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1 November 2002 Salma Hayek vs Shakira

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Posted by Simguy on 11/1/2002, 6:45 am.


Before: Huge fight in terms of world wide interest generated out of South and Central America enough to make this one of the top 5 expected revenue generators of the year. Shakira getting a chancre to fight her idol, as she says, “It has been a dream of mine ever since childhood to knock out Salma Hayek.” Salma not seeing the compliment, “I not ready to step aside just yet. This kid, she has a lot to learn, I have to take her down a peg, teach her some respect. People who think Salma Hayek has become a flyweight Vanessa Williams will be very surprised at what happens to Miss Shakira.” Shakira in leather bikini top, dark brown bikini bottoms, Salma in red bikini with long loincloth attachment—very Aztec princess—low ponytail. Small gloves for both.


During R1: Shakira marching forward, ready to slug—Hayek selling the same until stepping out at the last minute, crack-tapping Shakira a jab between the eyes. Hayek playing matador early, stepping right, spiking a well placed jab, touching up Shakira’s face as blonde bulls forward. End of the first minute, Salma circling, drawing her foe in, bites off a snapping hook on the left eye, putting Shakira wobbly butt as the blonde stomps hurt on the spot. Hayek grinning, moves in for the kill and is SHOCKED as Shakira stands her ground. Instant Stalingrad results: Hayek raking Shakira’s rightside ribs and belly with vicious hooks—Shakira giving it right back and actually getting the better of trade toe to toe, Shak backing Salma up in the final moments, wearing out the Hayek midsection as the girls are separated at the bell—Ferocity in Shakira’s eyes, wonder ion Salma’s.


R2: Hayek circles for a moment, then settles in to re-test Shakira’s midsection—blonde squaring up and the expected Latina body war erupts. Gorgeous ripping hooks, 2 and 3 at a time shake both bodies. Girls adept at snapping off short punches, then nudging up with left elbow, always propping and jostling the opponent, setting her up for more leather. Hayek standing in the kitchen and wilting in the heat: Shakira busier, banging away at that body, then coming back at the head with chopping rights and crisp lefts. Hayek just out-brawled in no-frills, stand and deliver action bell to bell.


R3: Early hooks under the elbow have Salma in a bad way: she’s tilting forward, face pinched—Shakira sees the hurt! Shak piling on, left hooks tough in firm body, left uppercut beneath the mitts, right hands on the jaw-it’s all too much. Fierce bombardment shakes and rattles Salma badly—she sinks to one knee at the end of the first minute—Shakira squealing with glee as she bounds to the neutral corner. Hayek up for an achy 8, gloves to her cheeks, she sags into the ropes, digs in to take a pounding. Shakira has her way: blonde greedily going after her opponent, squared up on Salma, pressing her forearms against Hayek’s shoulders to set up clubbing sequences of short punches body and head. Hayek hunkered down, suffering behind her guard, just soaking it up, trying to last the round. Shakira overjoyed as she braces Salma with the left elbow then sinks in those digging little hooks—Hayek sagging forward, gutshot at the bell.


R4: Series of slugging altercations around the ring sees Salma Hayek dismantles an over-confident Shakira and force her to the ropes. Hayek all business, face a serious frown as she digs to the body of her foe with every ounce of flyweight fury, props Shak up the left elbow, bounces left uppercuts off the face. Shakira gloves up, but not moving her head—she’s cringing from body shots, getting lit up by uppercuts, Hayek moving her head—she’s cringing from body shots, getting lit up by uppercuts. Hayek taking a moment to bludgeon her opponent’s tits on the ropes, helping herself with tight, jamming rights and lefts—Shak shouting in pain as she reaches around Salma’s shoulders. Even beaten shabby, Shakira won’t give in—she’s punching back hard at the end, going mouth to mouth on shoulder with Salma and making her work hard to the bell.


R5: Girls get cheek to cheek, scrubbing each other with left elbow shoves to set up curling little hooks inside—fight gets banged out in a phone booth this round. Shak coming forward, works her girl to the ropes where both are content to stay for all three minutes, it’s just heartless give and take, girls in constant contact, leaning forward, propping and nudging each other for precious punching room underneath. Shak comes away with a narrow advantage—Salma practically steaming from work to her ribcage.


R6: Back to the phone booth. Girls leaning forward in compact stances, scrubbing with their heads, pushing with shoulders and elbows, rip-digging those hooks, chopping opportunistic right hands. Both beautiful faces are lumping up nice, but the hellish treatment underneath is where the fight’s being won or lost. Small gloves are snapping off tight bellies and worn ribcages, constantly seeking tenderness—it’s excruciating. Vicious give and take continues without let up to the final moments when a beautifully placed hook sneaks in behind Shakira’s right elbow, buckling her legs. Veteran feels it instantly: Salma with a little shoulder shove, props Shakira onto her heels and licks a hook at sternum—blonde crying out, turning away and sinking to all fours gutshot! Hayek with gloves up, taunting, refusing to back away as the ref struggles to maintain order at the bell.


R7: Shakira’s been fighting brave when hurt all night, but this time Hayek piles on, Salma bludgeoning Shak to the ropes and going right at her—girls are grinding foreheads, snapping grimly at one another as the fight starts to become tortuous. Shak fighting back, but she’s looking groggy, not a lot of steam on her punches. Salma’s constant digging to the liver, belly and ribcage has the blonde groaning, reaching in to clinch: brunette bodying her girl time and again to the ropes to pour on the pounding. At the bell, Salma lets Shakira hear it in Spanish—blonde achy, ashen faced, pushes her way past.


R8: Shutout Shakira! Just when it looks like Salma’s breaking out the broom—Shak storms back, Salma’s butt in the ropes, Salma’s mouth parted, face in constipated agony as her body soaks up rip-roaring punishment. Shakira drawing on endless youthful reserves, stacking her for up and working murderously to the gut and ribcage with dukes pumping. Salma looking sick and abused as she crosses her arms, lolls on the ropes—she takes a bell to bell beating as Shakira hoots it up at the bell.


R9: Salma out with the jab, stopping Shakira in her tracks, positioning the blonde, then it’s a quick hook on the cheek, little contact left uppercut and step to the left—Shakira  left holding the bag as she turns. Salma hooking off her jab, just making contact, small gloves making cracking impacts on Shakira’s punished face. Hayek sidestepping to her left, turning Shakira, avoiding the brutal toe to toe give and take that’s been all too competitive. Shake not shut out, but this tactical stuff’s not to hjer liking—she can’t get much on Salma as Hayek’s generalship prevails.


R10: Hayek stays with the jab, miraculously freezing Shakira in place with it, then hooking her eye, uppercutting her chin and stepping around the right shoulder to keep blonde turning. Shak marching forward, trying to bring decisive battle, but Hayek won’t have it—she’s jabbing at precisely the right times and distances, preventing Shak from getting off, then touching her up as she circles. Hayek heartless as she pin-cushions her foe’s face, then digs to the breasts, really sinking the leather in before stepping out—Shak late to react, flustered, starting to blunder forward into more and more punishment. Brilliant boxing shutout for the veteran—she lifts her mitts at the bell and forces eye contact on weary, worked over Shakira. Comes back UD10 Salma Hayek!


After: Hayek keeps it going—dropping Liu, hammering Shakira—brunette still a force at 110. Shakira badly used—knockdown in the sixth could have been a knockout for a lot of girls—blonde showed unbelievable heart in answering Hayek’s charges. Salma shows no respect however, prancing over to the beaten woman’s corner, pulling Shak up by her arm and parading her around the ring for a glorious walk of shame. Salma seeming to suck the youth out of Shakira in these moments—Hayek glowing, beaming ear to ear with her arm around nubile, defeated waist—Shakira sullen, battered, conquered. “So much for Shakira,” brays Salma in post-fight. “She was like a school girl in there—I teach a hard lesson,” Hayek showing veteran maturity, brawling with Shakira enough to drain the blonde, boxing in key spots to win rounds—it’s a masterful performance.


(And probably Tractorpull’s best call—not just picking the  winner, but describing the scenario/keys to victory accurately)/


Reposted by Archer 10/17/09.


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