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10 Nov 2001 (Title) Ch Charlize Theron vs Teri Hatcher

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UNIFIED LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE by simguy 11/10/2001


Hatcher making headlines before the fight, getting into a shoving match with Claire Danes during a group photo-op, leading some pundits to wonder whether the brunette is properly focused for this fight. Teri with a notorious reputation for taking essentially un-winnable, out-of-weight fights in the past simply to get the paycheck, insists this time with Charlize is different.


"Hey, if Charlize runs and pokes all night she'll probably take a garbage decision," Hatcher concedes. "But I definitely punch hard enough to hurt Theron and if she's woman enough to trade, I'm putting her on her back. I go back to our fight scene in 'Valley'. Yes, it was choreographed, it wasn't real; but we put our hands on one another and we felt each other's strength. Charlize was CONSTANTLY complaining I was being too rough on her boobs and getting the director to re-shoot bits where I pushed her around a little too easily. I'm like, 'What the hell? Where's your heart, woman?' I really think people should prepare themselves for a shocking outcome."


Teri in plush red velvet push up, white lace trim, red velvet panties - Charlize in white bikini, gold strings.


Round 1: Teri circling early, right hand at her mouth, darting in with stabbing jabs to Charlize breasts as the tall blonde coolly turns, accepts the touches without flinching. Thirty seconds in, Teri feints the jab, turns over a popping right hand flush on the jaw! Theron spanked hard, but unmoved, continues to whittle down the distance. At the minute mark, Teri still reaching her jab into Charlize' chest, pulls back a little slow and Theron answers with a slashing right down across Hatcher's cheekbone that sends a jolt through the brunette's slender frame. Hatcher crashing immediately and suddenly on her face, lies stone-cold still as Charlize Theron prances away with a serene smile.


KO1 Charlize Theron - Hatcher slumbering almost a minute mid-ring, is rolled onto her back and administered the always unflattering smelling salt treatment before being helped to her stool.


Sensational swatting of an irritating fly - Theron dismissing Teri Hatcher with almost Goddess-like disdain - a single lightning bolt from the sky frying the proud mortal on the spot. Hatcher absolutely heartbroken when she gets it together - obviously believing her own pre-fight tripe. It's easily the most humiliating moment of her entire career. Theron answering critics who felt the fight was a sham, ironically by proving it so - slamming the door so utterly in Teri's face that the brunette had no hope of looking brave or even remotely problematic.


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