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10 Oct 2007 (Title) Ch Evangeline Lilly vs Jennifer Connelly

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Posted by simguy on 10/20/2007, 9:31 am


Before: Cordial, professional prefight - these girls don't need to indulge in tawdry brawling or name calling to get in the mood. "Just the thought of Jennifer Connelly gets my blood pumping," says bright-eyed Evangeline at the podium. "She's a legend - a first ballot hall of famer - and I'm fighting her while she's still got some gas in the tank. If we had come up at the same time - who knows how spectacular those fights would have been? That would have been insane. As it is, I'm going to have my hands full!" Connelly respectful of the champ - Jen on record as considering Lilly a worthy heir, though the queen hasn't abdicated just yet. "I've watched Evangeline grow in power from her debut, and she's truly formidable," says the multi-time champ. "But all women can be beaten; great fighters stumble and are beaten by consistent fighters - and that's what I have to be here. I can't match great nights with Lilly, but my baseline execution is still higher than hers. I'll outtrain her, and come the night, we'll see what happens." Connelly in white string bikini, small white work out gloves. Lilly in baby blue bikini with navy swirls, small white work out gloves.


During R1: Lilly pressing up the middle, being brawny: Jen makes her pay. Second minute - Connelly spit-jabbing, lures Lilly in, lights her up the clipping right uppercut - puts champ on bended knee before 'Vangie knows what's happening! Lilly up quick, bouncing on the spot - shaking her head to let ref know she's not hurt: 8 count regardless. Connelly proves it's no fluke by walking Lilly into another short right uppercut, then beating her backwards with a strafing stream of crosses and hooks. LIlly earmuffed up, bending and rolling against ropes, finishes up the round getting shelled by a high-octane Jen in the first.


R2: Evangeline forward - better head movement, more of a stubby jab: Connelly pumping her own jab scores that nasty right uppercut again, puts the hook on top to wobble Evangeline's muscular buttocks yet again. Lilly shakes it off, fights her way to Jen's chest in grueling second minute negotations: Connelly forced to ropes, sets up in the pocket. Lilly slamming away - bobbing up and down, snapping her fists off Jen's wiry body, bringing the mitts back quick: these are tasty licks, shaking Jen. Connelly grimacing - keeping hands up: she offers back sparingly, belted into a defensive shell at the bell.


R3: Jennifer hurts Evangeline that ripping right uppercut again - Jenny getting if off the back (right) foot as Lilly's pushing forward. On her heels, stunned - Lilly takes a raucous left hook clean to chin and a spearing right cross to mouth, driving her tottering to ropes. Two right hands - clean, slicing, cut Eangeline over her left eye - she stoops forward in pain, butt in ropes, dukes at temples. Connelly seething, going all-in: she refuses to shy away from the strongest body in the division, hooking and hooking Lilly to her ribs and meaty tummy. Groaning - Evangeline spills off ropes to her right, careening away under a savage lather of straight rights and hellish hooks. Lilly hits south-facing ropes, cramps up earmuff - eats a volley of batting hooks to her throbbing ribs and sufferiing paunch. Lilly staggers off ropes again, hounded to East-facing ringside: Connelly stepping with, teeth bared, pouring on the hurt. Bell to bell Jennifer - busting Evangeline up, hounding her, pounding her body - it's 10-8 challenger without the knockdown as champ stumbles to her stool in stupor.


R4: Lilly firms, brawls toe-to-toe as Jennifer looks to finish up. Torrid two way slugging midring - Connelly trying to thread straight one-twos up the middle; Lilly bobbing and weaving, pulling in wallop from either side. Small gloves carom off hard bodies, beautiful faces - both girls landing a high percentage in stand-and-deliver slugging. Down the stretch, Connelly starting to loosen - she legs out, jabbing to cover her retreat - it's Lilly stomping forward, eyes vengeful. Lilly the aggressor at the end, pursuing Connelly to ropes as Jen skillfully ties up to bell.


R5: Lilly forcing her way through now, weaving side to side to evade Connelly's evil little uppercut, fighting her way to Jennifer's chest. Evangeline setting a brutal pace this round, pouring volume onto Jennifer, challenging older woman to match it: Connelly startiing to clam up, sponging punishment at the ropes dukes and temples, answering back in fewer and fewer spots. Jennifer clinching for breaks, but Lilly's relentless, straining against the ref's hand to get back on when he's pushing her back. Fight travels to every side of the ring as Lilly dogs Connelly - Evangeline's pressure nightmarish, awesome to behold. Jennifer gobbling a terrible, snappy-punching beatdown bell to bell, but refusing to take a knee: SHE comes up cut at the hairline, wobbly butt, but defiant at the bell.


R6: Lilly's found her rhythm: grim, relentless, non-stop pressure all that Connelly can look forward to. Jen routinely herded to ropes, struggling to contain muscular little champ. Lilly driving her head in between Jen's gloves - hands pushing Connelly's biceps back, or palming hips to sit Jen in ropes. Constant churn of punches bats and pelts at Jen - flanks and ears out wide, tummy, tits and chin up the middle. Evangeline chopping overhand, straight blows - palms down as she stamps into Jen's chest and face. Evangeline hooking the body, dragging in sidearm right roundhouses. Jennifer breaking down - mouthbreathing, unable to clear ropes: she's in Evangeline's kitchen now, and it is HOT.


R7: Connelly slugging heroically off the ropes - nipping the right uppercut, placing hooks to Lilly's jaw and right flank: Lilly absorbing blows without flinching as Jennifer's energy wanes. Evangeline constantly AT and ON Jen - nuzzling her, pushing into her, bullying her when not slugging. When slugging - the punches come in crisp, snappy volley, spanking away to body and ears, beating down and subjugating every inch of Jennifer's pale body. Glorious, agonizing pressure - suffocating pressure - but Connelly refusing to submit. Jen in there competing, covering up, clipping back tidy when she can: she's still looking for openings as waves of Lilly continue to crash home.


R8: Oh, the champ and her pressure. Connelly often shoved so hard into ropes, she's on one foot, getting ragdolled in there. Jennifer blurting out in pain when Lilly erupts to the body with two-handed roundhouse-combos, beating at those ribs as if to stove 'em in. Lilly ripping brawny little right uppercut - just short, curling clouts, brushing Connelly upright, making her vulnerable to hooks head and body. On and on, and on - Evangeline on Jennifer, swarming her, gnawing on her. Bell: Jennifer's eyes haunted, mouth open, beautiful face all lumped and puffy: Evangeline pulling away, setting that milers pace on a legend here.


R9: Same story - Connelly fighting back in spots - ripping and clipping short punches off the ropes, but she can't get Evangeline to take one backward step. Lilly pouring in fresh reserves - throwing more punches in the last four rounds than she did in the first four: as Jennifer's output slackens, Evangeline's ramps up. Connelly mouthbreathing, haggard, pursued - she slides along ropes corner to corner, trying to spin out and get room, but Evangeline tracks her every step. Breathtaking stuff - literally: Evangeline Lilly staying on Jennifers chest and beating her dull through 9.


R10: Connelly STILL slugging - she catches Lilly the right uppercut off the ropes, tightens up strokes to slap Lllly a tight left/right as Evangeline's covering up cross-arm. Lilly absorbing it, pushing through it - she sets up on Jen as before, grimly punishing anything and everything Connelly. Connelly's heart on display here - she's throbbing, she's cut and busted, but she refuses to take a veteran knee: she's fighting this kid like a hungry ingenue would, looking to impress the judges late. Lilly stays on her, trades blow for blow, slams away some GORGEOUS rights and lefts to the ribs below the jugline to shake Jen's legs at the bell. Goes to the cards, comes back UD10 for the winner and STILL champion - Evangeline Lilly.


After: Girls hug gingerly - both rib-weary and sore, but both appreciative of the other's struggles tonight. "I went for it early," Jennifer says as HBO replays highlights of Connelly's surging third. "I poured myself at her, and it was a mistake. I couldn't get her and I was spent, and she took it to me like a champion after that." Lilly equally gracious. "When she cut me, my corner was like - 'knock her out, Vange - don't let them stop you on cuts,' so I did my damndest, but Jennifer Connelly wouldn't give in to me. I beat her with everything I had - that beating stops Dani and Rachel and Eliza, no question - but Jennifer's will wouldn't be broken. It was an honor to fight her, a thrill to defeat her, and I'll always remember what we shared tonight."


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