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1 Nov 2003 Title Ch Dani Fishel vs Britney Spears

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Originally posted by Simguy on 11/1/2003, 9:56.


Before: Both girls coming in off bruising draws—nobody claiming any advantage on that score. “I’m punching my way through BSE,” laughs Dani in prefight. “Yeah, Halle was a test, Britney’s no joke, but in the end, I’m expecting to disappoint all of ‘em. Spears had her hands full with Jessica Alba, and to be honest—I think Britney got exposed in that fight. I’m going to pick up where Jess left off and I’ll just say it: I’m going to get Britney Spears out of there!”


Spears mouthing What-Ever her side of the dais, amazed that Dani would talk KO. “If anyone got exposed it was Dani—she was very lucky to retain her title against Halle and luck like that doesn’t stay. Let’s just say I’ll take my legs over Dani’s heart any day of the week.”


Fishel teal sports bra, grey stretch cotton boy cut trunks, white shoes—Britney in pale blue sports top, tied in the back, navy boy cut trunks, pink shoes.


During R1: Dani grinning, bobbing and weaving, moving her hands from cross-arm to right hand high, left across her gut—she negotiates Britney to the ropes, stays on her and HAMMERS those golden arms, flat tummy and exquisite ribcage, Brit soaking it up, right hand at her cheek, left across the gut, rolling lops, tieing up head and arm on Fishel. All Dani till late: Spears leaning into the ropes, shoulder, bumping Dani for room—Brit gets a biting little right uppercut to spoil Dani’s hook, then chops the right hand over the top and FISHEL SPUTTERS TO THE CANVAS! Britney stepping away with a big smile—Dani bewildered, face first in the ropes—Spears erases good consistent Fishel pressure with one nice combo—10-8!


R2: D bobbing and weaving, having good success cutting the ring off on Spears—Brit spends the first minute against the ropes, being supple, slipping and shipping as Fishel clubs way lefts and rights. Midway through—Spears from the closed stance opens up suddenly and NAILS Dani that cute counter  right uppercut—Fishel put wobbly butt—Spears sidestepping with a cuffing left on the back of the head to put Dani face first in the ropes. Spears dancing to midring, waving Dani on, then jabbing her, jabbing her, jabbing her. Britney bouncing to her left, snarling as she pounds away from a distance, turning her foe midring, Fishel coming forward, alternating her hand position as she bobs, but she’s getting tracked, rung up through 2.


R3: Sniping jabs set up a slicing hand HARD on Dani’s squinting left eye—Fishel starting to ship consistent as she comes forward. Spears navigating easy, keeping her back clear of the ropes—she’s dictating with her legs, steering with her stick and scoring with clean, blistering right hands. Dying moments, Brit outside, hands loose and low—she bounces side to side, freezes Dani, steps right and walks Fishel into a heartstopping right uppercut! Crowd shouting ion impact—Dani’s face lifted up woozy as her body stays put—Brit pivoting left with that insolent left cuff on the back of Fishel’s head to get around the champ. Cheeky butt slap from the challenger sends Dani back to her corner chagrined—Spears charging out to commanding lead through 3.


R4: Britney loose, relaxed, flat footed, but nimble, easing to her left with the left hand low, left shoulder pointed at Dani, right hand coiled at the chest. Spears just smoothing punches onto Fishel—up jab off the hip, bending into the right, then slinging home the left—Fishel bobbing through the mine-field, constantly coming forward. Midway through, Dani slips a lazy Spears right, hops out of her crouch and CRACKS Britney a hook on the chin! SPEARS GOES DOWN! Britney sent scooting to her backside, up hurt—she takes a groggy 8 as Dani grins from the neutral corner. ON COMES DANI! Fishel cleaning up in the final minute—stacking Brit up against the ropes, bumping and rubbing her roughly, then DIGGING at that million dollar waist. Spears grimacing, pushing onto the ropes, then folding forward as she soaks it up—she can’t get off as Fishel applies numbing heart to the bell.


R5: Dani coming forward challenging Spears’ legs—Britney backpedalling, turning at bthe ropes, stopping and potshotting  Fishel with stinging lead rights, then bailing—but Dani’s relentless. Fishel gobbling flush right hands off her face, grinning back and shouting for more—she’s getting outboxed this round, but shaking off the punishment and putting insane pressure on Spears’ legs and psychology this round.


R6: Britney gritting her teeth, legging to the right, feinting, then bending into that smoking right—she’s looking to walk into crosses or uppercuts. Dani moving her head very well, slips shots, gets in underneath and she is BANGING that breadbasket. By the second minute—Britney’s stacked up against the ropes, hands up around Dani’s ears, mouth open as Spears just tries to tie up—Fishel pounds away at the prize. Fishel fighting through the clinch, using her head, shoulders and elbows to push up on Brit and lever her back, open her up, then pounding away to the body with a relentless clubbing churn. Dani grinning, nodding fiercely at the bell—Spears slumped, achy.


R7: More Dani. She spends a minute tracking Britney down, hunting her over all the ring, then inevitably puts pop star back to the ropes and pounds away. Vintage Dani Fishel—rough with her head under Britney’s chin, rough with her shoulders and elbows nudging and propping and brutal with her fists—lefts and rights just a-bashing away. Spears sullen as her chest, biceps, belly and flanks take a royal rubdown—Dani going at her with savage intentions bell to bell.


R8: Dani rolling—tracks Brit down in the first minute, then spends the rest of the round pounding away on a wilting, frazzled challenger in the ropes. Dani getting a concussive, short right hand to the center of Britney’s chest, then coming back with a digging hook to the pit of the paunch—Britney just sick with the treatment, desperately grabbing for Dani’s head or brawny little arms. Fishel laughing, loving it—she’s camped out in Britney’s trunks and she’s just using this girl up minute after thumping minute.


R9: More Dani—Spears shopworn, discourage, scowling in indignation as Dani gets on her, smears her at the ropes. Britney struggling to wrap up those muscular arms, pull down that forward thrusting head—anything to slow the punishment. Fishel unable to sustain constant pounding pace she’s been setting, but she’s palming Britney’s hips, shoving her to a seat in the ropes, wrestling her back to the strands, keeping her down. Dani with her head down, still mindlessly pushing lefts and rights into Britney’s tummy after the break—hard feelings erupt as the ref takes a hand.


R10: Britney stands her ground, turns on a well timed right and catches Fishel flush coming in. Dani slowed, blinking—Spears able to step back, get the cuffing hook, then walk Fishel into that murderous right uppercut, clinch up and turn to get Fishel moving her feet. Britney in a nice slugging boxing rhythm,--hitting Dani clean power shots, then  walking her around, keeping the action midring. Fishel breathing hard, unable to exert her will—she’s coming forward, then getting stacked up, hit clean as Spears rights the ship. Not fast action—Brit just scoring, then moving, looking Dani over—Fishel unable to close and create that whirling melee that’s been so effective over the latter half. At the bell, both girls raise weary mitts. Comes back a Tractorpull Special: DRAW!


After: Dani elated—TE girls know how to win in the trenches, win ugly and maintain their titles—she scrapes by a hungry Britney Spears tonight. Spears hanging her head, hands on hips—she let Dani off the hook and she knows it. Bring up an awkward situation at bantam: Halle wants a rematch with Dani, Britney wants a rematch, Alba wants Spears again—al girls deserving—nobody’s really put their foot on any throats as yet.


Reposted by Archer 6/22/09


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