Visser goes back to boxing midring, content to terrorize Brook from outside with superior footwork. Kelly busting up nicely, right hand at her cheek, thrusting the jab to Visser's chest - not much paydirt for Brook this round, but she's doing a better job of partially blocking the incoming, moving her head more. Improvement, but Kelly can't win a tactical fight against a lithe Aussie like this.


R7: Brook's jab starts to work - channeling Visser, guiding her to the ropes where Kelly can target her for banging right hands. Brook marking Visser with stiff, strong stick, then leaning in with short, crunching rights - Nikki's getting chin-checked and long legs aren't liking it. Visser caught time and again, shook, but managing to clinch for breaks - wily blonde hanging off Brook's neck, getting breaks, staggering away to regroup as brunette walks her down. Bruising bell to bell punching from Kelly, but Nikki survives it on guile - scored 10-8 without a knockdown, but Brook shaking her head in frustration nonetheless.


R8,9: Visser dulling the fight down - it's the key to victory. Brook hamstrung by the tactics - she's turning, trying to trap Visser on the ropes, but Nikki's too slick - blonde escaping with smooth sidesteps and cute spins, even pulling down on Kelly's head from time to time to draw warnings. Crowd restless - Nikki avoiding any kind of serious exchange, collecting pretty touches on Brook's tummy and face, warding her off with scraping combinations at the ropes, then getting round a flank to take the fight back to midring. Both rounds to Nikki - Aussie corner bulging with confidence going into the 10th.


R10: Visser not even trying to fight - she skirts the ring, hands low as she hops, pursing her lips in air-kiss taunts at Brook as Kelly huffs, puffs, and stomps after. Visser reversing directions, shaking the pursuit - Brook just jabbing to the chest to make contact. Minute mark: Visser scooting to her right at the ropes, reverses field to bop left and WALKS INTO A HAIL MARY RIGHT ON THE CHIN! Visser shocked back into the ropes with a dazed look of surprise and Brook piles on! Kel with a chopping left on the lips and another full-blooded right hand - Visser's head bashed back over the top ropes, chin up high, SHE TAKES ANOTHER RIGHT! Visser swooning, drifting in slow-mo to her knees, hands making little KO'd twitching movements and it's OVER! KO10 in dramatic fashion Kelly Brook!


After: Kelly jumping for joy as cameras zoom in to catch the jiggle (cue Pulitzer) - pure heartbreak for Nikki as she's all numb and helpless on tanned haunches. Brook outclassed much of the night, but hanging on to a few intangibles for victory. One was the chin: down and badly savaged in the fifth, Kelly was able to survive and rally. The other was the jab - ineffective much of the night, but never abandoned completely - Kelly able to score in spots and take just enough out of Visser to render her vulnerable to a last minute overhaul. Exciting come from behind victory - Brook developing into one of those Samdog punchers who can never be counted out until her face is actually on the canvas.

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