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10 July 2008 Title Ch Laetitia Casta vs Jessica Biel

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Posted by simguy on 7/11/2008, 8:55 am


Before: "I owe her," a very serious Jessica Biel says at the podium. "She didn't just beat me at the ice hotel - she beat me up - and I haven't forgotten one punch of it. Good for her, you know? She had her moment - but that bill's been waiting a long time to get paid. Tish is a good fighter - I will give her that - but when I'm on, when I'm motivated, fit and ready? Casta isn't built to withstand that kind of heat."


Laetitia composed - even indifferent to proceedings: she's oddly comfortable with Biel in the ring. "I see her every day," Casta explains. "To me, there is no 'Jessica Biel' mystique. I know her pace, I have her timing, I know her moves. To me, there is no 'awe' factor - she is merely one of many young Americans who lives in the gym. Peel back the layers of hype, and you will see what I have always seen: an over-rated, muscle-bound, craven-hearted upstart. C'est ca."


Casta in leopard print bikini, hair up; small black gloves. Biel in pink bikini; hair in beach battle bun; small white gloves.

During R1,2: Biel starts Casta out with back to back shutouts. Jess springy-legged, bringing the pounce to this fight - in and out, darting attacks; rapid, swatting clouts from either hand startling Casta. Biel roaming to either side, turning 'Tish, then jumping in again: Casta confounded, dukes up, just trying to weather the storm. Biel also sporting feints on the way in; tummy jabs on the way out; lead right hands. Good opportunity for Jessica's fans to sit back, watch the flawless muscles of her shoulders, stomach, buns and legs shred and flex into relief as she works Casta over with athletic determination.

R3: Casta adjusts to the pounce early: fading back to create a gap; walking Jess onto the jab - picking up the blitz. Biel spends a minute falling into the trap as Casta lures her around the ring - then JESS makes an adjustment. Instead of pouncing and potshotting - Biel bobs her way inside, setting up on Casta's chest, taking the fight to ropes. Laetitia grimacing, hands up around Jessi's ears, trying to tie up: Biel snatching at the midsection - brawny shoulders rotating, bumping in close quarters. Biel mauls Casta for more points - staying close, staying busy, being strong. Casta gets a talking to during the break: corner urging her to start taxing Biel's body before it's too late.

R4: Midring, in space - Jessica's springy pounce, feints and power-punching with either hand just too much: Casta retreating to ropes, inviting Biel in. Jessica bobbing, coming in low, then standing up to fight off Laetitia's chest: latter half the round a sultry tummy-to-tummy affair as Biel grinds away on top. Casta grimacing - pulling Jess behind her head, tieing up behind the elbows. Biel rough with her head under Casta's chin or bumping at her face; Jess writhing her arms, pulling down Laetitia's wrists, beating her blunt lefts and rights in close. Biel starting work on Casta's world class breasts this round: smearing, smudging work, often featuring plenty of forearm/elbow on follow through. Casta suffers.

R5: Ropes: Biel pushing-in, snatching at the waist, then pushing and mauling to set up clubbing head shots in close. Casta covering up peek-a-boo, seemingly content to get shelled: she's looking for spots to answer back hard. No body work from Casta - when she gets off, she's trying to for Biel's head, hoping to even this thing up with something dramatic. Down the stretch, it happens: 'Tish hacking a short hammer-drop right, clouting Jessi's left eye: Biel backs off, allowing Casta off the ropes. Laetitia forward, hungry: Biel retreating in good order, dragging her left (front) foot as she slides back, left shoulder pointed at her foe. Casta over the top with another right: Biel rolls with it, ducks to the right, comes back with a sizzling counter right uppercut off the back (right) foot: DOWN GOES CASTA! Gorgeous blast takes 'Tish bingo on the chin - French legs spasm, then give way, dropping Casta to all fours at the bell. Bright smile Jessica: she's getting her payback through 5.

R6: Casta looking to slug: desperation creeping into French vixen's game as she falls farther and farther behind. Biel showing supple upperbody defence - bobbing and rolling wide haymakers from 'Tish: French lass frustrated as she curls punches over top Biel's back, just missing. Jess snatching back, making Laetitia pay for her miscues: Casta cringing, backing away from clawing blows raked along her ribcage beneath the breastline. Down the stretch, Jess rolls a hopeful Biel right hand, then answers that short, violent counter-right uppercut off the back (right) foot: DOWN GOES CASTA! Jessica yelping with pleasure as French vixen droops to all fours again - poor Laetitia stricken, unable to take that shot when it's clean.

R7: Casta lumping up, looking puffy and discouraged on her stool - corner pleading with her to touch Biel's body. Jessica up off her stool early, bouncing on the spot, waiting for the bell: she hurtles across the ring with fresh vigor. Casta roaming to her right along the ropes, snarling as she slings sidearm rights and lashing hooks at her tormentress. Biel fighting with a big American grin - ducking under shots, dipping in, darting out, just harassing poor 'Tish along the perimeter. Casta landing just enough to prevent a jail-break: French girl's right hand still carrying enough venom to get Jessi's respect through 7.

R8: Casta with a pair of early sidearm, clouting rights to jaw: Biel down off her toes, covering up, becoming a little more manageable as a result. Casta with a thick left hook in the stomach - really dipping her shoulder and getting up in there: Biel frowns, lips purse as she grunts in receipt. Casta steps right, hooks Biel's forward guard, then rips the right uppercut: plenty of chin taken - Biel's face popping up startled. Biel back with a wide left hook, clouting Laetitia's chin: Casta takes it well, answers with a pumping right/left in Jessi's gut, then a short hook to chops to back Biel off. Jab/cross from Casta - both blows landing on Jessica's face: Biel covers up late, crouching in confusion. That's the way of it - Laetitia out hitting Biel in measured, flat-footed action: Jessica answering back in spots, but looking a little rattled in the exchanges.

R9: Casta fades Jess early, timing Biel's pounce, then countering her with rangy one-twos: Jessica repulsed, frustrated as Laetitia takes initiative. Second minute - Casta starts to come forward, stalking Biel: one-twos against Jessica's peek-a-boo guard set up thick, whacking hooks across Biel's muscular abdominals. Jess grunting, stooping behind her mitts: Casta able to work methodically, get off on Jess, then push her back/walk her down. Biel absorbing punishment, then snatching back in spots: both women doing wonders downstairs on the other. Casta salts away the round with a series of short, alternating left and right uppercuts from her raised guard - just clipping away at Biel's face and breasts for points.

R10: Biel catches second wind, drives Casta to ropes and mauls her in a sloppy tummy-to-tummy first minute. Second minute - ref's breaks see the action move back to midring: Casta pumping jabs; Biel slipping poke, looking to hop in counters. Final minute, Jessica starts finding the range - dropping vicious right hands over Casta's jab; slipping inside Casta's jab to hook her tits. Laetitia wide-eyed, stumbling back on her heels after these wallops - she's reeling as Jess surges to the attack. Ropes: Jessica squirms in and TEARS at Casta's jugs - just a ferocious side to side scrubbing as Biel crowds in close to work. It's all too much - sobbing Laetitia can't defend herself - electing to take a blubbering knee instead. Biel roaring down as ref pushes her back at the bell. Comes back UD10 wide, Jessica Biel.

After: Casta all banged up, head bowed: she got her ass kicked hard tonight as Biel lays down the law at TU. 'Tish proud, refusing to be stopped, even rallying in the second half - but lack of meaningful body work and poor overall execution doomed French beauty to a second place finish. "I'm just glad she finally knows her place," a jubilant Jess crows in post fight. "She can fight in support of me - I've never said I wanted her out of the stable - but the days of Casta being the TU standard-bearer are effectively over. I've cleaned house, I've secured my territory - now it's time to start imposing my will on this division all over again!"

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