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1 Dec 2001 (Non-Title) Gena Lee Nolin vs Charlize Theron (XII)

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Charlize Theron* vs. Gena Lee Nolin (XII) (Non- Title) by simguy Dec-1-01


Mega-fight finally pits the two principal blondes in the business against one another - there can be only one. Charlize had all but bludgeoned the life out of this rivalry 2 years ago with a series of classy wins that left Gena broken, disheartened, and doubting herself. Since then, Nolin's brawled her way out of Theron's long shadow, established herself as the queen north of 130 and seems eager to re-address old sores inflicted by Charlize.


"Last time I checked," sneers Theron in pre-fight, "Gena was writhing under my iron heel where she belongs. I love the fact that she's had some success on her own. It's going to make slapping her down all over again, that much sweeter."


Charlize in navy bikini top, battleship grey bikini bottoms, Gina in pale blue cotton camisole top and panties. Intense stare down - blondes nose to nose, quivering to get at one another.


Round 1: Gina stalking, right hand at her chest, left hand seeking, measuring, looking to gather Charlize in and position her for the heart-stopping cross. Theron on her toes, changing directions, making Gena turn mid-ring - Nolin can't set her feet, comes up short on right hands throughout the round. Theron not doing much offensively, just getting the feel of the ring, getting her legs under her, testing Gena's reflexes with feints.


Round 2: Charlize in and out with quick one-twos up the middle as she works to her left - Nolin grim, standing in the pocket, reaching for Theron with the loose, long left. Midway through, Nolin brushes Charlize' lips with the left and lands a BOOMING right hand on the chin - instant gratification as Theron's legs do the Mashed Potato. Gena sweeping the measuring left, then pounding the right into Charlize’ jug - lightweight champ wilts into the ropes in terrible shape as Nolin squares away to conquer. Final minute one of the most brutal in Charlize Theron's storied career - Nolin palming up on Theron's shoulders, reefing in on mouth with full bodied lefts and rights, constantly bodying up to prop Charlize up for more. Theron on autopilot, taking slobberknocking blows to her face and busting up horribly - Gena Lee rampaging all over her shell-shocked opponent. Bell sounds, Gena all bodied up chest to chest and loving it as Theron's head lolls back on a limp neck - girls disengage and as Gena walks away, she PALM-SLAPS CHARLIZE' CROTCH without looking back, drawing a final wail of agony from the outraged blonde. Scored 10-8 without a knockdown - Theron getting the smelling salts early.


Round 3: Theron battered, bloodied, leg-shot - she gets stiffly off her stool just in time to receive Gena's charging tackle into the ropes. Nolin ramming away with forearms to the jaw in the clinch, then pressing Charlize to the ropes, stepping back and HEAVING in thick-fisted lefts and rights wide to the body. Theron gagging, slumping forward - Nolin wraps her up in her left arm, plugs away with crude rights that SINK DEEP INTO TRUNKS, SPANK OFF BREAST OR CLOUT JAW. CHARLIZE GOES DOWN! Theron sinking drowsily to her knees, then to all fours - GENA LEE SPANKS A VICIOUS RIGHT ACROSS THE BLONDE'S OFFERED BACKSIDE as the ref. jumps in. Stern finger waggle for Gena as Charlize struggles to beat the count. Nolin back on top, reaching under Theron's arms to chest her up against the ropes, then palming and punching with heartless abandon. Theron beaten unrecognizable, slows the action with whimpering clinches, tying Nolin up, but Gena able to punch her way out, keeps the pressure on. Bell sounds, Gena turns on a vicious late right hand crack to Theron's parted mouth. Charlize drooping against the ropes, out on her feet as Gena struts back to her corner amidst a cacophony of boos and cheers.


Round 4: Charlize shakes off the ref. during the break, digs down and comes off her stool to fight hurt in the fourth. First minute - stinging jabs from Charlize reject Gena's attempt to get close - Theron able to step Gena back and midway through, a PLOWING Charlize right hand swivels Gena's head and chases the welter champ into the ropes. Theron wading in, butts Gena hard under the left eye and proceeds to pump gut with both hands, prompting Nolin's first clinch of the fight. Nolin shamefully holding, laces Charlize repeatedly and turns the smaller blonde's back into the ropes. Final minute, Gena takes over, holding and hitting - bludgeoning away as resistance from Charlize melts. Nolin head down, rolling her shoulders, hammering away at Charlize' trunks to draw a boozy gasp of pain from the lightweight champ, then suddenly coming upstairs with a perfect short right cross and THERON GOES DOWN! Charlize dropped straight down to take a seat at the ropes as Nolin is tackled away by the ref. at the bell.


Round 5: Left side of Gena's face purpling up, but Charlize has been butchered to this point, gamely coming forward behind swollen eye slits. Punching at mid-ring - Theron flat footed, trading crazy with Gena but holding her own - Nolin getting the better of the blunt back and forth, but unable to back Charlize up or really dominate the other blonde. Some of the zip gone from Nolin's punching - she's put out a lot over the first half and Charlize is still standing.


Round 6: Gena missing with some breathtaking wide right hands early - Theron leaning away, circling and sidestepping at the ropes has re-established distance. By the midway point, Theron has Nolin walking into right hands, and when Gena looks to back off, Charlize steps in with the stiff jab. Down the stretch, Gena obviously bothered by the stinging shots to her face, steps away and Charlize extends on a beautiful sinking right over Nolin's left shoulder, snapping the welter champ's head and buckling Gena's legs. Nolin forced to hang on at the bell - Charlize complaining about the holding. Gena back to her corner with a closed left eye, bleeding nose - this fight is taking it's toll on both warriors.


Round 7: Confident Charlize round. Legs are dictating tempo and range - Nolin turning, right hand loaded up, but can't get off as Charlize steers her foe around the ring. Spearing right hands from the outside catch Nolin by surprise - she's grunting and wincing away after these shots rather than looking for payback.


Round 8: Charlize with a stamping jab, pounds back Nolin head, leans in to drift that overhand right down into Gena's belly, then straightens with her weight on her front foot with a picture perfect left hook on the chin - NOLIN SCOOTS TO HER BUTT with a shocked expression, victimized by a textbook combination. Gena slowly to her feet, then immediately backed to the ropes by the pounding 'A' jab of Charlize, following by slashing right crosses to the mouth that have Nolin turning her shoulder into the ropes as she covers up. Charlize doing what the experts didn't think she could: get big on Gena and work her over ropeside. Nolin holding for breaks, trying to walk Charlize back, but unable to do so. Round to Theron as Gena looks discouraged moping back to her stool.


Round 9: Gena with whistling right hands early, but Charlize anticipating, fading out of range, then picking Gena up with slicing rights and clipping left uppercuts or hooks. Theron answering Gena's one-punch power with punches in bunches, backing the bigger girl up, pivoting to the side and landing clean from angles. Nolin ineffective in retreat - looks to resort to clinches, but now Theron's fighting through it, chugging hard to Nolin's suspect gut as the welter looks to clinch up high. Down the stretch, Gena clearly fatigued, moves raggedly to her right and gets caught a pitching right hand across her chin which sends her reeling. Nolin stupefied at the ropes, gloves at her lips and SHE shows heart by accepting a withering flurry from Theron at the bell. Nolin staggering, cut over the right eye, refusing to go down as Charlize unloads both hands big time.


Round 10: Charlize victimizing Gena from outside - welter is mouth breathing, busted up, and doesn't look like she wants any more. Straight jabs to the ruined left eye, straight right hands hard to the sternum, keen left hooks to the chin as Charlize punches prettily off that front foot - it's all flowing one way onto Gena Lee Nolin. Gena stumbling, retreating, draping herself onto Charlize, then being cast off like an old coat - Theron just walking welter down and beating her senseless with stabbing, precision blows. At the bell, girls won't put their fists down, Charlize bodied back by the ref. as she wants more. Comes back a narrow, one point duke for the winner, the Blonde Queen of Boxing: GENA LEE NOLIN!


Theron stoic upon announcement, not showing the bitter hurt inside as Nolin jumps and sobs and carries on. Fight lives up to ALL the hype as first Nolin, then Theron, took turns absolutely savaging their opponent with hard-hearted licks - both girls showing unbelievable pride in refusing to be stopped in the vindictive back and forth. Charlize' face grotesquely distorted - the damage she sustained in the first four rounds easily on a par with other legendary punishments she's taken.


Nolin insufferable in victory, gloating into the cameras about her status as queen of the FCBA hill: "THAT'S the way you do it! That's what Charlize was hiding from all this time - the beating of a lifetime! She was butting me with her head and roughing me up, but I just said 'you're not going to cheat me. Not this time' and I just kept going. God! It is SO great to finally prove what my fans have known all along. Gena Lee Nolin is number ONE!"


Charlize showing class in defeat, refusing to whine or offer excuses, but clearly not accepting the verdict as she shakes her head in the background. Reaction is mixed in the fight community - a lot of people just aren't ready to accept Gena Lee as the best the sport has to offer.


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