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10 Sept 2006 (Title) Ch Charlize Theron vs Taylor Cole

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#257:  (REEBOK LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE)  by simguy 9-10-06


Charlize upbeat, lighthearted with press, fans and Taylor in various prefight conferences - Theron carrying the promotion as Cole just focuses on keeping an even keel in the media swarm of her first mega-celeb contest. "My guys were showing me video tape of a bunch of young contenders and I immediately fell in love with Taylor's dark features and hard fighting style," Theron explains at the dais. "She's the pinnacle of evolution at the WB - the biggest, most athletic fighter ever produced by that studio's system, so don't think of this as me simply trashing another no-name TV wannabe. Think of it as me trashing the best no-name TV wannabe ever created!"


Cole constantly harrassed and bedevilled by Charlize or her minions in weeks leading up. Weigh-in particularly irritating as CT in her blue two piece cotton undies stands fists-on-hips, scowling at the scale as Taylor comes in big, but on-limit. Then, despite the fact Taylor's fully clothed in red two piece cottons, Charlize holds a towel up in front of Cole's body, 'screening' it as though something offensive were going on, to the chuckling delight of assembled press. Cole blushing, snatching away the towel - but controlling herself: she'll let her mitts answer for her in the ring.


CT in green string bikini, slick battle braid, white mitts. Taylor in tan western motif bikini with fringes, twin pigtail braids down either shoulder, white gloves. Interesting aside - tabloid psychics and numerologists having a field day with the mystical CT/TC opposition of the girl's names in this fight.


Rd 1: Theron relaxed, right under her chin, left at her waist - blonde looking to set a slow, methodical pace, stepping to turn Cole, putting the jab on her, dropping right hands and tieing up in midring negotiations. Cole crouched, anxiously moving dukes from chest to brow level and back - she's paying the price to get in as Charlize cuffs the hook, backhands a little intercepting jab, drops the right hand up the middle before Cole can edge herself into position to answer. Taylor banging body with thumping, clubbing rights before CT tangles-up - ref working hard to separate big, lean bodies. Charlize punching medium-sweet - just beating Taylor to contact, tieing up, turning her in the clinch - imposing will on the kid. Cole landing the hardest shots via her cudgelling right to the ribs - but it's one at a time, sporadic stuff as Charlize cruises to points.


Rd 2: Taylor aggressive, showing no sign of intimidation - she comes forward behind a stubby, assertive jab this time, preventing Charlize from potshotting her on the way in. Theron allowing herself to be driven ropeside - relaxing into cables with dukes up high, leaning back, then rotating her torso to her left, down and around in a gentle circle as Cole bashes away. Taylor smart, keeping a prodding jab in Charlize' chest to locate her, then smashing away right hands thick n' short to the hip, ribs and waist. Charlize just torso-rolling, taking body shots - occasionally reaching for Taylor's head and arm to tie up. Ref issuing breaks, but he's letting Taylor work in there - Cole muscular in the clinch, bullying effectively to extricate her arms and keep working. By the final moments, Cole's erupting with hooks and uppercuts off her body work - bludgeoning Charlize about her head and shoulders, startling the blonde at the bell. Brawny shutout, Taylor Cole sends the brunette bouyant back to her corner.


Rd 3: Charlize eyes narrowing - playtime over as she widens her stance, looks to set down on her punching midring. long, stiff jab - often doubled - spanking off Taylor's beautiful face, targetting that left eye. Long, slinging right hands slide in over Taylor's left hand, clouting chin - then Charlize will slide back, shifting weight to her right (rear) foot to pull that lanky check-hook across Cole's mouth as she pushes forward to answer. Charlize supple on widespread feet - planting either leg, slugging with lanky leverage with either hand - she's stroking right hands to Taylor's gut; clouting Taylor hooks up top; dropping right crosses up the middle. Cole getting banged up, but proving durable - she's soaking CT's clout, then answering back with shorter, cruder, but crowbar-effective lefts and rights. Anytime she can set her feet and really lick Charlize strong, Taylor's throwing that beefy right hand sidearm to body - loud.


Rd 4: Charlize long, graceful legs on show as she takes prettily to bicycle, giving Taylor a master-class in ring-geometrics early. Cole made to miss - and badly - as Charlize feints, glides, dances and pivots her way 'round the canvas. CT luring Cole to ropes, then spinning 'round her - often with an insolent hand in Taylor's back, or pulling down on her head to aid the sidestep. But give Cole credit - she's embarrassed and outclassed, but she never gets discouraged or quits trying to cut off the ring. Persistence rewarded late as CT leans back from a whistling Cole right hand: Taylor steps-with, unleashing a looping overhand left from a southpaw stance (right foot forward) to CLOBBER Charlize upside her head. Theron hits ropes like a pair of shoes thrown down a flight of stairs - she's BADLY stunned. Cole scooting-to, jabbing Char in her chest to stabilize then STRAPPING Theron thunderclap right hands to the ribs. Charlize ashen faced as she droops forward, legs paralyzed - all she can do is slump face-in-gloves, trusting her magnificent chassis to soak the work as Cole POUNDS away to steal the round. Charlize visibly ramshackle, pouting and sullen en route to her corner: Krusher trainer immediately putting ice on those throbbing ribs as CT makes groggy, pained faces throughout the break.


Rd 5: Taylor's done it: Charlize flat footed, not moving well - her Oscar winning legs taken out of the fight by Cole's monster body blows. Cole closing quickly - volleyball-trained legs deceptively agile as brunette gets on blonde with jabs, herds her to ropes, then STRAPS that body those vicious, increasingly alarming right hands to body. Theron biting down on cries of agony, bunching forward hurt: Cole able to help herself to right uppercuts underneath to solar plexus; right uppercuts to chest; clout-right hands behind the head or on the ear of the stooping blonde. Taylor more and more confident - bodying Charlize into ropes, stacking her upright, pushing, mauling and jostling her. Theron's mouth open, eyelashes fluttering, dukes up but very loose: she's starting to take almost as many clubbing blows to her head and face as she's absorbing to her body - and it's all too much. No on punch does it - but the constant, crude bombardment bludgeons Charlize to all fours at the midway point - Taylor stepping back chest heaving, eyes blazing as she stares at that panting, shuddering, Oscar-winning back. CT up at 8, reeling at the ropes, and OH: here comes Taylor. Cole having her way with Charlize, squaring away, setting her feet and going to town - Theron limp, draping dangerously against the ropes or drooping forward in shock - long, lethal frame sponging up some of the heaviest punches she's soaked in years as Cole batters Charlize to bell. Camera pans audience: Cat Bell standing and whistling with fingers in mouth; Jenny O'Dell standing, clapping big; even usually stoic Jennifer Garth shouting encouragement - fighters big-named and small getting behind upset-minded brunette as Taylor gives Charlize a frightful beating in the 5th.


Rd 6: Charlize ramshackle off her stool: eyelashes batting, face puffy, hands low. She shuffles raggedly to her right, but Taylor's closing too fast - blonde jabbed stiffly in her mouth, turns to her right just in time to roll a rocketing Cole right hand over the top as Theron wilts to ropes. Taylor back in business - going immediately, relentlessly and without a shred of pity to Charlize' weeping left side ribs those marauding, thump right hands: Theron shuddering upon receipt, gasping, reaching to clinch as Taylor stamps her feet to push blonde into ropes for break. Cole pushed back by ref - she bats her mitts together, crosses her arms as she crouches, then wades back in slugging - Charlize leaning back into ropes hoping to walk Taylor into clinches. Job of work - CT loose, swooning, tieing up head-and-arm to bog things down: Cole bobbing and weaving, punishing Charlize up and down with muscular, clubbing blows, fighting off blonde's chest. Final minute, Taylor yanking her arms to extricate herself from a Theron clinch gets the right limb free, plants the right leg and strokes Charlize a gorgeous right uppercut as blonde is tilted too far forward. Ringing blast drapes Charlize upright, blinking stoopid at the ropes: clouting hook punches the mouthpiece right off her teeth, swivels her head. Charlize slumps, hands dropping to her waist, head lolling: TAYLOR'S POUNDING AWAY! Free punches - stroking, full-bodied lefts and rights clapping against Charlize' jaw, tossing that beautiful face side to side - ref tackles Taylor away as she's caught up in face-punching frenzy at the bell and doesn't hear it. POOR CHARLIZE! Theron bedazzled, staring glassily as she tries to shrug herself up off the ropes but can't - crowd roaring as Taylor jogs back to her corner all hungry for more.


Rd 7: Charlize face a battered wreck, eyes swelling puffy - she's shopworn, swaying up off her stool. Taylor staying professional - still pumping that jab to hound Charlize ropeside, get her hands up, then OH, those succulent, scrumptious right hands to the body. Sob of distress from Charlize as she buckles forward - ribs unable to sustain any more of those blockbuster right hands, legs shuddering. Cole reaching in under Theron's arms, stacking and jacking - chesting CT upright, then bashing her body, then tidying up as Theron groggily droops forward hurrrrt. Cole's feet set strong - she's projecting all her weight into Charlize' chest whether slugging or stacking. No longer a boxing match: Taylor Cole's breaking out the baseball bat, putting a blanket over Charlize's head and throwing a party. Clubbing uncontested right hands chop to cheek; clipping right uppercuts pick up drowsy, puffy, blonde face; stuffing right hands take Charlize in the pit of her stomach, pitching her forward with exhausted sobs; hooks tucking in behind the right elbow or clouting that right ear complete the onslaught. Count 'em: not one, not two, but THREE knockdowns of Charlize Theron this round - all accumulative in nature - a simple bludgeoning of Theron to her knees or back as time and again, she fights off the KO to rally herself at the ropes. Bell: ref pulls Taylor off; Charlize out on her feet, drooping pathetically, steadying herself with the left hand on the ropes as she wanders to her corner badly, badly mauled.


Rd 8: Taylor pushes her way in: Charlize can't keep her off now. Theron stacked against the ropes, but look at her compete! CT still trying to lean back and clip Cole lanky uppercuts or slosh wide, tired-looking clouts to either ear out of the torso-roll. Cole taking a round to humble Charlize' rack in methodical fashion - continually bracing the blonde with palms on Theron's shoulders to frame the work. Muscular, short, bashing work getting down - Taylor pancaking away, keeping her elbows in and massaging the breasts as Charlize lolls, riding one arm or the other around Taylor's shoulders in lazy attempts to tie up. Murky, sloppy stuff - Cole just making her point - going to Oscar winning jug because she can: huge psychological points being scored as brunette takes what she wants and blonde can't stop her. By the bell, Charlize is weeping exhausted tears, her fleshy chest dominated, abused and humbled by a well-schooled youngster in the 8th. Ever-alert HBO camera-men zoom in on Charlize' breasts and sure enough: nipples hardening into relief like little corks - Cole's fists beating an involuntary arousal out of slack-jawed Theron in the 8th.


Rd 9: Taylor back to stabilizing Charlize with the left, then smashing her the right. Theron wilting at the ropes, no longer offering back, long, strong legs locked up as the shelling goes on and on. Theron crumpling forward from sick right hands in her body. Theron's head jolting violently to the side from short rights tuff to her jaw. Theron's head jerking back from the right uppercut, face all pale, clammy and slack from the constant touch of Cole. Taylor keeping her elbows in, just turning her torso into her shots, leaning her shoulder into CT's chest to ease her back after scoring: it's brutal, systematic stuff. Charlize all droopy and weak - arms limp around Taylor's sides or shoulders, no longer tieing up effectively - Cole often not even bothering to disengage, slugging tight from within Charlize' loose embrace. Charlize fast asleep, but still standing, draping on Cole - only when Taylor steps back to let CT fall onto punches does brunette realize how effective the punishment has been. Theron finally pitching face first to canvas as Cole steps out - brutal KO9 Taylor Cole.


After: Cole bursting into happy tears at the sight of used up Charlize - happy scenes of Taylor running to her corner for hugs and kisses spliced in with scenes of Charlize - left cheek wet against grimy canvas, mouth open - sleeping off one of the worst beatings of her entire career. Cole following the Cat Bell Handbook almost to the letter tonight - banging Charlize heartlessly to the body, taking Theron's legs out of the fight, then slowly, relentlessly reducing the proudest blonde in boxing to so much Oscar-winning rubble. Taylor! Taylor! You had her beat - why the jug-mugging late?


"I'd broken her body, but not her spirit," an upbeat, fresh-faced, pigtailed brunette gushes in answer to insightful Tractorpull question. "I wanted the knock out tonight and with Charlize, that means you've got to do more than simply punish her physically. I had to go jug - I had to get it through her thick skull that she was beaten and mugging her puppies TOTALLY did the trick. By me going rack, it gave Charlize permission to go out. If I hadn't, I'm convinced she'd have lounged on the ropes sponging that beatdown to the final bell."


Charlize removed from the ring via stretcher (just as a precaution. Hard to watch groggy, mortified Charlize trying dizzily to sit up and get off the thing - attendants gently shushing her, coaxing her back down) for the first time in years: beating harkens back to the earliest days of Theron's career when she typically paid a terrible price for victory - and an even steeper price for defeat - in the ring.


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