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1 May 2009 Keira Knighltey vs Kristin Kreuk

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Posted by simguy on 5/1/2009, 7:47 am.

Site: U.K.


Before: Kreuk drawing the tougher assignment out on Michelle's flank: Keira Knightley a rangy former champion often thought to be the best of small-bodied Britain. "She's better than most," Kristin admits in prefight, "but in the end, she's fragile. Winona Ryder just knocked her loopy: it's not going to take much to get her to lay back. I'm also sportier and quicker - I'll nip in and out at her, taking advantage of her gangliness. It's going to be fun: this girl's an icon to the British, and I'm gonna shatter her!"


Keira getting the star treatment - plenty of press in attendance as Knightley easily overshadows her pretty little opponent in prefight. "This has gone on long enough," Keira intones. "Kristin needs to be thrashed, then Michelle. They've been deliberately provocative in and out of the ring, and now they'll suffer for it. They threw down the gauntlet against Hannah and Rachel; now the real side for Britain will answer - and answer - with vigor!"


Kreuk in purple high neck sport top and bikini bottoms; small black mitts; fighting ponytail with bangs framing face; high-top boxing shoes (black). Knightley in black bandeau with bold ring connection at jugs; small black mitts; blonde curls up (ringlets framing face); boxing boots to mid-calf with tassles.

During R1: Kris tic-toc to Knightley's chin - swinging right/left from Kreuk startles Keira, buckles her knees seconds in. Murderous follow up: Kreuk into Keira with chopping buggywhip right hands against the chest; scouring hooks; wide sidearm-right buggwhips against the flank. Keira slashed and whacked, beaten round the ring; her turn comes late when a trade in right hands stuns Kristin! Knightley bares fangs, slings away rangy lefts and rights from her hips - keeping elbows in close as she steps to her foe, pasting Kreuk. Kris beaten ropeside: she covers up earmuff, rolls her torso, desperate to evade Knightley's lashing clean up. Bell: Knightley shouting at Kris; Kreuk eyes blazing as she comes off ropes...ref moves in as neither girl backs off.

R2: Girls throttle-down - each looking to box smart and start establishing some things. Knightley working a classy jab, pivoting left - she's flinching back all bendy-backed - making herself as long and tall as possible. Kris weaving low - putting jabs or straight right hands into Keira's tummy: Kreuk bouncing away to either side after scoring her touch. All even until late: Keira clips Krissy a slick left uppercut as Kreuk's pouncing in. Kris stumbles to her left, blinking in confusion - Keira's able to lean in long and paste a clean right hand across Kreuk's face. Bell: Keira forcing smug eye contact - gesturing with her right hand to remind Kristin of its effect; Kris smouldering - siamese-cat eyes flat with hate.

R3: Good boxing from Keira - taller girl dictating all terms to her shorter foe. Kris visibly frustrated - bobbing; alternating her hands from earmuff ot criss-cross as she moves her head. Penetration impossible: Knightley too leggy - jab too educated - she's feathering Kris, keeping her well to the outside, circling her midring. Shutout Keira: she's definitely swaggering to her corner - long legs expressing contempt for Kris with every step.

R4: Kreuk answers. Darting tummy attacks take the initiative from Knightley - Kris able to put either hand straight to her foe's body, then bounce aside before receipts. With Knightley tummy-conscious - Krissy's starting to feint low, then hook high - straightening up into her shots and locating Keira's chin. Nothing Knightley can't handle, but she's being vexed and poked as Krissy proves quick as advertised.

R5: Both girls ratchet the already brisk tempo just a bit higher. Face tense with concentration as each takes turns on the pounce. Kris stooping, reaching those straight punches to tummy; Keira swat-hooking Kris as she's tummy hunting, then looking to clean up slinging righty. Darting, flitting attacks and retreats - girls using every inch of ring. Down the stretch, Knightley snatches the round away when she catches Kris a hook off the right foot, then pounces as Kreuk reels away in shock. Slinging rights and lefts sweeps Kreuk to ropes: she covers up butt-in-ropes, stooping forward behind her mitts. Knightley polishes up the offered lower back: small mitts bouncing cruelly off drum-tight kidney region. Kris not happy about it at the bell - she gives ref an earful, stamping her foot for emphasis

R6: Knightey insufferable - loping to her left, smudging her left jab against Kristin's tits: British girl just being tall and smug outside. Kreuk furious, but stymied - she's coming up short on pounces, frequently jumping herself into Knightley's clever counters. All Keira for two minutes, when a well timed overhand right finally times her jab, crashing full to chin. KNIGHTLEY'S ROCKED! Keira suddenly distraught - coltish legs spasming in fence post holes. Kris at Keira with a trio of overhand rights, smashing at British girl's ear, slugging Knightley to her right in a little semi-circle. Kris hops in the hook, putting her body behind it: Knightley topples back on heels. Kris leans in another looping overhand right - hops in with that biting hook and DOWN GOES KEIRA! Knightley slugged to her buns, sitting up all astonished near ropes: Kristin glaring down, nostrils flaring, chest heaving as ref cautiously bodies her back.

R7: Knightley turns puncher - weight on front (left) leg, right heel up off canvas. Keira dukes up - she's riding her bony forearms into Krissy's shoulders, then dippin'-n'-rippin' left uppercuts Jess Alba style - catching Kreuk sternum and chin, or scraping along Krissy's raised guard. Chop right hand from Keira catches Kris looking to punch: Kreuk's back (right) leg buckles, nearly pitching her to all fours. Kris stumbles out of it, but she's rocked, showing a shaky earmuff as Knightley steps-to. Hardhearted British pursuit - Keira walking Kris down, leaning in off the forearm bump, dipping and digging up with short left uppercuts at Krissy's body and guard. Down the stretch, signs of life from Kreuk: she smites Keira a wide right to cheek, then beats her to punches as the girls trade toe to toe. Crowd roaring as whippet-fit lasses stand and deliver tic-tac-toe: small gloves clipping and clapping off toned bodies, pretty faces to bell.

R8: Keira giving up her height to slug: Kristin's out-hitting her. Wonderful stuff: Knightley in menacing forward aspect, working left uppercuts, short left hooks/right hands. Kris slipping punches side to side, answering up into Knightley's ribcage via digging rights or lefts, then slapping her face. Basically toe-to-toe, but Kreuk with little side steps and good level changes makes Keira miss, makes her pay.

R9: Hard working first and last minutes for Kristin ruined by Knightley's withering second minute: those digging left uppercuts taking a hideous toll, body and head. Kreuk falling apart at the minute mark, face devastated as her legs rebel: she's wobbling around; staggering away with a hurting pony-trot while Knightley hops her down. Keira can't close: Kris firms and gets back to outfighting Knightley at close-quarters - but there's no question who was hurt worse.

R10: Knightley goes back to safety-first jab-and-wheel - she's circling left all lanky and tall, daring Kris to penetrate. Kreuk game, but getting picked up on her pounces: time and again, Kreuk shunted aside by a pre-emptive jab, or sticky straight right up the middle. Keira occasionally leaning in with those raised forearms, bumping and uppercutting in close - then she pulls out, wheels left and makes Kris give chase. Goes the route, and it's gonna be close: comes back UD10 by a single point...Keira Knightley!

After: Rule Brittannia! HISC girls outnumbered in the ring and taunted by gleeful Brits as classy Keira finally tallies for the UK. "It's a joke," Kristin says on camera - pretty face well-scuffed by Keira's hard mitts tonight. "I bounced her off the canvas; she staggers to the finish line and OF COURSE they give her homecooking. Well, just like British cuisine, it sucks!" Knightley couldn't see it any more differently. "She was well and truly thrashed tonight," Keira bleats. "Beaten into compliance. I boxed her to a fare-thee-well, then put my foot down. She stood no chance against my class - a lesson for Michelle as well."

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