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10 July 2009 A J Cook vs Elisabeth Rohm

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Posted by simguy on 7/10/2009, 8:52 am

BEFORE: Fun positional battle between top 20 fighters: both girls anxious to separate herself from the other. "Both girls are over-rated," says special commentator Eva LaRue at ringside. "Rohm's limitations are well known, but Cook's got a lot of upside. She's still very raw, but I think she's the stronger woman and should be able to bully Lis in this fight. I look for Cook to wear Lis down over the first half, then really start putting the mitts to Rohm's meat down the stretch. I just don't think Elisabeth has anything that can keep AJ off for a whole dime." Cook in green cropped tank top with baby doll sleeves and scoop front (bare midriff) over baby blue bikini; white gloves; hair straight, tucked behind the ears. Rohm in similar white cropped tank top over baby blue bikini; white gloves; hair in frisky ponytail with bangs framing face.

During R1: Rohm looking to establish the jab: Cook foiling the plan with heavy right hands diligently timed to counter poke. Net effect: girls lean in with heads-and-guards all together - both settling in for hard work. Scrumptuous body punching, both ways: girls taking turns tucking in one or two short, thumping shots, then covering up to receive in kind. Constant thud of leather on meat: girls in there close, bumping guards, then bashing bod. Mitts fit in snug behind and under protective elbows: waistlines, hips, ribs viciously worked over. Cook separating herself by a smidge: she'll swat her left against Rohm's right arm to move it out of the way, preparatory to digging the left hook home; the Cook right hand is short, succulent, digging up under Rohm's ribs to beat the breath from her.

R2: Similar toe to toe, head to head, guard-on-guard bumping action. Cook busier - dipping side to side to tuck mitts up into Rohm's ribs. Cook really making good use of the pre-emptive tap - her left hand pulling at Rohm's right elbow, then digging in the hook. Cook dipping the left shoulder, then jerking up into Rohm's midsection or rack, picking Lis up short n' tuff. Right hands continue to plow in behind Rohm's left elbow, fitting snug to ribs. Bell: LaRue giddy, hopelessly biased as she applauds Cook's thumping good work - "She's beating the stuffing out of Rohm!"

R3: Vicious, determined reprisal from Rohm, completely renegotiates all terms. Same posture - guard-on-guard bump n' slug - but now it's Rohm getting off, ripping and plowing mitts into Cook's sturdy body. Rohm using the same cute pre-emptive tap to open up a little space to the body - she's dipping side to side, digging in cruel behind the elbows. Vengeance to the jugs as Rohm dips-n'-rips short left uppercuts to Cook's tidy rack: Rohm exhaling through pursed lips as she arches her back, pops hips-right to get these cushy breast-blows in; Cook just groaning, stooped forward behind her mitts on the take.

R4: Close and bang: girls rarely varying from the routine, each wanting to square up and break the other toe-to-toe. Thick, sumptuous tit-for-tat - one girl stooped forward, gloves at brows while the other's jamming in body shots. Cook the busier vixen once again - starting to come off the body with short, abrupt little uppies to jug and jaw, picking Rohm's face up for the first time through 4.

R5: ROHM BANGS BACK! Lis bumps her way forward - pushing her guard into Cook's, then hooking her waist. AJ beaten in stages to ropes: she's a forlorn beauty, stunned that Rohm could back her up, pin her down. Rohm atop Cook - dipping side to side, DIGGING at poor AJ. Thick, succulent, plowing blows crater the meat of AJ's belly and ribs, bashing at the thickness of her. Cook groaning, being stubborn: curvy legs holding her up as she stoops forward, shipping it HUGE to the body as Rohm storms to shutout.

R6: Rohm spitting jabs - she pokes Cook to ropes, celebrates with a ripping hook to body. Lis establishing on top again: head-and-guard pushing against Cook's guard prior to Lis dipping and digging at Cook's beef. Thick, thumping body blows bash at AJ, stiffening her: she's hardly throwing back, breathing through her mouth, just trying to keep her guard up. Coming off the midsection - Rohm's arching her back, parting Cook's mitts via triumphant uppercuts, picking up AJ tits and chin. Down the stretch...AJ'S ROCKED! Cook hurt badly for the first time from sheer accumulation of Rohm's pumping assault: Lis eyes bright, lips curled off teeth as she asks herself for finishing vigor. Lis on Cook to the bell, putting crop to haunch as AJ stays up...but she's blinking back tears/hugging her ribs after the bell. LaRue throwing her pen, sitting back in her seat with arms crossed at ringside.

R7: Rohm jabbing Cook to ropes, squaring up on her, dominating her positionally. Bumping head-and-guard into Cook, Rohm works hooks in behind AJ's right elbow, or thick to paunch - just beating the breath from Cook. Right hands tuck up in behind left elbow, fitting in snug beneath left breast as Rohm punches with heartless determination. AJ sobbing out, butt in ropes: what a trooper, taking these wicked blasts over and over again. Rohm punishing both flanks, then dipping to dig up and in again, jerking uppercuts to tummy, tits and chin, looking to split Cook's mitts. AJ ships another hellish beating, but does it sturdy: Cook's legs refusing to bend the knee to Rohm's shovelling, non-stop assaults.

R8: COOK BANGS BACK! Rohm a little weary from her efforts...she can't hold canvas as AJ wades in head-and-guard, bumping and slugging with youthful vigour. AJ cramping Rohm up with tucking, stuffing body shots, then working up-torso to rack and jaw: Cook's back straight as she picks Lis up, backs her to ropes. AJ enjoying time atop her rival - starting in Rohm's waist, then roaming north to bash ribs, tits, shoulder, head. Cook mounting a vicious campaign of short, flat-knuckle blows to Rohm's biceps as Lis covers up: AJ proving brawny, strong, bashing away at Rohm's limbs. Lis mouthbreathing, reaching 'round Cook's ribs: Rohm offering the fight's first clinches to finally slow the pace, cuddling AJ for ref's breaks.

R9: Cook marching on Rohm: AJ reaching under Rohm's arms, walking her to ropes, shoving her down, then going to work. More of the same brutal heads-and-guards-together work in close - Cook just ripping at her girl, bouncing gloves of Rohm's torso. Every once in a while, Rohm's straightened up out of her crouch by an uppercut: eyebrows high; eyes closed, lips pursed in shock. Cook bullying, pouring it on - bumping with her head, bumping with her shoulders and forearms - constantly at-and-on her girl, bell to bell. Final stuffing right hand to pit of Rohm's belly late has her gasping, sitting hurt in ropes as ref moves in.

R10: Cook strong on Rohm, bodying her to ropes, then it's back to the salt-mines, bashing at the torso. Oh the thumping hurt applied to Rohm's lats and ribs: Lis achy, twisting side to side, face-in-gloves, starting to break down under Cook's withering assault. AJ a bashing wonder - snorting with effort as she pushes and punches, crowding close and tucking home. All Cook to the final minute...she's whacking tic-toc rights and lefts off Rohm's hips when Lis leans back into ropes, finding the Cook chin with a short right uppercut. AJ'S ROCKED! Cook wide-eyed, wobbly butt: she stops punching, swaying on the spot as Rohm goes over to offence. Lis slugging repeat hooks beats Cook to ropes: AJ swooning, face in gloves as Rohm squares away. ALL LIS ROHM! Cook crying out, sitting in ropes as Rohm's DIGGING home right hands in behind left arm/under left breast. Cook's curvy thighs a tremble, but holding her aloft: Rohm can't force the all important knockdown. Bell: Rohm's still burying right hands into Cook's body; AJ slumping, going out on her feet; LaRue on her feet, screaming for ref to disqualify Lis. Comes back UD10 DRAW as both girls look utterly drained, just staring at the decision.

After: What a fight! 10 rounds solves nothing between two curvy blondes - both sides claiming victory in the aftermath. "I definitely had her hurt," a spent, flushed Rohm says in postfight. "She fought great - SO determined - but I think I got the better of her in important ways, and as I said, I had her ready to go a number of times. If she's honest, I think she'll tell you I got the better of her, even if the judges couldn't see it." Strangely enough, Cook doesn't see it that way. "I'm surprised," AJ says, hands on hips, face puffy. "First half of the fight, I think I totally dominated Lis; second half, she firmed and fought me even - so that means I should've won. She says she had me hurt, but I didn't go down, and if you add it up, you'll see I won more minutes, so...If she wants to do it again, I'm happy to. I think we need to settle this, because we've both worked to hard to come away even."

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