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11 April 2003 Laetitia Casta vs Demi Moore

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Posted by simguy on 4/11/2003, 6:18 am,


Before: "I grew up watching Demi's fight-tapes," gushes a happy Laetitia C in prefight, "it's a pleasure to actually be fighting her at last. I have to be the lion tamer with her - crack the whip early, make her jump through hoops the rest of the night. If I box the way I know I can, it should be too much for her at this point in her career."


Moore's people making a mistake? Rumours behind the scenes say Demi demanded a 'lay up' following the awful beating she took from Diaz - obviously some mis-placed disrespect if that's what they're taking Casta for.


Demi in black Charlie's Angel's bikini, Laetitia in royal blue underwire bikini, white fleur-de-lis print.


During R1: Casta misjudging Moore's aggression, speed - Demi able to scoot inside the jab and wreak havoc to French midsection. Moore fighting off Casta's chest, systematically working the ribcage beneath the breasts, the breasts themselves and the tummy - she's beating Laetitia up against the ropes and loving it. Moore getting old school, occasionally jamming punches into Casta's thighs - drawing yelps of pain, warnings from the ref.


R2: Moore bringing it to Casta, but Laetitia using her legs better, falling back in good order, absorbing some of the momentum and getting her jab on Demi. Midway through, Casta wheeling easy to her left, sticking and moving on Moore and French girl drops a slicing right to the chin to put Demi wobbly butt. Thumping follow up as Casta loops right hands underneath, flat against that toned tummy, or chopping over top to the face to bang her girl to the ropes. All Casta to the bell - Demi looking a little shellshocked at the break.


R3: Casta jabbing confidently now, banging Moore into a defensive shell, stepping around her beleagured foe. Laetitia calling her shots and dropping hard right hands, finding Moore's chin with crisp, sizzling crosses from the shoulder and DEMI GOES DOWN! Moore all glassy-eyed, getting stiffly to her feet - she takes a swooning 8 and Laetitia romps back in. Casta getting big, palming her girl upright against the ropes, womping in rights and lefts to the jaw around Demi's stiff forward guard. All Laetitia to the bell, wide stance, straight back, just thumping leather against target as Moore breaks down badly at the bell. Moment of truth in Demi's corner as she hesitates when asked if she wants to continue - she's not sure after that rich, one way beating.


R4: Demi sucks it up, proves a warrior. Weaving smart under Laetitia's jab, Moore counters underneath wide to the ribcage, nestles inside against Casta's chest once again, outworking her foe against the ropes. Moore uptempoing, knuckling Casta's shoulders back and slugging rhythmically to flanks and tits, occasionally turning over hook to chin - Casta woozy with hurt as Moore just shovels it on. Casta slugging back hard to avoid the shutout, but her butt's in the ropes - not a lot on these desperate punches.


R5: Moore banging away with accurate overhand rights, weaving under Casta's stick, hauling hurt into the French woman's ribcage. Moore having no trouble closing distance, then feasting on her opponent's midsection - Demi investing heavily in Laetitia's torso, putting mileage on those curvy legs. Casta struggling to get her back off the ropes, wrapping up high on Demi, pushing at Demi's shoulders, but it's not working. Moore bell to bell and growing more confident as the minutes grind on.


R6: Another Moore shutout - it's getting bad in there. Casta pressed against the ropes, under siege. Laetitia grimacing, trying to tie up head and arm on Demi, anything to slow the deluge. Moore a master at fighting through the clinch --she's staying low, keeping her head on Casta's chest, separating her hips to create room downstairs, rotating her shoulders to keep up a thudding pattern against Casta's belly and jugs. At the bell, Laetitia looking all used up - Moore licking salty lips and nodding in satisfaction at the damage done.


R7: Casta to the ropes early, but improving her punch selection. French girl closing up her stance, running Moore onto the left shoulder, then picking her up with sneaky right uppercuts in close. Demi rejected time and again as she tries to crowd-up on Laetitia - American regrouping, marching back in as Casta lies in wait.


R8: Demi adjusts, looking downstairs to feint Casta, then pounding away up top as Laetitia gets caught throwing the uppercut from too far out. Moore has her girl stunned and listless against the ropes - Demi just shoving and palming, rhythmically hup-hup-hupping her punches in bursts against the torso, then hunting Casta's chin with right uppercuts and left hooks in close. Moore warned for following through with the elbow on Laetitia's teeth - French woman cut in the mouth, shaky-legged at the break.


R9: Demi wading in and CASTA DROPS HER! Laetitia sliding back, suddenly leans into a well timed lead right hand, catching Demi fresh on the jaw and dropping the American to all fours. Moore up but swaying, eyes unfocused as she coaxes life into jellied thighs. ON COMES LAETITIA! Casta catching a second wind, breaks on Moore like a tidal wave - palming and jabbing her in the chest to stabilize, laying in crashing right hands as Moore sinks into the ropes. Demi in shambles, reaching with her extended left to push Casta away - Laetitia blasting in repeated right crosses over top to spank Moore's face to the side. Demi badly wobbled, staggering to her corner - she's soaked up some vicious shots tonight.


R10: Demi heartsick at the knockdown, gambles early, slugging out of a crossed arm crouch - wide shots, either hand. Casta staying composed, stepping out to either side, jabbing to slow Moore down and in the second minute - French woman takes over. Moore stooped forward at the waist, gloves at her temples - Casta lifting in thumping lefts and rights - punching Demi in the lungs, drawing shocked shouts of pain from the legend and MOORE DROPS TO ALL FOURS! Demi sinking back on her haunches, hugging herself in pain - she wills herself to her feet, but she's damaged goods. All Casta to the bell as she reaches the left in to measure, slinging loose limbed rights at a swaying, covered up Moore to the bell. Demi trying to stay stoic, on the verge of blubber - comes back UD10 Laetitia Casta.


After: Disasterous late let down for Demi - Moore ahead after 8 grueling rounds, gets dropped twice in the homestretch and Laetitia Casta struts away the victor. "Demi Moore can still take a punch," says a gracious Casta in post fight. "I stroked her with blows that would finish a Ryan or Bell - I dropped her many, many times in this fight and still she kept rising. She has a lot left - other fighters cannot take her for granted." Moore devastated in defeat, but redeeming herself somewhat for the Diaz debacle. Nobody would have blamed Demi for quitting in the third and instead she recovered to give Casta all she wanted.

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