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10 July 2008 Hayden Panettiere vs Brenda Song

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Posted by Simguy on 7/10/2008, 11:22 pm


Before: “Work the body,” a grinning Panettiere says of her plans for Brenda. “I mean—I would anyway—but with Bren,it’s essential. I don’t want her hopping around, potshotting me and doing her thing: I want her slumped forward, discouraged, soaking up punishment. As long as I’m fighting off her chest, Brenda song is mine and she knows it!”


Song mustering deep support for this effort: Hudgens helping out as chief second, and seemingly everyone from Sophia bush to Rachel Stevens eager to off quality sparring rounds. ”I’ve waited a long time for this,” Brenda crows, practically rubbing her hands in anticipation. “Ever since Hayden turned pro, I could see the flaws in her game, and I’ve been champing at the bit to take advantage. She’s the most over-rated girl in boxing—by far. Those Foxfire guys work over time making her out to be some kind of superhero, but to me, she’s just another blonde scalp—you know. Can’t WAIT to expose this tramp!”


Song in sleek black bikini; small black gloves. Hayden in red/.white horizontal striped fighting bikini; small white gloves.


During R1: Song flat footed—but lithe and creep-stepping—always bending at the waist, shifting weight between front foot and back as she sidesteps Hayden midring. Panettiere staying compact, bobbing forward, right hand at her chin, left just underneath. Song doing the scoring—getting off first—backhanding her jab on Hayden; pivoting left around supple lead hooks. Down the stretch, song surprises Hayden a lead right straight up the middle: Brenda doubles up on it, punching Hayden onto her heels all blinking astonishment, Song scoots in close, deploying an open-handed crotch-slap with her right mitt, then quick-chopping the tidiest of hooks to Hayden’s open mouth, landing tic-toc. Panettiere staggering into ropes, clearly frazzled, face pinched in pain, Song hops-tom lets her hands go: swishing side to side hup-hup as Brenda pastes Hayden’s face—Panny just staring into it. Chipper shutout first sends Brenda bouncing to her corner for the break. Quick hug of encouragement from Hudgens, then two are head-to-head, scheming thick as thieves for the break.


R2: Hayden upping tempo, getting stubby jabs off, cutting the ring off better: she’s winning position and forcing exchanges on Song. Series of toe-to-toe engagements all around the ring—usually ended when Song steps away to regroup, Hayden advancing. Panny showing her strength—that jab bangs it’s way in, then she keeps the left arm extended stiff, scraping at Song’s face and pushing her around. Hayden able to step in with blunt rights and lefts off this range-finding work, bullying Brenda out of stance. Panettiere focusing ion her foe’s shiny ribcage and biceps—clubbing away out of the crouch with short, snappy lefts and rights. Song pouting, getting bruised up: Hayden takes back points with firm pressure.


R3: Hayden walking through Brenda’s jab, bashing away to torso. Blonde bobbing energetically at the waist—hands stacked right atop left at her stomach: she’ll hook out of this posture, biting Brenda in the ribs, Hayden bulling Song backwards with punches and shoulder-bumps: Brenda doing a good job turning at the ropes, at least denying Hayden consistent shove-n;-slug at the apron, Song unable to answer much, but she’s cute and elusive, slipping and rolling shots, pivoting while leaning back on her hips, giving all sorts of angles. Panettiere the aggressor, walking song down, bringing harm: Brenda snatching back cute combos in spots, but clearly outworked through 3. Bell: big, beaming smile for Hayden as she jogs back to her corner; Brenda scowling—still cute as a scuffed-up button even when vexed.


R4: Brenda in a loose closed stance, dragging her front (left) foot as she slides back—weight on her right (back) foot, luring Panny forward. 30 seconds in, Brenda times a gorgeous, fade-and-counter left hook behind Hayden’s right ear. Song just walking Panny in, then clippin’ it tasty—shifting weight to front foot at the very last second, tucking her shoulder in behind the tidiest of blasts. Hayden reels to her left and GOES DOWN! Delayed-effect power failure spills Panettiere to all fours: exuberant Song actually hurtles downed blonde en route to neutral corner. Second minute one of the worst of Panettiere’s career—Brenda Song just TEARING at blonde after the 8 count. Ferocious, flyweight career—Song letting clever hands go to Hayden’s tummy, tits and chin—just a non-stop pelting of slick, crisp combinations. Small gloves sounding out “PIK! PIK! PAK!” against Hayden’s sturdy frame—Bren just cleaning up, mowing Hayden’s torso. Panettiere punched into stupor, but stubborn off the ropes: final minute sees her start to swing away as Brenda’s fury abates. Song arm-weary, legs out of range, hopping to her left and keeping Hayden well outside as shabby blonde stumbles in pursuit. Bell: girls pass by each other’s left flank; smirking Song reaches her left hand back without looking, helping herself to a clapping chunk of Panettiere’s discouraged backside, punctuating a big brunette fourth.


R5: Song on her bicycle, taking a round off to recover: Hayden over to offence. Panettiere tragically busted up, looking sluggish but feisty: she’s stepping forward, bobbing at the waist, still looking to force engagements. Brenda won’t have it—hopping to the side, changing directions—often batting palms down atop Hayden’s head while sidestepping her, or pushing Hayden behind either elbow to turn her. Brenda’s legs thicker, springier than expected: her stop-and-go, pivot-and-step, duck-and-pivot routines often bewilder Hayden. Brenda not above slipping Hayden into front chokes or headlocks  for ref’s breaks: official warning little Asian to knock it off—little brunette rolling shots, showing slick Disney defence when required. Shutout Hayden, neither girl damaged: en route to her corner, Song’s shaking her head “No” to reassure her corner that Hayden did nothing.


R6: (Missing?)


R7: Trouble for Hayden early—she blunders into a perfectly placed counter-right uppercut to solar plexus—Song planting her right leg and getting it from the closed stance. Punch demoralized Hayden—legs give a shimmy—she baby-steps forward, crossing arms against her body as Bren slides to the right. Song smiling: she chops the right hand down across Hayden’s hairline—just a little hammer-drop shot with the elbow in close to Song’s hip. Quick hooks follow—a pair of’em—swatting at Hayden’s startled, then a right uppercut, then a left uppercut. Song so quick n’nifty with her combinations—dipping her shoulders, keeping the shots short, getting back and glutes into them. Song pivots left, pumping a pair of left jabs to Hayden’s sleepy face, then shifts weight to left foor, dips left shoulder and clips Hayden a vicious left uppercut bingo on the chin, Hayden stumbles back on her heels, hits ropes in shock: Brenda hopping after, eyes dancing. Song squares up, offers shoe-shine to Hayden’s vulnerable jugs, Song places a dip-n’-rip left hook to Hayden’s liver—vicious, gouging shot—Brenda snapping the mitt back to her own chest on follow through. Hayden’s moist gasp of pain brings a hungry smile to Song’ lips: wonderful contrast in facial expressions as one girl gets the better of the other. Panettiere swoons forward, desperately hurt: Song reaches in, shoves her upright, drifts a short right (just a shrug f the shoulder, it’s so short), a short left, a jerking right uppercut off the right foot, one more of those—every punch finding Hayden’s face. Song’s buttocks ringing in her black trunks as she stands into rapid hup-hup—so compact and tasty as she puts hurt on Hayden. Another brisk pair of short right uppercuts sits Panettiere loose n=in the ropes, hands down: clapping left hook seems to slap Hayden out on her feet, causing her head to loll dangerously forward. THE REF STEPS IN! Official bodies Song back; crowd goes insane: that’s TKO7 Brenda freakin’ Song!


After: Hayden out on her feet, swooning in disbelief: looks like she’s got a Disney rival after all as Brenda adds Panny to her burgeoning list of accomplishments. Party in Song’s corner—Vanessa and Brenda hugging, jumping up and down, squealing in triumph: Hayden led gingerly to her stool and given immediate TLC. After the shrieking, Hudgens and Song step towards the Foxfire corner, but Brenda stops Vanessa—telling her “I got this,” gently dismissing her, Vanessa looking as shocked as if Brenda had just bytch slapped her: big-grinning Song pushes her way into Hayden’s corner to pull battered blonde up by her left arm. Scalding walk of shame, Brenda on Hayden: Song beaming, nodding her head, her right arm strong around Hayden’s conquered waist, the left hand waving open and shut with a little grabbing motion. Hudgens arms-crossed, all but forgotten turning several shades of livid as Brenda hogs the spotlight.


Reposted by Archer 9/22/09.


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