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10 July 2009 Bridget Regan Vs Amanda Righetti

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Posted by simguy on 7/10/2009, 9:04 am,

BEFORE: "Legend of the Seeker" producers providing media with a highlight reel DVD of Regan in action: lengthy montage of her pounding a variety of healthy young Aussies and Kiwis up against the ropes (both indoors and out) - and even a few well known types like Rachel Hunter. "It's all very impressive," Righetti shrugs, not very impressed at all by the images, "but we're not seeing whole fights here. We don't know if these girls came back on Regan, or if she punched herself out, or what. The girl's fit, she's got size - I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's strong - but until I get her in that ring, I'm not going to know if she can fight or not. I'm curious to see what she's got, and I'm happy to fight her non-title: I'm giving Bridget the chance that Eva LaRue gave me at the start, which is all any of us can ask."


Regan making her US debut: she's pumped. "You know, I'm debuting against the champ - a young powerhouse - so I'm definitely not taking the cupcake road to FCBA stardom!" Regan quips. "And that's fine. I know 'Legend of the Seeker' is a little syndicated show and not many people have seen me, but I also know the talent pipeline at welterweight is really inefficient. A lot of great welters are slipping through the cracks and I give Amanda credit for showcasing me: she's taking a huge risk just so boxing can get a look at the kind of talent that's out there. You have to admire that - even as you're pounding her helpless at the ropes!"


Regan in white bikini with ring connections; white gloves; black hair in curls down her back and shoulders. Amanda in purple sports bra top with floral print bikini bottoms in shades of purple, mauve, yellow, indigo; white gloves; long copper-coloured hair in low ponytail.

During R1: Neither girl a bouncer, but each moves well for the size: a supple, stepping smoothness. Righetti first with the jab, testing Regan's blocking scheme up top. Righetti pivoting slow-left...she tries a right hand about a minute in, lancing it down into the firm thick of Regan's midriff. Bridgy holds her ground; Regan proving sturdy standing up to a driving Righetti body punch. Amanda able to retain initiative until late: Regan finally releasing robust hooks and right hands up top - blocked - but driving Righetti back. Pursuit hook takes Amanda in her ribs as she's backpedalling: she ducks under the follow-on right hand, crowds Regan while pivoting left, neatly escaping the pressure. Righetti takes a tactical first as both girls show power, respect in equal measure.

R2: Righetti up-tempos: a little friskier with the jab; quicker executing her clockwise pivots to turn Regan's right flank. Amanda testing the Regan chin: Righetti jabbing head and body, then leaning in crisp, stiff right hands - she cracks Regan beauts throughout the round, jolting brunette. Regan well-struck - punched up out of her crouch, legs giving a shimmy at times, but she takes what she must, refusing to crater. Not much back from Regan: Righetti given a free hand to circle, shell away jabs and place right hands as she fights long, strong through 2.

R3: Regan finally doing something about Righetti's stiff poke: Bridget crouching to slip it, or hooking-with, catching Righetti in her breasts. Amanda drawn out of her set-piece delivery, into more exchanges: Regan landing hooks to chin/clubbing right hands to skull in trade. Regan crouching with hands crossed at her body, then erupting into Amanda's ribcage with hooks: big, whacking licks sounding out loud, driving Righetti ropeside. Down the stretch, Regan squaring away as per her highlight reel DVD: blue eyes blazing she tears it up on Righetti, clubbing away in short, abrupt left/right wallops. Righetti caught upon her brow, then hooked to her jaw: she's rocked, covering up earmuff and gasping as she feels Regan's strength at last. Bell: Bridget snarling, pounding the flat of her knuckles against Righetti's biceps as ref moves in hot.

R4,5,6: Righetti alarmed, but not panicked: she puts together good minutes of professional boxing, systematically looking to control and reduce her foe. Amanda working behind the jab, leaning into right hands head or body: she moves after getting what she wants, rather than standing directly in front of Bridget. Regan proving relatively agile - tracking Amanda down, keeping pressure on; Righetti making Bridget work very hard to negotiate that pulverizing jab. Regan scoring in spots: heavy whacks about the ribcage and pecs; the occasional bashing blow off head and shoulders...Amanda doing a good job dictating range, keeping Regan's opportunities to a minimum. All three rounds for Amanda - she manages Regan's outbursts while systematically scoring good, tuff touches on a dangerous brunette.

R7: Amanda well on her way to a shutout behind her jab when she's caught and rocked a hook: Regan's eyes wide as she jerks Amanda's head aside, buckling redhead knees. Righetti's powerful legs deny the knockdown, but she scatters to ropes: Regan able to close, square up and deliver, battering Amanda on the apron. Sumptuous, thumping stuff: Righetti grimacing teeth-bared, hands tight at her temples; Regan laying down withering shellack via both hands - gloves smashing against flank, side-boob; biceps. Amanda badly buffetted, but withstanding: FEROCIOUS glare from Bridget at the bell.

R8: Amanda working behind the jab for a minute - turning and pounding her foe: looks perfectly methodical until the minute mark when all hell breaks loose! Hook-from-the-crouch catches Righetti again, spasming her legs: she stumbles in fence post holes, desperately trying to find balance. REGAN'S CLOBBERING AMANDA! Regan baring teeth, turning with the staggering redhead, bounding hellacious lefts and rights off the head and shoulders - Bridget twisting on her hips, getting wicked leverage on compact shots from her waist. Amanda belted to corners; hammered along ropes: Bridget just driving Amanda before her. LEFT HOOK, RIGHETTI! Off the ropes, from the planted right leg - Amanda catches Bridget the same counter-hook that once derailed LaRue and Righetti's over the offence! Regan's thighs a-jiggle, HER turn to stamp in fence post holes; SHE covers up earmuff, stooping forward behind mitts to absorb Amanda's stiff right uppercut. Vicious hooking body blow straps the wind from Regan: she groans, pitches head-first into ropes as Amanda sidesteps-right and keeps the pressure on. Torrid, big-girl pounding shells Regan's head and shoulders, beating brunette into groggy crossed-arm stance, butt-in-ropes. Righetti baring her teeth, launching right uppercuts against the crossed-arm, trying for hooks up top and REGAN BANGS BACK! Amanda and Bridget, toe-to-toe...big women twitching side to side with fight-ending lefts and rights. Crowd roaring...bell clanging as girls blast away. Ref has to jump in, risking his own health as neither fighter stops slugging.

R9: Big girls gassed - slower pace allows Amanda to reorganize her stance, work behind the jab. Methodical, gun-platform stuff - Righetti pushing off ball of her right (back) foot to power her left stick, stamping away on Regan's prepared defences. Amanda touching Regan up top, turning her clockwise, then jabbing at her midriff: Righetti's educated left the real difference between these two. Midway through, Amanda leans into Bridgy's body with a booming straight right, following up with a right cross to the chin as Regan's knees loosen: brunette beauty backs off for the first time, buttocks wobbling sleepily. Ropes: Amanda jabs to fix position, then begans steady, workmanlike operations against Regan's full arms. Good bashing shellack applied - redhead working her rival's pipes. Bridgy goes to crossed-arm from earmuff, bending down to relieve pressure: Amanda shows big-girl sensibility, leaning her left forearm on Bridget's upperback to make her take weight. Solid Righetti ownage: she wears on Bridget, gets a body on her, punishes her through 9.

R10: Regan responds like a champ: shaking off one of Righetti's more thorough rounds to go right at her. Regan reaching under Amanda's arms, walking her backward: Righetti frowning as she's forced to dig in and really strain to hold canvas. Girls brawling mouth on shoulder this round - Regan's preferred distance: Bridget cuffing and clouting away on Amanda's paunch, setting up sudden, jerking uppercuts and hooks up top. Righetti calm, pushing into her brunette, letting her get off, then timing her for sneaky counters. Amanda fitting in short left uppercuts chin and body; working behind Bridgy's elbows to beat the hips. Good bruising chest-to-chest work here - girls walking each other around, bumping and grinding to bell. Comes back UD10 Righetti in hard-working fashion.

After: Amanda gracious in victory, chatting with Bridget in the aftermath as ring fills up. Good competitive debut for Regan certain to improve her ranking - Amanda thinks we'll see more of her in the future. "I'm impressed NOW!" Righetti jokes in postfight. "Regan's strong, stubborn, but more than that, she's smart. She's a little raw, but that's training and experience - with a little polish you're looking at a top 10 welterweight for sure. I'd like to see her in with a Milena Govich or someone like that - a real sluggers match up - and see what she can do."

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