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1 July 2007 Elisha Cuthbert vs Allison Mack

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Boxing After Dark


Posted by simguy on 7/1/2007, 1:22 am.


Before: Stay busy fight for both stocky/curvy blondes - tough way to get traction in the bantam division. "There are easier fights," former champ Mack admits, "but Elisha's definitely a girl I need to keep my foot on. She's come damn close to breaking out and I can't afford to let her build momentum. So yes, this is rounds for me, but it's also a bit of a turf war, if you know what I mean." Cuthbert knows what Allison means: 'Lish sporting a new hardnosed attitude after hard snubbings by both the Krushers and the Mountees organizations. "I've been used by promoters," Cuthbert shrugs, putting a brave face on for the press, "but that's all behind me now. I'm better off without management, to tell the truth, and I like the fact that I'm not the last person on the 'team' getting paid anymore. I'm hotter and tougher than 90% of the girls out there - I don't need a manager to get where I'm going. It's inevitable that I take another championship, and it's inevitable that I leave girls like Allison Mack choking on my dust en route." Allison in yellow bikini top, sporty green bottoms; black shoes/white socks; small black work out gloves. Cuthbert in black lace push up, vivid hot pink bikini bottoms; black shoes/white socks; small black workout gloves.


During R1: Mack in control, stepping clockwise, getting off in muscular 2s and 3s off her jab. Elisha dukes up temple-high, stooping forward into the blows, soaking up a lot of body shock in particular. Mack very smooth - either jabbing or just extending her left onto Elisha, leaning into the hard right up top, finishing with thick left hands dug hard to ribs and paunch.


R2: Another shutout, Ali Mack: Elisha doing too much covering up, looking, and waiting. Mack very efficient, very muscular, very professional, working Elisha over stem to stern, stepping around to keep Cuthbert moving her feet. Nothing fancy, Ali being first with her jab, measuring Elisha with the left, then ringing her up crosses up top, hooks downstairs. Ali being a little bully at times: after scoring thick to the bod, she'll push Elisha off, just show Cuthbert who's boss midring.


R3: Big, banging trade in rights and lefts goes Elisha's way early - Allison steps out, walks to her right, then falters, suddenly stepping in fence post holes. Cuthbert reads the hurt, jumps in hook-to-chest, then chops home the right-to-mouth, clubbing Mack to ropes. Elisha hopping in sturdy, feet beneath her: she hooks Alli's breadbasket, hooks Alli's breadbasket; pushes Alli upright; hooks her breasts, hooks her tummy. Mack in shock - keeping dukes up, but getting shelled: she finally falls in to clinch around 'Lishy's elbows. Ref pushes 'em apart: 'Lish bats mitts together, gets right back on top with a stiff, spearing jab punching Alli's face back. Right hand sidearm to ribcage; left hook to body - Alli's firm beef punching up under hot, hot clout. Mack rallying in stupor: she's hurt, but answering back in spots, bringing mitts back to her temples as she punches-with aggressive Elisha. Bell: Cuthbert upbeat, chirps "Yes!" as she turns away, stomps back to her corner.


R4: Mack reasserts control - jabbing to be first, then dictating with hard, banging combinations. Allison's footwork more educated than Elisha's, always stepping 'round Cuthbert's right flank, and Mack's rugged pushing has Elisha constantly regrouping. Cuthbert proving very durable however - eating some tuff leather, coming forward in spots, scoring workmanlike rights and lefts to Alli's paunch.


R5: Similar no-frills, hard-nosed boxing from Mack - scoring on Elisha, working her over, keeping her turning midring. Cuthby back to her corner frowning and grumpy - face a little puffy, ribs pink as she's just giving up too many touches through 5.


R6: Cuthbert unpacks her own jab - girls find each other's faces midring, then turn into sharp, bashing rights and lefts in crowd-pleasing fashion. Elisha just flat out-hitting Allison hear: Mack plastered to face, tummy and breasts steps away from heat, trying to regroup behind her jab. Final minute sees Elisha establish position at the ropes - she works a tightly covered up Mack over with clubbing rights and lefts to bell.


R7: Mack getting a little jug-happy, hooking Elisha's jugs in retaliation for Cuthbert's persistence in the region. Mugging brawl erupts as girls swing away toe-to-toe: Cuthbert doing very well with Mack standing right in front of her. Both girls tested head and body - brutal, tight deliveries - punches bouncing hard off stubborn torsos, skulls, shoulders. Heartfelt slugging more to Elisha's liking - she's backing Allison up, has her at the apron eating bodyblows at the bell.


R8: Mack hard-eyed off her stool: she trudges straight back into Elisha, determined to prove she can win a pure slugfest. Mack stepping in a spearing jab, then wading into Elisha with swinging rights and lefts: Cuthbert unable to get off, forced to back up. 'Lishy bravely facing into hellish contact in a rocky first minute, but it all catches up to her in the second. Mack pinning Cuthbert down at the ropes and SHELLING the poor girl: vicious right hands up top; swinging left mitts tucked in hard to gut. Elisha sinks to all fours not once, but twice in these moments - rising with frightening eyes, breathing hard through pursed lips. Final minute, Elisha Cuthbert wins a lot of fans with a heroic denial of Allison Mack at the ropes: SAVAGE hammer and tongs sees both women ripped hard to jaws and midsections - Alli unable to close wounded Elisha out.


R9: ELISHA BANGS BACK! Cuthbert sucks it up, shakes off the hurt, wades into her tormentress with bared-teeth ferocity.

Mack beaten to punches, staggering back, hitting ropes in confusion: Alli covering up earmuffs, bending at her waist, soaking up the shellacking of a lifetime. Elisha arching her back, getting into Allison tummy via riproaring hooks, wrenching the breath from Mack's body. Torrid right hands smash off hip, flank, ear - curl up underneath to work the breasts and uppercut Allison's face. Left uppercuts join in - Elisha lifting her way into Allison, smashing through the guard. Mack loosening, groaning and cringing as fresh bombs detonate on her tummy: Elisha panting, pushing up to reset, then whaling away fresh - she's just pinning back her ears and THE REF STEPS IN! Good Lord - TKO9 Elisha Cuthbert.


After: Elisha glorying in the moment, chesting into Allison and bleating "YEAH!" until ref pushes her back. Poor Mack! Favoured coming in, she gets rocked, stopped by a seemingly rededicated and freshly ferocious Elisha C. "She's got nothing," an uncharitable Cuthbert says of her vanquished foe. "She was supposed to be so tuff, she was gonna come in here and walk all over me, but I told you that wasn't gonna happen. She gave me her best stuff, I gave her mine, and she quit. Don't let the ref's stoppage fool you: Allison Mack totally gave it up to me in there - that's the only reason the guy came to her rescue!"

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