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1 May 2009 (Title) Ch Ali Larter vs Kaley Cuoco

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Paramount Lightweight Title


Posted by simguy on 5/1/2009, 12:39 pm,


Before: Two strong-armed blondes; one title: it's elite celebrity fighting at it's best. "The fact that she's only putting up one belt tells me she's spooked," Kaley winks. "Protecting belts never works - playing it safe never works: you've either got the confidence that you're the best blonde in that ring or you don't. Larter's already looking reluctant and vulnerable to me."


Ali non-plussed, pursing lips throughout Kaley's analysis. "I have respect for Kaley's game," Larter says, "but I'm a bad match up for her. She's faster, but I'm fast enough, and when we get toe-to-toe? She's going to get banged up. I won't tolerate Kaley bouncing around and having things her own way: we're going to be fighting my fight, and that's going to get Cuoco beat up. Bad."


Kaley in black bikini; hair up in ponytail with messy bangs; white gloves. Ali in black bra; leopard print bikini bottoms; black gloves; hair in shoulder-length tangles.

During R1: Intelligent jabbing from Larter - steering Kaley, channelling her into short, straight right hands chest or face. Cuoco accomodative - willing to stand in the pocket and trade: brisk exchanges punctuate classy circling as blondes negotiate. Both land firm right hands up the middle. Larter landing heavily against Kaley's biceps and pecs, deliberately pounding at Kaley's ability to bring battle.

R2: Kaley roaming to her right, leading springy right hands: Ali caught again and again to face by her quick-mitted foe. Larter taking a good shot, but sharp, startling blows have her hesistant: Kaley circling, working in and out, making Ali miss receipts. Not all head-hunting either: Kaley feinting, then going for Ali's body with straight rights - jamming away palm-down as Larter covers up top. Bell: bright smile Kaley; Ali scowling, knowing she got touched up that round.

R3: More of the Kaley 3 ring circus: she's roaming; leading right hands; freezing Ali with feints; scoring to head and body. Potshotting Kaley at her best - roaming to her right, sliding away from Ali's agression, then curving back in at her: Cuoco's legs have initiative. Cuoco so quick off that first step - pouncing in before Larter's ready: Ali forced to trust her chin and legs as Cuoco lights 'er up. Crowd oohing and aahing: Kaley really scorching Larter with gorgeous power shots - spanking out loud against the waist or rocking Larter's head back. Punching Larter wobbly-butt with that pulsing right, Kaley switches to her tidy double left hook - whacking Ali body/head, batting the champ around in a little semi-circle. Larter's legs trembling - final moments see her grimacing, hands up in rigid earmuff, just trying to ride out Kaley's swatting punishment as Cuoco bangs away for points.

R4: Ali gets the jab going again - disrupting Kaley's pounce, causing Cuoco to trade blunt rights hand to chin early. Slugging toe-to-toe, both women score, but Ali finishes up hook-on-jaw to stun Cuoco and SIT HER DOWN! Kaley punched to her buns: she's up quickly, blinking prettily and suddenly wobbly butt. Ali hard-eyed, over to offence: pulverizing body attack beats Kaley to ropes and totally renegotiates all terms. After this furious, whacking bombardment, Ali goes methodical - squaring away on Kaley at ropes - pushing at her, then working her over hooks and right hands. Nothing fancy: Larter just pinning Kaley down, punishing her arms and body while looking for short right hands to face up the middle. Kaley scowling - rolling punches well and protecting her head for the most part: no protecting her arms and chest from Ali's heartless groundstrokes, however.

R6: Vicious exchange at the open: Kaley bitterly looking to retake the initiative through main force. Withering two-way fire...KALEY GOES DOWN! Both woman landing, but it's Cuoco who weakens: she backs away with a stricken expression, then sinks to one knee, tears welling up. Ali stone-faced on the strut past - rolling her head side to side, staying loose as Cuoco takes her 8. Resume: Larter steps to her girl at the ropes...Kaley digs in dukes-at-temples, butt-in-ropes to resist. Another thumping beatdown issued: Larter squaring away - pushing and bumping Kaley to stabilize her, then punishing her thick and brutal. Body blows: waist, and in above both hips; digging uppercuts to sternum. Arms: hammering, flat-knuckle whacks bruising up Kaley's rounded biceps. Jugs: Ali slamming away side to side, punching her way past Kaley's raised guard. Head: Ali blunt about Kaley's temples and ears - bludgeoning away side to side, then looking for single uppercuts to split the mitts. Bell: Cuoco busting up, looking frazzled; she's standing up to a ferocious pounding through 6.

R7: Ali hurts Kaley a sneaky lead right: Cuoco treated to a dose of her own medicine gets her head rocked back via lunging pounce-attack from Larter. Kaley's curvy legs hold her up, but she's badly loosened - pretty face discouraged as Ali quickly closes. Larter savagely to her foe's body - hammering the waist tight right and left roundhouses, bunching Kaley up in pain. Desperately, Kaley answers in kind, short-shrugging her punches into Ali's ribs; looking to bump-and-hook Ali - but Larter's too strong. Ali engaging Kaley shoulder to shoulder, steadily backing her up: it's one gorgeous blonde taking another apart bit by bit as Cuoco slugs at a deficit. Bell: smug smirk Larter - eyes dancing as she forces knowing eye contact on weary Kaley.

R8: Cuoco bravely off her stool, hopping to the attack: Ali calmly covers up, leans into the punches with her blocking guard, then digs back hooks at Kaley's stomach/sternum. Girls trade rights to chin, then left uppercuts: Kaley's legs give a shimmy; she backs away hurt. Ali relentless - constantly closing and working: she bashes Kaley a right hand up top, then scours away hooks, sweeping Cuoco ropeside. Kaley covering up butt-in-ropes, stoops forward behind her mitts: Ali squares away, reefing at her foe's hips and waist with murderous bodywork. Kaley groaning, unable to answer: Larter reaches in, bodies up, pushing woozy Cuoco upright, then pouring on the hurt. Muscular smashing lefts and rights beat Kaley senseless - she's swooning, face-in-gloves, just keeping elbows in and trying to last. Larter: back to the body, then reaching in to prop Kaley up...crowd screaming as this thing starts to get ugly. Larter's face tense with finishing fury - she's letting her hands go, pitching at Kaley without restraint. Bashing impacts beating Kaley about her head and shoulders - she's limp, unresponsive and THE REF STEPS IN! TKO8 for the winner and STILL champion, Ali Larter.

After: Larter smug, strutting the ring, frequently cruising past Kaley to force eye contact and check her hurt. Cuoco taken out back the woodshed and beaten shabby: harsh lesson in no-frills power boxing tonight. "She's not on my level," a glowing Ali says of Kaley. "She's good - I can see her giving Durance all Erica can handle - but I just stepped to her and took her apart. She did what she could - I'll give her that. But when it came down to it, she didn't have the heart it takes to stand in with me, and she didn't have the brains she needed to do anything else."


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