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1 May 2009 (Title) Ch Sarah Carter vs Virginie Ledoyen

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Unified Flyweight Title


Posted by simguy on 5/1/2009, 12:41 pm


Before: "Hayden put mitts on this girl," a serious Sarah Carter says in prefight, "I will too. There's nothing special about Virginie Ledoyen - she's what I like to call a 'nuisance fighter' - difficult in her way, but not true quality. I totally encompass her as a fighter - I've seen what she can do; I've measured her - it's time I put the finishing touch to her."


Ledoyen upbeat - she's a confident vixen against this particular blonde. "Sarah's fragile compared to Hayden," Virginie assesses, "physically yes, but mentally as well. I break her down emotionally with pressure - Sarah panics against me - and panic is the baby sister of quit, as we all know. I will batter this blonde, spurn Foxfire, and take back my belts: what a night it will be!" Virginie in elegant black bikini with gold ring connections; loose brown curls; small black gloves.


Sarah in gold bikini; long, low ponytail with bangs framing face; small black gloves. Foxfire presenting a unified front: Hayden dutifully serving as belt-bearer on Sarah's ring walk - much to Ledoyen's evident disgust.

Durng R1: Sarah accepting Virginie's invitation to brawl - blonde opening with a wide, sweeping buggywhip right to brunette ribcage - Sarah's back (right) foot skidding prettily up off the mat on delivery. Sharp right uppercut/slinging left hook answers for Virginie, spooking Carter backward. Wide, springy stances - girls loading up and lashing it on whippy. Midway through, Virginie traps Sarah at ropes: slapping left hook/wide, clouting right to chin puts Carter wobbly butt! Sarah all bendy-legged, staggering to her right along ropes; grinnin' Virginie in hot pursuit. Carter slugging her way out of trouble with right uppercuts to sternum - girls move to midring, eyes blazing. Down the stretch, fighters trade wide hooks/straight right hands and VIRGINIE GOES DOWN! Ledoyen sputtering to all fours - hungry, hungry Sarah stoops forward, swabs fists across Virginie's helpless back, bringing ref in. Pandemonium at the bell: Tech guys screaming at Foxfire guys; Hayden bytching at Sarah for cheap practice; Sarah shouting at her team-mate; Virginie clutching at her back, screaming at the ref...and it's just the first round!

R2: Virginie catches Sarah another straight right to chin, buckling blonde legs: Carter sputters out of it, wide eyed with concern. Sarah slugging to the body to deny Ledoyen a follow-up: digging blonde right uppercuts hurting Virginie to sternum. Circling footwork breeds wide, slinging, whip-strokes: both girls leaning in all bendy-backed, coaxing power from whippet frames. Late the round - Sarah with weight on left foot, stooping slightly forward...she's working a very tidy straight right, coupled with a rigid, jagged little left uppercut. Carter diligent about putting those two punches together - taking little steps to her left to keep the angle...LEDOYEN GOES DOWN! Virginie punched very cleanly on her chin...knees give way, putting her on her haunches like a newborn colt on a patch of ice. Oh that insolent blonde ponytail - Sarah offering one meanspirited glance over her shoulder as she's strutting away.

R3: Carter with long, lancing right hands down into Virginie's body...series of these stabbing blows drives Virginie grimacing to ropes. Lashing work to Virginie's waist: Sarah in there with licking rights and lefts, stooping Ledoyen forward behind her mitts, butt-in-ropes. KIDNEY-WORK! Sarah absolutely heartless - slashing fists across Virginie's trembling lower back as poor Ledoyen's legs quiver. Coming off the back before ref can intervene - Sarah goes back to the left uppercut off the left leg - ripping short, pumping strokes up into Virginie's overhanging shelf of breast. Ledoyen wincing, breaking down: she elects to punch her way off the ropes...promptly eats a swinging right to chin and a festive left uppercut as Sarah's bouncing on left leg, back arched. LEDOYEN'S DOWN! Virginie spilling off ropes to all fours...she's desperately hurt, profoundly confused. Little French vixen beats the count, but she's swaying badly, eyelashes batting and THE REF WAVES IT OFF! Sarah defends her belts via wild-slinging TKO3

After: Foxfire completes its rout of Ledoyen - blondes double up on brunette to keep Tech in check. Another peculiarly wild and violent contest between two girls who are normally much more controlled and disciplined. Ledoyen gunned down this time, and Sarah not about to let it end there: vengeful champ strutting to woozy Virginie, tugging her out of the Tech corner with one finger crooked in the connecting ring of Ledoyen's conquered top. Virginie blubbering as she's tugged forward: hateful walk of shame at the hands of an insufferable blonde. Hayden's company-girl facade breaks at last: she openly intervenes on Virginie's behalf, trying to halt the walk and restore professional respect to the proceedings. "Get the hell out of my ring, Hayden," Sarah growls, as Foxfire officials hurry to head off disaster.




Posted by Foxfire Boxing on 5/1/2009, 6:40 pm



Sarah Carter returns to the dressing room to find Hayden Panettiere pacing the floor like a caged tigress. As Sarah comes in, Hayden storms over.

"How dare you speak to me like that! You can just carry your own belts after this!" Hayden declared.

Sarah just stood there, arms crossed and said: "You jusy don't know when to mind your own business. This wasn't about you. It was about me and it was about Virginie. Stop thinking you're the center of everything that happens!"

Hayden looked like Sarah had slapped her in the face: "I do not! I didn't like you bullying Virginie like that, she's a friend of mine, I couldn't not say something."

"She's no friend of mine!" Sarah retorted. "If you didn't like what you were seeing, you could have just left."

"No, I couldn't!" Hayden insisted, Then the tears started. "Why do you always have to make so hard for me to like you?"

Sarah grimaced: "Did I ask you to like me? All I want is respect. That doesn't mean you have to like me."

"I can't respect someone I don't like," Hayden replied.

"Then grow up, When you do you'll realize you can do both. You think I don't actually respect Ledoyen? Of course, I do. She's beaten me enough times to earn that, but I sure don't like her. Frankly, I don't understand how you can do both."

"That's one of our problems," Hayden said. "We don't understand that about each other."

Hayden then went over to the table where she had laid out Sarah's title belts and picked up a shammie rag.

"I thought I could carry my own belts from now on," Sarah said.

"I respect the belts," Hayden said, "you don't take care of them as well as I do."

Sarah eyed her younger colleague then shrugged and headed for the shower room.

"Do it right," she called out, "I'll be checking your work."

"Yes, boss," Hayden said.

(A slightly ajar door closed and on the other side, Beth Harnois let out her breath. Another storm had passed between Sarah and Hayden...)


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