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1 July 2001 Mariah Carey vs Charlize Theron

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Originally posted by Smguy on 7/1/2001, 10:40 am.


Before: Charlize: “Mariah’s a bully. I’m no fan of Rebecca Romijn, I mean, who is? But it was sickening to see Carey call her out that third time—I can’t believe people paid money to see Mariah kick a dead horse. I’m putting a stop to Mariah Carey before this whole thing gets out of hand.” Carey reveling in her new found Badass status—every press conference precedes her speech with a little highlight reel of impressive knockouts she’s scored, including one over Charlize herself years ago. “As far as I’m concerned,” says Mariah, “This fight is for it ALL. Everyone knows I’ve given Charlize hell in the past, and I’m going to work that girl like she’s never been worked before. Take a good look at Theron people, because it’s gonna be a while before her next magazine cover. Charlize in white bikini, Mariah in gold.


During R1: Girls strut to midring and get it on, but it’s two entirely different approaches to slugging. Theron placing her shots, taking Mariah apart with straight power and beating the singer’s looping punches over and over again. Carey goes wobbly butt from smart bombs to her chin—Charlize arctic-eyed, nails her, hops forward in perfect position and continues punching with increasing erratic Carey. Mariah backed to the ropes, still sweeping away, but it’s all arm punching now as her legs are buttery, face is blank. CHARLIZE POURS IT ON! Theron going at her foe with controlled ferocity—riding her left hand on Mariah’s shoulder and hoisting vicious right hands up to the body—referee’s break. Theron wades back on in, this time setting up square and galloping her fists—left and right uppercuts into the torso ala Sharon Stone to machine gun Carey up against the ropes. Mariah clinches for the break. Theron pushed back by the ref, thumbs her nose and wades back on in—over and over like this—Carey wilting left stacked atop her right at her chest and just getting shellacked—Theron splashing punishment onto Mariah with long armed hooks and crosses, eyes never leaving her woozy opponent’s face. At the bell, Charlize hops in a little circle with a rueful smile—obviously hoping for a juicy round 1 stoppage. Carey battered beyond belief, cut badly over her left eye—she os stupefied, guided to her corner by a concerned trainer for the break.


R2: Carey off the stool—she’s a dead woman walking as she stumbles forward, gloves at her stomach, bewildered face punished beyond recognition. Charlize out with right at her cheek, left at her chin—she goggles up the ring like she’s going right in, then stops, touches Mariah with a fluid jab, just stitching it in against Mariah’s bludgeoned face, stepping back as Carey staggers forward, then NAILING Mariah with a picturesque SHORT right cross. Carey tilting forward as shockwave travels down her locked up legs—Charlize steps to the right, pulls down Mariah’s arm with her left, and drills another pulverizing right hand to the jaw. Head swivel Mariah—she’s out—frozen for a moment then toppling to hit the mat face first. Sensational KO2 Charlize Theron as she smiles sweetly down at the golden back of her foe.


After: Carey awake, sobbing in the ring moments after suffering total destruction—Charlize playfully hunting her down through the throng and asked “You want to agin, huh? How’bout it? Want to go again?” Mariah’s handlers trying to shelter their battered charge as Charlize yuks it up. Total annihilation of a strong brawler one of Theron’s most devastating performances-=-Carey horribly abused in 4 minutes of hellish punishment, Great statement fight for Theron—losing to Gershon hasn’t taken anything out of the statuesque blonde apparently.


Reposted by Archer 7/31/09.


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