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10 July 2009 Laura Vandervoort vs Odette Yustman

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Posted by simguy on 7/10/2009, 8:56 am,

BEFORE: Getting a little personal as media labels Yustman the Foxfire-Assassin, and Odette's not denying it. "I'd be lying if I said it wasn't intriguing to think that I might gun down Mary and Laura back to back," pretty Odette says with a shrug. "I'm fully capable of it, so why not play it up? I love the idea of picking apart stables and leaving them comprehensively beaten before moving on!" Vandervoort gaping at some of the statements: pretty blonde hot-cheeked when she takes the podium. "Odette's a slick fighter, but there's no way I'm letting her mow us down," Laura says all steely-eyed. "As far as I'm concerned, she caught Mary with a lucky punch: that's not gonna happen again. Odette's going to have to earn a win over me, and I don't think she can work that hard!" Odette in fighting white cotton tank and panties; white gloves. Laura in midnight blue satin cami top and panties, white gloves.

During R1: Odette tall in wide stance - right hand at cheek - left hand pawing, measuring Laura. Vandervoort right at her cheek, left at her gut...she's dipping to her right, rolling her torso - weaving side to side and looking to backhand her left against Odette's tummy. Yustman slowly increasing work-rate - flicking the jab, pouring in the long right - back with the hook: she's extending well - leaning back onto right (back) foot when she wants to create distance. Slick, sleek back and forth - girls lanky, supple generating licking, swiping power. No question about it: Laura's having trouble with Odette's couple of extra inches. Yustman very busy down the stretch, leaning in to strafe her girl righty; leaning away to swipe her hooks - taking Laura across belly and tits both. Hard, hard right hand lands in the dying moment, turning Laura's head violently aside: blonde knees buckle and Vandervoort's stepping in fence post holes at the bell. Odette? glowing.

R2: Laura trying to paw and weave her way inside: Odette raking her over on approach, sliding back tall-girl in her stance. Odette taking pretty walk-arounds to her right, looking over her left shoulder: Yustman managing the ring, setting the tempo, dictating terms. Midway through, lanky flurry of lefts and right confuses Laura, culminating in a stiff, stroking right to chin: Vandervoort put wobbly butt again, forced to cover up earmuff. Yustman showing a little veteran sensibility with Laura hurt: Odette leaning in on front (left) left, right heel up off canvas - she's working Laura with vicious left uppercuts to stomach, then to head - all while pivoting slowly clockwise to turn hurting blonde. Good stuff: Odette springy-stepped back to her corner, all fresh-faced and excited. Laura? frowning.

R3: Laura jabbing-with - even if she's not landing, at least she's breaking up Odette's rhythm. Leads to more free-flowing, limber-swinging exchanges: Laura able to paste Odette right hands across the mouth, breasts. Midway through - Laura with a nice swiping hook off her right foot quickly transitions to left foot with a swift right cross: Odette's turn to stumble hurt, well struck to chin. Laura taking advantage, deploying hateful buggy-whip right hand in above Yustman's left hip as brunette's stooping forward behind her mitts. Odette's knees buckle, eyes wince as she mopes away cranky.

R4: Laura continues to assert her rights - doubling up the jab, threatening Odette via right hands up top; hooking retreating brunette tits and ribs. Vandervoort walking Odette down - even spooking her with a very aggressive overhand right that sweeps Yustman to ropes. Tall, young brunette spends much of last minute face-in-gloves, leaning back into ropes as aggressive blonde lashes and licks that sinewy ribcage, both hands. Bell: Laura brightening, wheeling away with upbeat expression; Yustman scowling, not enjoying Laura to the body one little bit.

R5: Stern-faced Odette in forward aspect: weight on left (lead) leg; right heel up off canvas; stiff jabs setting up rigid left uppercuts to breasts and tummy. Odette pivoting clockwise, really digging those left uppercuts: Laura stooped forward behind mitts, gritting teeth as rangy brunette picks at stationary blonde. Minute mark, left uppercuts clip and chip at Laura's chin, stunning her and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! No one punch doing it - just good, rangy work in accumulation lowering Laura to right knee for a breather. Vandervoort up, blinking at ropes, but serviceable...until Odette pours in! Yustman tossing out the left to wave at Laura's body, but leaning in with full commitment on long right hand up top: Laura's mitts split, face spanked flush - her head flies back over top rope as body relaxes, then she flows forward COMPLETELY OUT! Laura a gorgeous sight sprawling at Odette's feet: Yustman yelping for joy, hopping over Laura's slumbering back, taking pains not to step on. Crushing KO5, Odette Yustman.

After: Yustman takes out both Foxfire lightweights via midround whacks: perhaps no young fighter has ever harnessed her length as early as has Odette. "I felt that punch in my lower back," an excited Odette says of the right hand that ended Laura's night, "right in the base of my spine - I KNEW she was going out! I feel so awesome - first Mary, now Laura - both of them punched helpless? It's special - I'll never forget it! Neither will they, I bet!"

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