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10 September 2000 Dani Fishel vs Gabrielle Carteris

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Posted by Simguy Sunday, 10-Sep-00, 13:06:10


Before: Longest outstanding debt in boxing finally addressed as a slumping Dani Fishel looks to correct one of the worst blemishes on her record. Carteris living off her long win over Dani, hasn’t been seen since, but has made a lucrative career about of touring the lecture circuit, offering motivational anecdotes highlighted by her upset triumph over Dani. Carteris in yellow sports bra, green adidas  terrycloth trunks, Dani in teal sports bra, grey stretch cotton shorts.


During R1: Déjà vu early as Gabrielle gets inside, walking Dani around, sneaking little lefts to her belly or right chops to the mouth before clinching and turning. Fishel fights her way through it and by the midway point has control. Final minute sees Dani coming forward, POUNDING the biceps of her foe as Carteris folds in pain to the ropes,. At the break—Gabrielle in obvious discomfort as trainers massage her battered arms.


R2: All Dani Fishel. Dani getting Carteris in the ropes with walking rights and wide lefts, then squaring up for shove and slug as Gabrielle covers up. Dani’s feet wide, compact torso twisting left and right as short punches sink into the stomach and ribcage of Gabrielle—older woman swooning, legs starting to go. Final minute, Dani coming off the body to clip short uppercuts through the middle has Gaby breaking down—Short right cross, slinging left hook bash against Gaby’s open face—Carteris out on her feet, collapses forward, buttocks in the air as she sprawls awkwardly on her knees and face at Dani’s feet. Fishel stomping away without a second look, pumping her fist angrily in payback. KO2 Dani Fishel//

After: Fishel not disappointing, refusing to get bamboozledm just made the fight about power punching and intensity—Carteris unable to get anything going goes out like a lamb. Best Fishel performance in months stops the slide for now—tougher comp will tell if she’s back.


Reposted by Archer 10/21/09.


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