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10 Aug 2001 Debbe Dunning vs Shannon Elizabeth

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Posted by simguy on 8/10/2001, 4:14 pm.


Before: Pundits worrying that Elizabeth is being moved too fast, "She goes a hard dime against Nolin, and then they put her right back in against Dunning?" questions one scribe, "And they're already talking title shots and Charlize Theron? Typical studio management - it's all about the green." Maybe so, but Elizabeth not complaining, "I don't want to crawl along, beating up stiffs to inflate my record. My game is strength, heart, and power - I don't need any seasoning for that. I want to beat Dunning in spectacular fashion, then position myself to dominate this division. We're talking about years here, a dynasty." Debbe in pink bikini couldn't be less impressed, showing plenty of attitude as she sneers at the young brunette who would be queen during instructions - Elizabeth in pale blue bra and panties.


During R1: Surprisingly tactical round - identical stances for both women, right hands high, left hands out front - Shannon using a rangefinding jab to close distance, but it's all power shots when she's in range. Dunning retreating, jumping in to clinch as Elizabeth gets off with pumping lefts and rights to the midsection. Nobody hurt but Elizabeth's done all the work.


R2: Shannon continues to work behind her jab, getting into range to come across with a whistling right and a slinging wide left hook as Dunning keeps her guard high, blocking most of the incoming. Final minute classic Dunning - she stands in the pocket, mitts at her temples. Shannon wings a left - Dunning blocks and counters with a tight right uppercut, quickly bringing the fist back to her temple. Shannon wings a right, Dunning blocks and clips the left uppercut. Pinpoint touches to the chin soon have Elizabeth wobbly butt and Dunning goes on the attack, wrenching punches from her high guard into Elizabeth's stomach or face as the young brunette falls apart. Tight, economical punching from Dunning - punching out of the tight guard to leave Shannon staring at the bell.


R3: Shannon showing the advantage of youth, recuperating well and bounding out for more. Unable to penetrate Dunning's blocking D, Elizabeth steps in closer to work the body with lashing, licking blows from both hands. Dunning stooping forward, hard punches splattering off her ribs and tummy - she's grunting as Elizabeth makes her mark. Down the stretch, body work has Dunning breaking down slightly, Shannon able to come off the midriff and jam uppercuts in between Debbe's mitts at the bell.


R4: More counters off the block for Dunning, answering short right uppercuts for Shannon's wide lefts, or short left uppercuts for Shannon's wide rights and Elizabeth goes wobbly butt once again as Dunning dials in. Shannon shows tremendous resiliency, shaking off the punishment and coming at Dunning with rejuvenated waves of long armed licks. Dunning backed to the ropes, covers up tight, bends forward and is punished up and down her sides as Elizabeth cleans up. Shannon nice and loose with her body and arms - she'll nudge up against Dunning just before punching, setting up a swaying rhythm for her power shots and for the first time, Dunning is forced to open up, answering back with the same side to side swaying and licking delivery. Crowd getting rowdy - this is what they came to see.


R5: Dunning with a shooting right hand over Shannon's lazy jab jerks the brunette a quarter turn to the right and the older gal takes over. Double D with slinging delivery turns it up, belting a stunned Shannon E to the ropes and Elizabeth gets undressed as the fists bash through her bewildered defense. Dunning lathering away - now SHE'S the one nudging up and slamming away, swaying side to side to bring devastating leather into Shannon's jaw or breasts. Elizabeth out on her feet, pushes meaningless punches back rather than clinching or covering up and she PAYS the price. Dunning on wide spread feet, lashes away from bell to bell, giving the young brunette one of the worst rounds of her fledgling career thus far. DD with a spiteful slap on the butt sends Shannon reeling to her corner for the break.


R6: All Debbe D. Veteran slugger taking all the pre-fight hype and jamming it down Shannon's throat with a vintage slobberknocking attack. Dunning loose limbed, swaying side to side, using her upperbody to push into Shannon before ladling on the sauce. Elizabeth resisting with pride, but those curvy legs are humming, eyes dreamy with hurt as she plods forward, taking hellish licks to her face and jugs. Dunning goes to the bra at the ten second mark, punching so hard Elizabeth's mouthpiece tumbles out of her shellshocked mouth at the bell.


R7: Dunning stomps across the ring to roll Shannon up, but a blistering toe to toe war erupts that sees the youngster win reckless exchange after reckless exchange. Back and forth across the ring at a stepping, slugging pace - Shannon hammering away with wide lefts and rights on the jawline of her opponent - Dunning stupified, giving ground, but walking her foe into the right uppercut and slapping left hook. These girls are WRECKING each other with blockbuster punching. At the bell, both beauties are shot - weaving stupidly in front of one another with dazed expressions on punished faces.


R8: Starts slowly, but painfully as Elizabeth sticks her left hand into Debbe's belly, then slides in the short right cross from the chest to clout Dunning's tired face to the side. Double D seems distant, unable to get her gloves up past her stomach as she is bludgeoned and bodied back to the ropes. Picks up steam as Elizabeth gets into that swaying, pushing rhythm, nudging her body up against Dunning, slamming away with lefts and rights with a workmanlike pace. Debbe with her right hand at her cheek, left hand low is out of it - listless at the ropes, soaking up punishment and SHANNON POURS IT ON! Elizabeth cranks it up and Dunning just stands there - with the right at her cheek, it's almost as though Debbe's holding her face for Shannon's right hands that slam home over and over again and DUNNING GOES DOWN! Debbe just battered senseless suddenly folds forward to sprawl on her face at Shannon's feet - KO8 Shannon Elizabeth!


After: Youth triumphs over experience as Shannon survives some nightmarish moments early, uses her foe up late and leaves Dunning a slumbering ruin after a crescendo of slinging haymakers. Exuberant Elizabeth takes a dazed and badly beaten Dunning for a harsh walk of shame - this one has to hurt Debbe because Elizabeth is so clearly using her as a stepping stone. Predictably, brazen brunette calls out the division's finest, including Theron, and after her next defence, Cat Bell. "This is just the beginning," crows a jubilant Shannon E.

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