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1 December 2006 Partial Hayden Panettiere vs Rachel Stevens

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Posted by Simguy on 12/1/2006, 7:00 am


Site: Bahamas—Paradise island (part of a celebrity-fighting tour package involving La Conquista, bearhugging as well as this beach boxing match. Outdoor ring and bleachers—high Bahamian noon).


Hayden in sport-cut bikini top, hot pink with white polkadots, hot pink bottoms, hair loose/tangly


Rachel in navy bikini, low-ride hipster bottoms, battle-bun frosted hair.


Small work out gloves, both vixens.


UD10 single point—Panettiere


Busiest little flyweight in boxing goes to the Bahamas for a weekend of intense competition against former ingénue-hopeful Stevens, Good stiff test for the developing blonde project—she shows her blazing potential, and is exposed to some extent as well—all in one crowd-pleasing back and forth sizzler.


Started out a blonde blitzkrieg—Stevens looked ill prepared for Hayden’s hurtling, Gatling gun assault and took a terrible shellacking in the first round, dropping to hands and knees as Hayden bounced her fists off Stevens’ head and shoulders. The second was purely mop up as an effervescent American chased an increasingly shopworn Brit around the ring, beating Stevens body arms, and head with a non-stop compact bombardment. In the third, a grinning Hayden P strutted out to finish her ramshackle foe—and that’s when the fight started.


Recognizing Hayden’s superior handspeed and ferocity, Stevens used her veteran wiles to claw her way back into this right. Rachel held and hit—the ref constantly pulling her left arm off the back of Hayden’s neck as the girls fell in together. Rachel slowed the pace of the fight, getting her tummy on Hayden and bogging her down. Rachel fitted tuff right hands to the pit of Hayden’s belly, putting a frown of complaint on the sturdy blonde’s face. Rachel timed her jab well, pre-empting the faster woman and disrupting Hayden’s attacks. Even though Panettiere was the more athletic girl, she often didn’t have the sensibility to cut off the ring when Rachel chose to disengage and found herself walking into cute Stevens potshots as Rachel baited traps all round the ring. The third, fourth, and fifth heats all went Stevens way in sloppy, grinding, ugly fashion, as Hayden struggled to finds ways of effectively using her physical gifts.


From then on it was a Caribbean clambake of the very first order. Frustrated, Panettiere simply fought harder—bludgeoning her way through her own mistakes to continue pressing Stevens hard, every minute of every round. Stevens couldn’t sustain the pace, but fought smart—habouring her reserves, flurrying and countering in spots, walking away from Hayden rather than letting the blonde buzzsaw really tee off. Panettiere would beat Rachel to her knees once again in the 7th, and with Stevens on her heels in the 8th and 9th—it looked as though the American had answered all the questions tonight. That’s why they fight the 10th round, kids.


Hayden poured herself at Rachel with first-round vigour, visibly discouraging Sevens just by being so up and bouncy late in a tough fight, Rachel wilted around the apron, grimacing and shying away from punishment—it certainly looked as though Hayden had broken Rachel’s spirit through 2 minutes. Down the stretch, a vicious hook in Stevens’ liver crippled her—she staggered away to her right with tears in, hugging her body, looking for a spot to kneel down in, as a puppyish Hayden P charged recklessly in to clean up.


Stevens gambled, met Hayden’s rush with a crush, all-in right hand head-swiveler, and put Panettiere on her back. Unfortunately for Stevens—she too collapsed, still gut-shot: the resulting delay and referee confusion gave Panettiere enough time to recover her feet though she was a wrecked and swaying beauty at the ropes. The final moments of this fight had the fans screaming on their feet as a debilitated, cringing Rachel pushed herself to finish a defenceless, staring Hayden against the ropes: curvy blonde legs held Hayden up as she absorbed a desperate pummeling from Stevens, preserving the 1 point duke.


It would be a valuable lesson fro Hayden as she got the win, but obviously got away with mistakes here that she won’t against elite at 110. Hayden’s got all the tools and hurtling, ballistic offensive ability—but she doesn’t think tactically yet, doesn’t calculate angles well, and fights on emotion too much. Rachel had Hayden out o her feet at the end, thanks to Panettiere’s over-enthusiastic pursuit: Hayden’s people need to underscore that for herm and make sure she understands how fortunate she was in this contest.


Reposted by Archer 9/13/09.


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