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10 June 2006 Jennifer Garner vs Charlize Theron (IX)

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#252 CHARLIZE THERON vs JENNIFER GARNER (IX) by simguy 6-10-06



Tournament crystallizes, galvanizes this rivalry - Jen and Charlize simply pushing the other qualifiers aside in order to get to one another. “I knew it would come down to the two of us,” Garner admits, “and I’m glad. When HISC first approached me to be their lightweight, they asked me one question: ‘Can you beat Theron?’. Now I’m giving them their answers. It’s taken a while, but I finally have Charlize under my thumb, and I’m not going to let up. Yes, I beat her badly last time out - really gave it to her hard. This time will be worse.”


Theron smirking throughout Garner’s commentary, maintaining her composure despite some very challenging things being said. “People forget - and by people, I really only mean Tractorpull Magazine - that I’ve been through all this before. Cat Bell got on top of me - for a while - and everyone was saying the same things. ‘She’s too strong for Charlize’, ‘Charlize is finished’, ‘this girl has Charlize’ number,’ - you know the drill. Jennifer’s enjoying her moment in the sun right now, but it’s only a moment, and it ends when I say it ends. Garner and the rest of you really have no idea how close she is to being subjugated, but don’t worry: I’ll let you know.”


Charlize in green bikini, yellow gloves. Jen in neon blue surfer bikini - shoulder-straps top - short battle braid - white gloves.


Rd 1: Charlize on her toes, pumping stick, dancing briskly to her left - she’s turning Jen midring. Garner dukes-at-cheeks, peering out over her guard, bobbing swiftly side to side to slip CT’s jab: nice crisp tempo early as girls take turns threatening/retreating. Down the stretch, Charlize cranks two loud, spanking hooks off Garner’s abdominal pan, shaking Jen up - slashing follow-on right carves in and down across Jennifer’s jaw, staggering brunette backward. Garner hops out of the stumble, legs it to her right - she’s buzzed, face concerned. Theron just walking her girl down, aggressively taking the round in the final minute.


Rd 2: Similar stuff - classy, wide-ranging two-way as girls operate behind hard stick - each using her legs to bounce back from pressure, then come forward on the counterattack. Charlize’ legs commanding the ring - she’s circling Jen, making her turn and react. Theron getting scrumptuous hooks against Jen’s body as Garner covers up to receive - blonde licking ‘em in hard off her front foot, popping her hips to the right to get savage leverage. Thumping body blows pay dividends late: Char able to land that ringing right cross again on Jen’s jaw: brunette knees buckle - Jennifer staggers away shiny-eyed. Bell sees Charlize hungrily stalking, walking her girl down as Garner tries to shake off sock.


Rd 3: Same spirited thrust-and-parry through two minutes, but this time - Garner’s footwork starting to dictate geometry a bit. Jen starting to turn Charlize’ flank, nibbling away at Theron’s initiative - brunette getting to dictate some of the sequences. Jennifer moving to her right, away from Charlize’ right cross; doubling up the jab to Theron’s chest; moving her head with a deep bob - all to neutralize the effects of Charlize’ slinging rights. Garner takes her first points: workmanlike, methodical, smart.


Rd 4: Jen clamps down on Charlize, hard. First: a rivetting, spitting jab up the middle - doubled and tripled - Theron herded to ropes where she leans back, dukes up, looking troubled. Second: ring-a-ding-dong torso work - up and down - rip-snatching blows shake Theron to her toes as Jen puts ‘em together with vigour. Third: coming off the body, Jen starts to cash in hooks/crosses up top - smashing Charlize’ head side to side. Thumping stem to stern beatdown by the final moments - Theron just lolling back into the ropes, grunting as her body sponges wallop, reeling back from sharp headshots and CT TAKES A KNEE! Breathless, panting, Charlize leans on her bent right knee, hollow-eyed - just breaking the relentless pressure of Jen with a voluntary 8 count. Bell: Jen fiesty, champing at the bit - nothing gets her going like seeing Charlize on the canvas.


Rd 5: Jennifer marches on Charlize: Theron laying on ropes, takes it bell to bell from her rival. CT leaning back into the strands, pulling Jen forward behind her head - grinding tousle with Jen as Garner pushes in with her noggin to earn warnings. Jennifer muscling out of clinches - writhing her shoulders - pushing down on Charlize’ hands - Garner in there mauling and jamming away short left/rights whenever she gets Theron compromised. Garner so close, she can’t help but follow through with elbow/forearm - to Theron’s jaw and ribcage - more ref’s warnings as Charlize sullenly lumps up. Jen’s sturdy legs stamping, feet digging into canvas as Garner keeps her body on Charlize, suffocating bigger blonde at the apron.


Rd 6: Charlize bashed back to ropes by Jen’s cattle-prod jab: Garner right back on CT’s chest and loving it. Theron trying to fold forward, face-in-gloves: Garner bumping and jostling to discourage the practice, ripping off combinations in withering bursts. Sickening, non-stop pummelling of Oscar-winning shoulders, biceps, skull, chest, ribs and tummy - Garner just working off the bump, banging away, bringing her hands back as she crouches to reset. Crowd groaning whenever short-arm uppercuts bash CT’s drowsy face up off her mitts: eyebrows high, mouth open, eyes shut tight. Poor Charlize lolling forward and back, loosening up terribly under the bombardment - at the bell, she’s a shambling wreck, blonde curls in her eyes, lips parted in ‘wha hoppen?’ stupor. Garner upbeat, flashes a rare bedimpled grin as she steps back, looking her throbbing foe over with pride.


Rd 7: More Jen on Charlize. Theron haggard, busting up - she’s twisting her shoulders side to side, she’s leaning back into the ropes to get seperation for her punches, trying to tighten up stroke to cuff at JG. CT still getting thumping leverage on hooks to the body when she can dip left and hoist her dangling left hand up into Jen’s ribs - but such juicy licks few and far between. Garner setting a withering beatdown pace - punishing Charlize rather than boxing it - systematically abusing her limbs, torso and skull in bursting shatter-patterns. Jennifer the consummate pro: nothing much coming back at her, but she’s bobbing into her crouch to reset - bumping and jabbing Charlize to keep her occupied in between flurries. Bell: more dimples - Jennifer turning away, grinning as she looks demurely down at the canvas, struts away from smouldering blonde. Charlize rumpled, rickety back to her stool: corner pleading with her to stay off the ropes, to which Charlize bitterly replies - “Tell HER that!”


Rd 8: Charlize: jab/right hand up top; lanky stroking hook amidships; stroking thick right hand amidships - Garner cramps up in shock, has to back away as Theron erupts with hamhanded vigour. Charlize’s face puffy and sore, but swollen eyes determined - she walks Jen down, paws the jab and punches a ringing cross against Jen’s jaw as Garner’s backpedalling. Jennifer stepping to the right, regroups behind a spitting doubled-up jab - she has a good second minute leaning in and testing Theron’s chin via the overhand right. Charlize walking through brunette heat, taking punches to get ripping leverage on long-limbed bodyblows - Jennifer starting to give ground wincing, legs shaken for the first time as Theron regains the initiative, third minute. CT reaching out and just pinging the fully extended jab - Garner taking poke between her eyes, flinching, retreating and CHARLIZE LANDS THE RIGHT! Long, booming stroke - Charlize leaning in and cleaning up 100% of Garner’s chin and JENNIFER GOES DOWN! Crowd roaring to it’s feet as Jenny hits the deck, sprawled on her back in a KO haze. Charlize swaying on her feet, bellowing down - ref has to body her back as blonde lingers in the area, refusing to neutral corner. Garner manages to struggle up, stagger into the ropes for support - she makes it out of the round on tingly legs, put wobbly butt for the break.


Rd 9: HAMMER AND TONGS! Jennifer still breathing hard, still hurt - she jabs CT to ropes and POUNDS the Theron rack - going jug with heartless left/right criss cross in steady bursts. Charlize ragdolled against the ropes, mouth open in shock at the tittie-stomp, then she rolls to the side, comes back underneath with those low-slung body shots to fight her way off the ropes. Jennifer bunching up hurt, then rallying - she steps right, spits jabs, bends in and brings a roar from the crowd as she cracks a ringing right off Theron’s jaw. CT gobbles it without a backward step, punches her way right/left into Jen’s stomach, then hooks Jen’s mouth, HOOKS JEN’S MOUTH! Sending Garner reeling away in confusion. Back and forth, back and forth - Jennifer’s short, snappy combinations snatching at firm body, bouncing off skull: Charlize’ lanky licks thumping off the midsection, or sloshing to the jaw. Bell: both beauties reeling, respective forms badly degraded as both pairs of sensational legs threaten to give way.


Rd 10: RIGHT HAND JENNIFER GARNER! Charlize beaten to the punch as her own right flutters over top - she corkscrews, nearly taking a knee, then straightens, staggers away as Jennifer surges forward. AND GETS REJECTED! Theron won’t be cleaned up on - she tilts forward, mindlessly pumping her arms back and forth, dosing Jen’s breadbasket a thumping barrage of lefts and rights Garner has to back away from. Jennifer with a little more presence of mind at this point - she circles right, tapping her jab at CT’s mouth or breasts, stepping away from big hurt: Theron with no choice but to load up and swing away, hoping to answer Jen’s gorgeous lead-off wallop. Jen masterful as she keeps her distance, spots her jab head and body, walking Theron into muscular clinches for ref’s break. CT the aggressor down the stretch, walking Jen down, looking for decisive battle, but Jen refuses it. Comes back UD10 for the winner and new Paramount Lightweight Champ: Jennifer Garner!


After: Charlize coming on beefy down the stretch, wading through Jennifer’s hardest blows, putting Garner on her back in the 8th, but it’s too little too late as Jennifer scrubs away for yet another victory. Theron moping in her corner, fighting back anguished tears - seeing Garner all dimply and victorious getting to be too much for the proudest warrior in boxing.


“It’s got to be heartbreaking for her,” Jennifer tells reporters, fidgetting with heavy gold strap across her shoulder. “Charlize loves to be on top, she expects to control her own destiny in the ring, but against me, she’s just taking beatings. She’s putty in my hands and it’s tearing her up, knowing that there’s nothing she can do about it now.”


Beaten Theron gracious enough to share her thoughts, wiping away tears to compose herself for the cameras.


“Jennifer’s fighting brilliantly right now - really, really sharp. I didn’t do what I trained to do tonight, but I’ll tell you what - I was getting to Jen in her body, and I learned some things that are going to turn everything around in the days to come. I gave her a little bit too much time to work me on the ropes - that was really the difference. If I box, punish her to the body and give her some lateral movement - I’ll be back on track against Jennifer Garner."

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