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1 June 2009 Catherine Bell vs Uma Thurman

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Boxing on the Beach


Posted by simguy on 6/1/2009, 5:45 pm


BEFORE: "It's a little embarrassing," says screen-idol Thurman in prefight. "I see me tangling with Theron, but instead, they're putting me in with Bell? I'm a huge movie star: this girl used to be on TV? Or something? Whatever: I'll smack her around some, show my wares, then move on."


Bell amused: outside of the ring, Uma's boss; inside it's a different matter. "Uma's got herself all confused," Bell says at podium, "not to worry: I'll straighten her out. She obviously thinks this is some kind of tune up for her, when really, it's pretty much the end of the line. When her lame-duck fighting career's over, she can say she got stopped by Catherine Bell. That's something at least!"


Cat in vivid bra style electric blue bikini top; white bottoms; white gloves; hair in ponytail with swept bangs. Uma in rainbow bandeau, ring connected at jugs; white gloves; blonde hair in ponytail with ringlets framing face. Beach bout: Atlantis Resort Bermuda the venue; bleachers set up around regulation ring outdoors.

During R1: Long jab Uma: Bell forced to cover up, weave. Swinging sidearm right Uma - taking Cat thick about her breasts or chin, spanking Bell onto her heels. Cat steps out, circles, working in and out with jabs to Uma's body, just sorting her out. Bell slowly taking initiative from Uma: brunette able to work blonde to ropes. Final minute - Cat pressing close: top of her head bumping into Uma's guard/face as Thurman keeps dukes up. Shellacking body work, Bell to Thurman: Cat leaning in there close, letting arms lap in relaxed, thumping fashion to waist and flanks - coming off the body with rigid little left uppercuts off left foot. Cat getting it done to rack as well: nothing outrageous, but good clubbing leather applied fairly consistently to Uma's jugs.

R2,3: Similar rounds - both women having moments. Cat trying to penetrate, trying to break down Uma's jab: Thurman's jab an effective menace, and that swinging, sidearm right's landing loud. Bell generally successful driving Uma to ropes, then fighting her forehead to forehead. Whenever Cat gets this position - Uma's strapped to body and ribs, clipped single uppercuts between her mitts as Bell clubs away methodical. Uma swatting right uppercuts to Cat's jugs off the ropes: Bell issuing bashing receipts via short right hands to chin, forcing Thurman to cover up smartly.

R4: Midring fighting at range sees Bell lean in a drifting right, turning Uma's face hard to starboard. Thurman stunned, backing away: Cat walking her down, following her to ropes. Bell dips, shoves a medium straight right to Uma's midsection...then turns over a vicious, compact, palm-down hook-to-chin to buckle Uma's knees. Thurman sways back into ropes awestruck: eyes glassy, wide as she covers up earmuff. Bell goes to work: top of her head pushing in between Uma's mitts; long arms lappin' heavily about the waist, clappin' at flanks. Bell slopping on sustained hurt to the body, but coming up between Uma's mitts with a steady diet of curling left uppercuts. Thurman rudely beaten - just slumping forward off the ropes, taking punishing, getting her face picked up drowsy through 4.

R5: Uma's looking shabby - form is loose: sidearm right now wrapping 'round Cat's shoulders as Bell deftly dips inside the arc. Bell reaching round Uma's back, walking lanky lass to ropes: Cat taking a moment to push Uma into position, lifting the left forearm-elbow to nudge against Uma's guard. Strapping, no-nonsense punishment follows: Cat shellacking the waist, whacking those flanks - arms nice and loose as she leans forward. Uma ashen-faced, really wearing down: every once in a while she leans back to try the right uppercut, grazing Cat at best. Down the stretch, Cat patiently beating Uma down, licking brutally at her body: it's all to coax one of those rangy right uppercuts out of Uma. Thurman leans back on cue, tries for it: Cat dips in, looping a tight overhand right flush to Uma's jaw. Cracking connect: Thurman's head swivels back and forth...back (right) knee gives way, dropping Uma awkwardly to her left hip, back supported on ropes. Thurman astonished, lolling badly with right leg tucked up beneath her: she tries to push off her buns, but she's too dizzy. KO5 in classic Cat Bell fashion...Cat Bell.

After: Bell dismantling Uma as expected: Thurman with some weapons, but not particularly useful on the inside - Dr. Bell makes the right diagnosis. "She's got a crazy-long jab,"a grinning Cat says in postfight, "and a good uppercut, but she really needs to wind up and get all the parts moving to be effective. I knew if I crowded her, she'd have a tough time, and that's what happened. Touched up her ribs, broke her down: Uma's fit, but she's really not used to taking it tough to the body, and I think we saw a little quit from her tonight."

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