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10 Feb 2008 Trista Rehn Sutter vs Carmen Electra

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Originally posted by Simguy on 2/10/08, 10:24 am


Before: Just 3 weeks after a brutal stoppage lost to Cheryl Burke, Kiana Tom made Trista Sutter/Carrie Ann Inaba on the beach. The Triscuit pulled through with another bruising UD10 affair (Simguy note: actual result—Trista 6 rounds to 4 over a sleek, but outgunned Inaba. Trista in yellow bikini—Inaba in black). Now, just a few weeks later—here she is in with another tough cookie. Critics are wondering if Tom’s up to her old “wring every last drop out of the talent” strategy with the appealing Sutter.


“Nonsense,” says the wily Hawaiian promoter in Beach Beat. “Trista’s made to give and receive punishment—she takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The best thing for Trista is activity—and she recovers well. She’s pumped about fighting Carmen, and so am I—this is gonna be a great open-air bout!”


Trista in white bikini with rings connecting straps to cups/tie side bottoms; white gloves/ Carmen in white bikini with  royal blue diagonal stripes/white waistband; white gloves—same shade of dirty blonde hair as Trista. Malibu beach—ring posts set up on sand; generally considered to be disadvantage for the highly mobile Electra.


During R1: Trista frowning, bludgeoning healthy rights and lefts, buffeting Carmen about her head and shoulders. Clobbering wallop has Electra stumbling about—about a minute has Electra stumbling about—about a minute in she’s concussed to chin by swinging right, dropped to her backside in sand as crowd erupts. Electra up quickly—after 8, Trista drives home a slamming right to the stomach, spanking Carm into ropes. Electra grimacing: Trista squaring away and bashing heavy, batting strokes to flanks, huddling Carmen forward, then TRISTA WANTS JUG! Triscuit grunting with the effort of hoisting short left and right uppercuts into Carmen’s bulging rack—Sutter arching her back, standing up into the shots, buttocks ringing as she shoves the blows home. Eelctra bleating in pain, bumped and bullied at the ropes, but she avoids thr shutout with some desperation slugging of her own to Trista’s melons at the bell.


R2: Trista stepping-to, jabbing stubby, then clobbering Electra upside the head a swinging right: Carmen sent stumbling again, ashen faced, jugs a-jumpin’. Body blows follow—Trista carrying herself into Carmen with the blows to stampede Electra to ropes.

Bombastic wallop applied to Carmen’s jugs—Triscuit baring her teeth, twisting side to side and jamming; in short punches with plenty of forearm chaser: Electra ragdolled against the ropes, really getting belted. Down the stretch, thudding body blows have Electra in a bad way: brutal Sutter right uppercut kicks Carmen’s head back, sits Electra stunned in the ropes: Carmen all but out as Sutter gets back to those jugs, dipping side to side as she chops in the hurt with both dukes.


R3: More Trista—heavy, clobbering blows, moving Electra—Carmen bleak, stunned, staggering around, trying to get her bearings. Sutter stepping into spearing jabs, pounding ‘em to chest or face—she’s doing a good job of startling Carmen before wading in with power. Sutter pulling a booming right hand over the top, clouting it jaw or flank on Carmen—big splashy blows have Electra stumbling about in wonder. At the ropes, Sutter squares away big-girl, moving her head with constant bobbing torso-- keeping Carmen hurt with a routine, thumping right/left in the waist, then exploring from there, Electra battered from bell to bell—really lumping up and looking forlorn: all she can do is roll the odd shot or clinch against full-steam-ahead Trista.


R4: Carmen spearing her jab, punching Trista in the mouth even as Trista’s own jab connects to chin: stalemate midring sees the girls fall in shoulder to shoulder. Electra grunting, pushing, working to Trista’s firm paunch with short, kneading right/lefts. Trista bumping the left shoulder, hooking paunch, pounding the flat knuckled right hand to Carmen’s hip: good bashing trade as Electra stablizes her front. Electra swishes brisk to rack, scoring on Trista’s healthy hooters, then crouching in with the left shoulder to smother the receipt, Sutter enraged, clips a tidy outside-i9n right uppercut, picking up Electra’s stunned face and ELECTRA GOES DOWN! Carmen dropped in stupor to all fours, swaying on the spot: Trista glaring, swish-stomping sand in neutral corner, tossing her head to get her hair back. After 8, Electra stubborn off the knockdown, trading rights and lefts with Trista up top, beating Sutter to the punches and bodying her back. Electra nuzzling close, fighting shoulder to shoulder, digging up paunch in escaping another rough round.


R5: Carmen finally gets it together. Sand hampering her mobility somewhat—but she starts executing cutey-pie pivots when in close, bobbing her head up and down, making Sutter miss. Electra fighting well in reverse, luring the aggressive Triscuit into sweet-swinging body blows to either flank: hooking jug while leaning weight onto right foot. Carmen accepting Trista onto the left shoulder, then nudging her off and clipping her a combo—good weight-management from slighter-built Electra as she steers and bumps her girl off balance, then tidies up in spots.




Originally posted by Simguy on 2/10/2008, 10:24 am.


R6: Trista undeterred, walking Carmen down with a heavy jab, a splattering right in the side, and a digging hook to paunch. Carmen closing her stance, bobbing her torso, trying to retreat in good order, but she’s looking drowsy: heavy slamming effect of Trista’s punches has Electra groggy. Fight stumbles inevitably to ropes: Trista immediately pushing in to stack Carmen, then pummeling her rack: Electra groaning, covering up her hooters and folding forward. Trista simply crouches, reaches in, stacks Carmen into ropes again, and applies extra bludgeoning leather to the problem. Sutter’s legs and backside so strong in sand—stomping for position, driving in on Carmen, keeping Electra immobilized. Carmen teeth bared sharpshooting back the odd swiping counter, but most of the time, she’s just getting ragdolled and bullied against the Cables.


R7: Trista relentless—walking Carmen down, seeking her out, punching—with, and discouraging her in trade. Electra doing well when she can pivot or slide back, dip down, and walk. Sutter’s walking through it, scoring bigger and better punches to Carmen’s head, breasts, and tummy. Ropes: it’s always Sutter on top—poor Carmen twisting and rolling, trying to stay covered up. Sutter reaching in, stacking, pulling Carmen’s arms away from her body: very hungry Trista Sutter just getting at Carmen always and everywhere. We don’t often see Carm turning sideways into ropes and cowering as her opponent pounds her chassis: we’re seeing that today.


R8: Carmen making the attempt to pre-empt, briskly scrubbing right/left crisscross combos up top, clanging against Trista’s raised guard. Sutter won’t have it—blocking the scrub, then stepping in a hard jab to Electra’s face, driving Carmen back: Electra’s form breaking down as she can’t hold her ground. Trista forward, hauling that wide right roundhouse into Carmen’s body—crippling Electra. Wounded Carm shying away to her right when Trista steps in, hooks wide, digging Carmen in under her right breast and ELECTRA GOES DOWN! Carmen crying out. Hugging her body and hopping to her haunches—little tummy panting in and out as she tries to shake off the pain. Sutter stomping past hands on hips, scowling down: very intense, workmanlike Trista as nothing Carmen does seems to work for long.


R9: Embattled Electra bullied and bodied to ropes—Trista has her bashing way. Poor Carmen! Electra right hand at left cheek, palm out; left hand across trembling tummy—she’s just dipping, rolling, soaking up punishment. Trista trying to clip that short right uppercut to face without success, but all the bodywork is scoring: Sutter just setting her hips and letting’em rip to Carmen’s hips, chest, tummy. A gorgeous, plugging series of rights and lefts—maybe 12 punches in all—chugs into Carmen’s tummy. Sitting her into the ropes aghast: Trista’s shoulders rotating furiously, teeth bared as she just pumps hup-hup-hup to Carmen’s quitting midsection. Groaning, Electra swats a tidy right/left up and across Trista’s hooters, prompting a savage reprisal as Sutter POUNDS Carmen’s already battle-weary rack. Saves Carmen’s tummy however as Sutter is successfully distracted from a fight-winning tactic downstairs.


R10: Sutter’s pace finally ebbing—she’s mouthbreathing, plodding. Carmen too badly punished to take advantage, but she’s having more luck accepting Triscuit onto the left shoulder, then easing back out while swatting/cuffing/chopping Trista slick counters. Sutter ever-forward, but decisively out-hit this round—Trista getting pre-empted, then turned as Electra slides off to either side. Carmen digging at paunch successfully, but a little late: you need to be working Sutter’s gut all night long to have an effect. Electra pawing her left jaw to Trista’s jugs while stepping right—has the effect of coaxing Sutter forward, into lashing Electra’s rights to chin. Sutter put a little wobbly butt as she can’t close the show on wily comp—but she’s doing more than enough. UD10 wide Trista Sutter as Carmen does well to finish.


After: Electra beaten—and badly—expensive show of courage from Carmen when she may have been bettered served by lying down today. Trista upbeat, happy, distributing hugs, signing autographs: she’s a very approachable fighter whom fans can relate to.


“I loved what I saw out of Trista today,” Kiana brays no camera (ESPN3). “Beating Carmen—scratch that—beating Carmen UP, puts Trista into some very intriguing fights. Elisha wants a piece: I’ll make that happen. Salma Hayek is available—we just need to work out the venue, but that’s not going to be a problem. Trista Sutter works hard and she makes great fights: that’s my kind of gal!”


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