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10 July 2009 Summer Glau vs Jewel Kilcher

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Posted by simguy on 7/10/2009, 8:48 am

BEFORE: "Jewel's a hard puncher," Summer allows, "and a sturdy woman - very tough to move off her stance. That being said, I'm the better boxer. All things being equal, I should chew her up over the course of the fight. Once I've got her breathing hard, I'll do my best to stop her early and make a strong Summer Glau statement." Jewel non-plussed: optimistic ingenues leave her cold. "Summer's not built to take the kind of punishment I dish out," Jewel shrugs. "Pretty girl, in an offbeat way - ok fighter: I'm giving her 5 rounds before I catch her with something she can't handle." Jewel in lavender bikini; hair in slick ponytail; black gloves. Summer in green bikini; black gloves; curly brown locks loose.

During R1: Jewel in sturdy frame guard; right hand cupping her temple; left at her mouth, elbow in close to her body. Summer loping to her left in graceful, interweaving pivots - she's stooping, looking to reach jabs into Jewel's tummy. Summer's lanky locomotion giving her initiative early: Jewel patiently stalking, eventually cuts off the ring, starts slamming home the leather. Kilcher with that chop-thrust jab out of the frame guard: once she's making contact with poke, she's stepping into Sum with swinging rights, jolting lefts to the body.

R2: Same again - Sum being very lithe, slinking around on the outside: take Jewel a minute to walk her down. Kilcher pounding her jab against Glau's chest to range-in, then bashing Summer amidships via rights and lefts. Glau grimacing, pushing off Jewel's shoulders and retreating: Kilcher coming forward, doing bully's work through 2.

R3: Glau circling to her right, jabbing the midsection, turning Jewel, punching her the straight right hand in the gut. Sum extending on stiff, straight shots slanting down into Kilcher's paunch: Jewel slowing, frowning slightly as Glau's sticky punching takes effect. Kilcher lowering elbows to protect her middle: Summer hooks jug, drops right hands to chin throughout a vibrant second minute. Down the stretch, Kilcher coming forward eats a ringing right to chin: she stumbles, then back (right) knee gives way, touching her down all blinking and stunned. Kilcher immediately up - embarrassed as ref backs her to ropes, gives her an 8 for safety. Glau batting mitts together, eyes fierce: she's just evened up the fight.

R4: Jewel stepping in strong on left foot - chopping out that jab from the frame guard: Summer's head kicking back from poke; Summer's lips parting as Jewel jabs upperchest. Blonde steps her brunette to ropes, shows her a short right hand up top (blocked) then pops hips-right to RIP that left hook in behind Summer's right elbow. Gorgeous shot - crowd groaning as Jewel's fist bashes in on meat, cratering the flesh, warping supple Summer's torso slightly around the shot. Glau sobbing in agony - gloves at temples as she stoops forward hurrrrt: Jewel resetting in front, nudging her mitts against Summer's forward guard, then popping hips-right to replay that hook to svelte brunette body. Sum in a bad way - sitting in ropes, cringing forward behind mitts: Jewel stacks her up big-girl, then hooks that waist a beefy rip. Stack-and-rip, stack-and-rip - Jewel just muscling poor Summer upright, then hooking the bejesus out of Glau's tidy midsection. It's all too much: weepy Summer droops to all fours, sobbing for breath. She's twitching, cringing, unable to get off her knees before the 10 count. KO4 in slammin' fashion - Jewel Kilcher.

After: Kilcher being pretty: smiles and hugs for her team after putting down the Glau uprising. "Caught me a shot as I was coming in," Jewel admits in postfight - classy blonde giving credit where it's due, "and my knee bent. Pretty cheap knockdown - I was up right away, but the ref decided to call it anyway. HAD to stop her after that - otherwise she'd have built off the knockdown and might have gotten something going. She's slick - I'll give her that - but she's easy to discourage to the body. Kind of like a Rachel MacAdams I guess."

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