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10 June 2006 Tricia Helfer vs Famke Janssen

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Originally posted by Simguy on 6/10/2006, 8:37 am.


Before: Bettors split on which way to lean on this one. Tricia beat the bet fighter inn the tournament to earn her slot; Famke battered the biggest hitters and looked downright spry in turning back much younger vixens. “It’s a toss up,” Janssen admits. “Hell, I’D probably bet on Trivia if I had to—but fortunately, I just have to fight her., I’m just going to go out and do my best: it’s gotten me this far,”


Helfer similarly inoffensive in her comments: “Famke’s been the surprise of the tournament for me,” Tricia says, “People are giving me tremendous credit for turning back Garner, but Famke’s win over Heigl was breathtaking. Janssen and I come from the same background and I know how hard it’s been for her to transition from model-boxing to a real pro style. I couldn’t for a classier opponent and I can’t wait to test my skills against her.”


Helfer in metallic baby blue bikini, small grey workout gloves. Famke in crimson crochet bikini, long hair top-knotted back off her face; small black workout gloves.


During R1: Famke upright, stalking Trish; right hand at Janssen’s brow, left hand pumping out hard stick as brunette steps’em in. Helfer supple, swiveling away from hard contact, taking the measure of her girl in early going. Janssen the aggrrssor, taking the fight to Tricia: Helfer sidestepping, turning Janssen’s flanks, making the more rigid beauty adjust her feet. Final minute, Tricia side-stepping away from Janssen, bending deeply at the waist as she drags that front (left) foot, luring Famke forward. Timing Janssen, Trish weaves brunette jab, leans in on front foot to jerk a short left uppercut bingo to chin; pushes off ball of left (front) foot to shift weight to right foot while swiping a lanky left hook across Famke’s mouth: Famke’s stunned, weight out over feet as she totters forward blinking—Trish steps right. Helfer’s lips curl back as she carves a right hand over the top, slashing over Famke’s left arm to clout her cheek: JANSSEN GOES DOWN! Famke battered to all fours—belly panting in and out—windblown expression as she shakes her head in astonishment. Bell shakes Famke: Tricia beaming as she struts back to her corner for high fives and hugs.


R2: Tricia over to offense, looking to clean up the mess she’s made of Famke, Janssen stoic, jaw clenched tight, dukes up: she knows what’s coming. Helfer pumping up her jab, punching that small glove in on Famke’s high cheekbones and prominent brow, bashing back Famke’s brittle face, Helfer walking Famke down as Janssen steps back—blonde looking to lean into whistling right crosses up the middle. Famke taking a face-pasting, fragile forty-something skin busting up—she she’s still got the presence of mind to turn at the ropes, refusing to let Tricia corner her. Janssen being shelled, but punching back in spots—a stiff, pre-emptive jab here; a gambling hook to ribs, or right hand ticketed for chin there. Helfer the come-forward girl, the bossier, busier vixen—she bangs out the points, backs Famke up and looks the aggressor through 2.


R3: Helfer continuing to come directly at Famke—blonde exchanging her sinewy, counterpunching ways for straight up, full-on pressure, Famke tested—she’s facing into hard punches, taking frequent busting right crosses, tuff jabs, swiping hooks as Tricia’s accurate mitts thread in and around Janssen’s raised defences. Famke retreating in good order—legs seem sound, eyes seem clear: she’s taking a good shot as Helfer racks up points. Down the stretch, Janssen stops, trades brisk right hands with Helfer—trades come-back hooks and HELFER’S HURT! Delay as Janssen takes a moment to process; Helfer sways on the spot, frowning in confusion., Famke lunges in a GLORIOUS right cross—smashing sultry blonde face hard to starboard, then GUTS Tricia a merciless, digging little left uppercut solar-plexus shot—tucked in short and tuff: TRICIA GOES DOWN! Return-of-serve knockdown as Helfer goes to all fours wheezing—face agonized as she struggles up at 9 to reek gut-shot to the ropes, ON COMES FAMKE! Janssen baring her teeth, letting her hands go: SHE’S SHREDDING POOR TRICIA! Helfer lifting her mitts in don’t-hurt-me supplication, trying to keep the barn door closed—but THERE:S TOO MUCH FAMKE! Janssen prodding hard straight lefts to widen the gap, Rain of crisscross punches strafes Tricia up against then ropes, her head flinging back, long legs stiffening, toes digging into canvas to prop her up. AND THE~REF STEPS IN! TKO# for the winner and NEW Reebok champion—Famke Janssen!


After: Janssen stunned by her own accomplishment, staring in awe as Tricia is cuddled to safety and held up against the ropes in ref’s embrace all soft blonde curls and limp limbs—Famke bursts into delayed-action tears as realization starts to dawn. Helfer crying, but shaking off the KO-tingle—she’s joined in moments by Famke as former models share a hug, wipe each other’s tears away and talk animatedly about the fight as in-ring crowd grows all around them.


“I picked the wrong girl to got o war with,” Helfer admits ruefully in postfight—her left arm still around Famke’s shoulders during the on-camera. “Being aggressive had really paid off for ne all tournament long, but Famke knows how to trade bombs with the best of’em, I counted her out before I should have and she made me pay. I didn’t make her age a factor—I got greedy—but I also give Famke a lot of credit: she got off the canvas and came back at me in a way most lightweights wouldn’t have.”


Janssen still dazed as flashbulbs burst: “It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Famke admits, “I’m the champ—I’m finally, after all these years, the champion. I beat the girl who beat Jen garner, I beat Heigl and Brook: no can say I waltzed into the final. Honestly. I never imagined I’d get this far, and now that I have, I really don’t know what to say. Earlier, this year, I was thinking of retiring from boxing and concentrating in apartment/submission—so this is like a dream to me. Pinch me!”


Reposted by Archer 7/4/09.


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