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10 January 2008 Tia Carrere vs Vanessa Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 1/10/2008, 7:50 am


Before: (Tokyo): Big fight in Japan—both women drawing very well in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong circuit. Big, smooth mature physiques—Williams the more muscular in the shoulders and tummy—Tia paunchy, hippy, but obviously getting herself into the best possible shape she can attain. The usual Japanese venue touches—streamers tossed into the ring as fighters are announced—cheering sections with little lush Vanessa or Tia action figures anime’d up: it’s world away physically and figuratively from the FCBA. Tia in black push up, black spandex trunks with leopard print loin cloth; black suede boxing moccasins to mid-calf; black boxing gloves; slick black low ponytail. Williams in tan faux lion skin bra top; black spandex sports with tan lion-hide loin cloth; tan boxing moccasins (short-elfin cut); black gloves; highlighted hair in slick top knot ponytail.


R1: Both women slower, faded versions of early marques, but still recognizably Tia and Vanessa in their movements, Carrere: crouching; pawing the left hand as she steps in wide, leaning forward to carry heavy, sidearm rights thick to Vanny’s ribs or tummy. Vanessa: left shoulder pointed towards Tia. Left hand at hip, right at breasts; slick, snappy up-jab; left (front) foot in a bucket as Williams pivots, slides around her jabs and hooks—being very choosy with the screened right cross. Tia’s will prevails—she’s willing to take punches to step into Vanessa and drum that body. Thudding rights to Williams’ breadbasket have her grimacing, retreating early.


R2: Same again—Vanessa trying to turn her girl, pivoting and being cute behind that left shoulder: Carrere crouching forward, serious about putting that right hand into Vanessa’s body one plowing blast at a time. Williams giving ground, walking Tia into some slick shots, but not busy enough to discourage come-forward Carrere.


R3: Tia encroaching, walking Vanessa down—SLAMMIN’ that right hand to belly and ribs: it’s all too much. Williams grimacing, visibly shaken by the first few blows to land—she steps away, takes a knee in some distress. Regrouping 8 for Williams—she recovers well: boxing crisply, getting off first with jab, turning to keep Tia moving her feet.\Tia’s one-handed offense a little predictable: jab is just a pawing wave; left hook just a slap once she’s deposited the right downstairs. Carrere stalking, but getting pre-empted, then steered—she can’t do any more damage after the promising start.


R4, 5: Vanessa slowly rights the ship. Jab starting to sort Tia out: she’s weaving it,  parrying it, looking cranky as Williams is able to dictate distance a bit. Vanessa pivoting to her left as she hooks off the jab, turning into the right hand more aggressively as Tia starts to lump up. Williams starting to score in series—pop, pop, pop by the sharp right cross; hook in Tia’s tits as Vanessa’s pivoting left again, Both rounds to Williams—Carrere slowing, becoming more tentative as Vanessa’s still-quick hands find the mark.


R6: Williams wallowing shoulder to shoulder with Tia—good spanking exchanges arouse reserved Japanese crowd as both women land with gusto. Vanessa using her left shoulder to bump then hooking Tia’s jugs or tummy: Williams snatching the punch off Carrere, bringing the mitt back snappy. Carrere crowding in, hauling the right into Vanessa’s left flank with beefy spank—often hitting the lower back as Williams’ close stance presents angle. Tia’s heavy hands moving Vanessa: Williams composed,. Rolling and slipping well, but getting outworked in the sixth.


R7: Cute: Vanessa punching the mouthpiece off Tia’s teeth with a sneaky counter-right uppercut early—punch has Carrere on her heels, blinking in dismay. Belly jabs issued by Vanessa—she reaches’em in, then slides out/pivots left—starting to undress Tia just a bit. Carrere scowling distracted by tummy poke—while she’s swatting Vanessa’s jab away, Tia’s becoming open for crisp right hands to chin. Williams scoring in combination, punching Tia’s face and body at will, then pivoting around her. Carrere put wobbly butt, but resolute—still prodding forward into punishment with the dream of placing her right hand in Vanessa’s stomach.


R8: Vanessa pop, pop, popping that jab—Williams pursing her lips, narrowing her eyes as she shells Tia poke, sidesteps the receipts. Carrere puffing up badly around the eyes—more and more she’s going cross-arm, wading forward, taking punishment. Williams WHACKING waistline sumptuous hooks as she’s pivoting left gorgeous, supple rips still very graceful with her movement. Williams right hands penetrating—very slick crosses or cutey-pie right uppercuts off the right foot: Tia’s busting up.


R9: Shutout Williams: popping jab, sensual footwork keeping Tia at bay midring. When Tia does penetrate—Vanessa’s easing her into clinches: Tia not working in there, just reaching around Williams’ back, waiting for break. Carrere sullen, facing into punches, crossing her arms, weaving her head aty times—but she’s target practice in a ship-shape Williams’ 9th.


R10: Some pounding exchanges as the women trade heavy-slogging right hands to bellies and jugs early—then Vanessa backs out and gets classy. Tia shelled, helpless out on the end of Vanessa’s jab—Williams wheeling and dealing with slow, supple delivery. Jabs; hook; pivot—easy routine for Vanessa as she beats Tia into sullen stupor, pasting her at the bell. Come back one point duke which feels wider—Vanessa Williams.


After: Williams down early on her own volition, recovers nicely, imposes her will and takes Tia apart with class and style. Both fighters well past their primes, but Japanese audience appreciative of the still steamy pairing and honest effort. Fighters hug I aftermath—no ill will between two aging veterans who know the business.


Reposted by Archer 9/7/09.


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