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1 April 2005 Jennifer Connelly vs Kirsten Dunst

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Jennifer Connelly 12.jpgKirsten Dunst 02.jpg


Posted by simguy on 4/1/2005, 6:53 am


Before: Stay-busy fight for Connelly - classy brunette champing at the bit for another title bout, just looking to stay sharp, keep herself on the radar screen. "Kirsten can't really threaten me," analyzes cerebral Connelly in prefight. "She can do some things in the ring though, hopefully she can give me some rounds before I figure her out."


Seldom-seen Dunst a hard hitting flyweight - hasn't been an impact fighter at sub120 - she's going to have to be sharp just to survive, much less compete with a motivated Jennifer.


Connelly in Welch's hot pink push up and panties from 1967's 'Bedazzled' - Dunst in tawdry cotton pink cami-tank, pink panties.


During R1: Dunst advances: Connelly taps her a pair of scolding jabs to force blonde retreat. Connelly angular, showing a Morales ready stance - right hand nice and high, left hand forward to spit stick. Another pair of lancing jabs cracks off Dunst's face, SHARP right hand finds Kirsten's jaw as she's loading her own right, BITING hook on the teeth and KIRSTEN'S DOWN! Dunst shunted to her backside, blinking up at Connelly who immediately stalks to neutral corner. Midring, second minute - Dunst consistently outjabbed, outmaneuvered midring. Connelly drilling hard right crosses, really tugging Kirsten's head aside. Dunst tries to hook her way out of the jam, blocked by Jen's right glove: Connelly hooking back much crisper, snapping her fist off Dunst's chin and bringing mitt back quick on follow through - Kirsten's sent reeling backwards to ropes. Connelly walking Kirsten down, shadowing her along the ropes, piercing the D with pool-cue stick. Final minute, Dunst a confused, tormented beauty - hands up, palms out, trying to ward off shots as Connelly puts 'em together. Jen jabbing, hooking ribs and ear, bending into right hands - steady attrition of searing blows has Dunst slumping hurt in the strands. Too much: Connelly POURING herself at Kirsten late - pounding rights and lefts pasting Kirsten's face side to side - blonde dukes drooping to her stomach AND THE REF STEPS IN! Dunst beaten senseless - Jennifer jogging away with a sunny smile - clinical TKO 1, Dr. Connelly.


After: Kirsten breaking down into devastated tears upon recovery - she's never been dismissed in such high-handed fashion in her entire career. Breezy, flawless execution from Connelly - strong stance, assertive punching, pin point accuracy - slow-mo shots of her hooks and crosses strafing Kirsten's face a thing of awful majesty to watch. "The last thing I wanted was for Kirsten to give me a hard dime and make it look like I struggle against journeywomen blondes," says cool-hand Jen in postfight. "I would have prefered handing out the beating of the year, but I'll take the KO of the year instead - I honestly don't think I've ever hit anybody as hard or as cleanly as I cracked Kirsten tonight."

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