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10 July 2009 Ashley Scott vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by simguy on 7/10/2009, 8:51 am, in reply to "Weekend PPV: Summer Glau vs Jewel Kilcher"

BEFORE: MEW a fighter on a bubble...or is she? Lots of girls would be happy with a top 16 ranking. "i am happy," MEW admits, "but far from satisfied. I know I can do better: I've been a top 10 fighter and I like it - that's definitely where I see myself. Laura and I are competitive, but in a good way: we push each other to excel, and her success against Krista really motivated me to move against Scott. Everyone knows Krista and Ashley are in cahoots - so me busting Ashley will go a long way to answering Krista's cheap late hit on my girl Laura on the beach!" Scott a long, cool blonde loving her recent duties as ingenue-slayer, hoping to add MEW to Cameron Richardson's name on the victim-list. "She's perfect for me," crows sleek Ashley at podium. "Walks right in, poses for straight punches - and if she covers up that ho-hum face of hers, I can always go to that cream-corn gut instead. She's an Ashley Scott triumph waiting to happen: let's get this party started!" Ashley in hot pink bra and panties; black gloves; shoulder length hair all tangly-curls. MEW in yellow bikini with ring connections; black gloves; hair straight, banged. During ring instrux, Ashley starts a slow, seductive dance on the spot - supple figure 8s with her hips, hands raising above her head: MEW's hot-cheeked, glaring at such brazen insolence.

During R1: Walking barrage, MEW: overhand rights and lefts as she's stepping into Scott. Ashley shrewdly fading back - flopping out her jab, flopping it out...then fitting Mary for crisp lead rights and licking left hooks that finish up at Scott's right temple. Mary drilled, staggered in early going: she stumbles back, shakes it off, wades into Ashley with swinging vigour, clouting Scott backward with ringing headshots. That's the gist of it: Mary coming forward/Ashley fading back; Mary attacking, sometimes paying the price, sometimes forcing Scott out of balance. Down the stretch, Ashley finally walks MEW into a whiplashing check-hook off the back (right) foot - punch stroking Winstead along right ear/jawline, destabilizing her legs. Mary twists to her right, staggers backward over her heels, hitting ropes in a fog. Curvy legs hold Mary up as she sits in strands, covers up earmuff: Scott applying polish via strapping, lathering lefts and rights to bell. Ashley seething: after the bell, she bodies up, pushing herself into Mary, then tucking a short right hand deep to unsuspecting Winstead-guts. "UHHH!" Mary shouts, crowded and held to ropes by her tormentress, forcing ref to earn his pay cheque.

R2: Relentless, free-swinging Winstead pressure starting to panic Scott: minute mark sees Winny carom a right hand off Ashley's temple, spasming Scott's legs, sending her reeling and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Scott stumbling to all fours, shaking her pretty head in astonishment: Mary glaring on the stomp past. Blinking 8 Ashley, but give Scotty credit: she's badly hurt, but she gets all leggy - using the entire ring, bouncing off ropes like a billiard ball - loping away from hard-charging Mary through the second minute. Down the stretch - swinging Winstead home-run cuts finally catch Ashley looking: Scott facing into a sweeping left to chin staggers into ropes, hands at temples. OH THE BODY SHOCK - Mary to Ashley! Winstead baring her fangs - squaring away, going at sleek blonde flanks with tic-toc straight arm rights and lefts. Blistering assault has Ashley crying out, legs trembling at bell. Ref quick to intercede as seething Mary's getting up in Ashley's face, letting her hear all about it.

R3: How cute is Ashley: MEW wades in; Ashley ducks right to pull the left hook upside Winstead's head, then rolls torso-left down low, blonde head at brunette waistline. Scott pivoting to the left to complete her escape - forcing MEW to turn and give chase. Ashley walking Mary in - touching her, stroking her, then sliding to either side: consummate sleek blonde boxing at it's slickest shuts Mary out.

R4: Ashley continues to bedevil Mary: feinting her; pre-empting her; potshotting her on the way in, then sidestepping to escape. Mary relentless though - refusing to be discouraged: by the final minute she's attacking Ashley's ribcage with both hands, whacking Scott into a grumpy ear-muff. Scott's elbows close-in, protecting her from Mary's scraping uppercuts, but Winstead whacks those ribs to good effect through 4.

R5: Ashley answering to the body: weight on front (left) leg; deeply dipped left shoulder as she pops hips-right, snatches tart hooks off the thick of Mary's breadbasket. Succulent touches shouting out CHUP! off Mary's beef: Winstead grimacing, hands at temples as she leans in to take. Winstead STILL coming forward - by the final minute she's answering with whacking rights and lefts to Ashley's flanks, once again beating blonde into a sullen little earmuff while Mary swings away. Bell: Mare a little over-exuberant, keeps at her blonde until ref takes a hand; Scott shouting a blue streak, doesn't like Winstead digging home the insurance.

R6: Midring fighting - Ashley initiating, Mary being plucky. Blonde pumping the jab - right (back) heel up off canvas: she's touching Mary, steering her, then fitting her for those tuff cranking hooks underneath to waist and sneaky right hands up the middle to mouth. Mary turning, cleanly outboxed, but SO hard discouraged: she's still getting to Ashley's ribcage, determined to bring leggy blonde down to earth.

R7: Ashley hurts Mary: sneaky, screened right hand off a clever feint...Winstead sent clattering to ropes, eyes moist. THICK body work on clean up: Ash popping hips, really strapping at Mary's waist, then pushing her into ropes to reset for the next stroke. Final minute, Mary gasping, but refusing to bend the knee: slugging-with, she slams a left to Ashley's waist; claps the right upside the head and SCOTT goes wobbly butt! Ashley stumbling in fence post holes, eyes blinking prettily: Mary mops her brows, staggers forward. Bashing, crude lefts and rights beats blonde head and shoulders, clobbering Ash to ropes. Scott howling, covering up face in gloves: there's Mary gnawing on blonde ribs again - swinging away robusto to bell.

R8: Ashley sliding back in her stance, fading Mary's pressure: blonde finally checks brunette advance at the minute mark with a wicked, licking hook to chops. Delayed effect hits Mary in the knees: she suddenly thrown over to defence as Ashley takes over. Scott hardhearted - face grim as she dips left shoulder to rip-snatch hooks to Mary's trembling body. Brunette tummy meat bunching up; brunette torso cringing forward under blonde's hot touch. With Mary stooping forward behind mitts, Ashley straps her vicious behind either elbow - buggywhipping the blows in. Winny crippled - baby-stepping forward as Ashley leans over to either side, treating herself to Mary's middle-and-flanks. Round ends to the sight of Ashley just lifting right uppercuts into the overhanging shelf of Mary's tits: hurting Winstead just standing there, sponging 'em up.

R9: Pressure from Mary early: Ashley fades it, lopes to the side, using her legs to lure Mary out and string out the attack. No jab from Mary: Scott able to walk Winny in and potshot her - blonde strappin' and a-strokin' body and head. Winny stubborn though: she fights through it, walking Ashley down and attacking those sinewy ribs. Scott's lips parting in pain: she's not too proud to clinch, tying Mary up for breaks. Ashley runs the clock: Winny getting a little bamboozled/managed through 9.

R10: Mary wades in, swinging right hands off her front foot; left hands off her right. Ashley backing up, leaning away - hands're low - Mary's pasting her. Scott driven to ropes, suffering several glancing blows to chin en-route: Mary closely upon her, headbutting Scott hard in the chest as brunette pancakes blonde to ropes. Scrambling push-and-pull in close, then Mary's slugging - wailing away with head-down, arms chugging to slender blonde ribs. Ashley groaning, covering up face-in-gloves: she's cringing, wilting under Mary's ferocious bombardment. WINSTEAD UNLEASHES! Mary pressing her head into Ashley's guard - Winny's arms strapping away to flanks, fists bouncing off sleek ribs: SCOTTY'S PARALYZED! Ashley getting drummed...she slumps into ropes, still face-in-gloves, sagging there as Mary beats her without pity. THE REF STEPS IN! Good Lord - TKO come from behind, Mary Freakin' Winstead!

After: Scott bursting into agonized tears, hugging her battered ribcage as ref cuddles her to safety. Badly touched up Winstead raising her mitts, bawling: she needed to stop her blonde and that's just what she did. "I can't believe it..." MEW blubs in postfight, wiping at tears. "I tried to draw her into slugfests, but she was too slick: all I could do was chop at her body and hope to wear her down. The ref had no choice - I was just wailing her - she wasn't punching back or anything, and I could tell I was really hurting her at the end. It's so huge - Laura stopped Krista; I stopped Ashley - that's Foxfire Lightweights making a big statement, I think!"

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