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10 September 2000 Jenna Elfman vs Terry Farrell

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Posted by Simguy Sunday, 10-Sep-00 13:07:18

Before: Terry in with an awkward tall blonde with some pop—lot of critics watching this bout closely to see how Farrell progresses, Terry’s been effective, scratching out wins and rumour has it negotiations with Charlize Theron herself could be finalized pending the outcome of this bout. Terry in royal blue high neck sports bra, aerobics bottoms, ponytail; Jenna grey cotton camisole crop top, black cotton panties.

R1: Cautious opener, girls reaching out across the ring to jab jabs while stepping deliberately left. War breaks out in the final minute as Terry steps it up, slings a vicious overhand right to counter Jenna’s jab and the spearing blow crashes through Elfman’s jaw to sprawl her backwards at the bell. Round to Terry.

R2: Farrell a non-believer now—recklessly walks through Jenna’s jab to bash long armed blows up underneath to the torso and chin. Elfman getting ragdolled, falls apart as Farrell’s fists bas hard against ribs and mouth—DOWN GOES JENNA! Terry stays right in there for all thee minutes, licking her long arms up into the body, curling right uppercut to the teeth to keep Elfman reeling bell to bell.

R3: Farrell fading Jenna’s slinging right hand, comes back with a touching left and a spearing right hand to send Jenna reeling AGAIN! Very accurate power punching from Terry has Elfman crumbling—Terry stalking, getting set and lashing the big left hook to the waist or leaning into crushing right crosses to batter Jenna all around the ring.

R4,5,6: Terry bullying Jenna, wading forward, leaning into those long right hands and keeping an orderly house with a snapping lanky jab. But Elfman’s taking the power now, legs are fine, and although she’s outworked, she’s slugging back and tagging Terry occasionally with her own right cross to the mouth from the outsider]. Al three rounds to Terry, but Elfman’s hanging in there, fighting in spots,

R7: Terry heeding her corner, gets into her toes and starts to lay down the jab—poking it, slapping it, and stabbing it as she dances clockwise around the blonde,. Elfman’s face starting to puff up as she lopes forward, getting picked up routinely by the stick.

R8, 9: Shutout rounds for Terry, all fought at a distance, Farrell jabbing with a fencer’s flourish as Jenna stalks forward, trying to initiate a brawl without success. Crowd growing restless as Terry goes little more than pat Jenna’s face with the left hand before moving on—corner tells her to ignore distractions.

R10: Jenna breaks up the party midway through with a swinging right hand that claps hard against Terry’s cheek, momentarily breaking the brunette’s stride, Girls square up for lanky limbed slugging midring, long bodies bending and swaying in and out as punches start to whip with mean intentions. Final minute: Terry steps right, touches the jab off Jenn’a lips and leans in with a slinging right in the eye that practically decapitates the blonde as the crowd roars. Elfman in dreamland, nonetheless takes the punch, collapsing helpless on the ropes with a glassy look.; Terry pouring in, palming up, with her left to prop the blonde, then bending in with more wrecking ball right hands at the bell. Jenna battered senseless in the final seconds late, her mitts groggily in imagined triumph, but it’s a UD10 by a wide margin for Terry Farrell.

After: Terry showing that versatility, getting Jenna’s attention early, the rolling up points late, and capping off with the hardest punch she’s ever thrown in a prizefight to leave Elfman scatterbrained. Theron attends post fight party, tells Farrell the fights there if she want it. Ball in Terry’s court now.

Reposted by Archer 9/4/09


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