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10 July 2009 Title Ch Ali Larter vs Yvonne Strahovski

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Posted by simguy on 7/10/2009, 9:24 am,


BEFORE: Larter the busiest, arguably the most impressive of the ruling triumverate at lightweight: she maintains pace with yet another top challenger. "I know she's well regarded," Ali says of Yvonne, "but I wasn't impressed by what I saw of her against Helfer. Basically - I'll do to Yvonne what she did to Trish - she's just not built to withstand Ali Larter punishment. Easy fight, fellahs: Yvonne's gonna get broken in this one."


Strahovski impossible to deflate, still riding high off the Helfer victory. "Beating Tricia was a huge boost," Yvonne says, chipper and bright eyed at podium. "Stopping her the way I did proved that I'm a legitimate top contender, and also that I'm too much for fighters in their thirties. Ali's got some of the same problems as Tricia had: a few too many miles on the odometer. Against a greyhound like me, that's gonna really tell in the later rounds!"


Ali in black bikini; small black gloves. Yvonne in black push up and boy cut panties (white lace trim about the decolletage); small black gloves.

During R1: Yvonne gambling early - tapping out the jab, then leaning into a ramrod right hand to chin: head-snap Larter - knees buckle...she's hurt! Yvonne eyes alight: scraping left hook swipes a diagonal path across Ali's front, rising from left to right; follow on right hand slings in rangy, clocking Larter's face aside. Ali's legs gobbling up Yvonne's power: Larter rocked, staggering, but standing...she organizes her guard, showing earmuff, circling to her right. Yvonne stalking - stiff jab to head, then to body, then to head: Strahovski swift and sticky with her poke, keeping Ali backpedaling. Through middle minute, Larter tries overhand rights - missing as leggy Strahovski proves lithe, elusive, leaning herself out of range and circling back in to attack. Ali huddling forward behind her mitts, bobbing her head: Strahovski strafing away rangy right hands, carving hooks, always regrouping behind that darting poke. Stalemate late: Larter getting herself together, firming up her defences; Yvonne reluctant to try for more, happy to have stung Ali for points in the first.

R2: Yvonne gambling, aggressive again: feinting Ali, leaning, dragging a buggy-whip right hand into Larter's firm body. Yvonne bouncing away, circling leggy, changing directions: up tempo footwork giving Larter pause. Another Strahovski feint, then a hesitation right hand has Larter stutter-stepping: Ali crouching forward hurt again, showing earmuff. Yvonne leans in on front foot, tucks a rangy hook up underneath to Ali's body; Strahovski leaning back, easily avoiding Larter's pawing receipt. Ali angered, storming forward: Yvonne leans in like she's going to shoot righty amidships, bringing Larter's elbows down: HOOK SMITES LARTER TO JAW! Supple, willowy shot - Yvonne popping her hips, getting her shoulder in behind the shot - vicious, tight, withering blast catches Ali at the joint of jaw and ear and SHE SCATTERS TO ALL FOURS! Larter plunging forward to hands and knees, then FACE-AND-KNEES as arms skid out. Butt in the air, Ali struggles to all fours again, getting to one knee, then staggering forward, diving in chest down to canvas again. IT'S OVER! KO2 in shocking fashion - YVONNE STRAHOVSKI!

After: It's Sugar Ray Robinson/Gene Fullmer all over again - Yvonne twitching her body into that licking, tight, Robinsonesque hook to stun the favoured champion into defeat! Strahovski overjoyed - pundits and fans alike felt she was outgunned against Larter, but Yvonne overcomes all objections in a thunderclap. "I'm just thrilled," Yvonne gushes in her Aussie drawl, fists together under her chin, elbows in. "My speed - it was my speed got Ali beat - she simply had no idea what she was in with! I touched her to the body once or twice, just to get her flinching, then I walked her into my hook - just like we drew it up!" Larter up, shaking her head in disgust, pacing with hands on hips in her corner: champ gets caught a perfect shot, but Ali very vocal in days to come...admitting Yvonne's quality, but calling the stoppage the 'luckiest shot in the history of boxing'.


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