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11 Dec 2004 Jessica Biel vs Amanda Righetti

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Posted by simguy on 12/11/2004, 12:12 pm.


Before: Two of the best athlete-celebs tangle - young fighters meeting in their respective primes for the first time. Biel's raw physicality and skills allowing her to make the leap from bantam to lightweight in a way other great women haven't been able to manage - she's looking to join Casta in slamming the door in Righetti's face. "Amanda's a good Fox/WB level hack," says Biel, "but she's not ready for a Jessica Biel step up - Laetitia Casta proved that. I think it's outrageous the way TU has pursued this chick, I mean - they've got a garage full of Ferraris and they want to buy a Chevy? Just doesn't make sense." Righetti anxious to even the score against TU fighters. "From what I've seen, you can't let a whole stable feel like you're easy money. I got beat up by Laetitia a little bit and I know Jessica's thinking she'll just help herself to me - but it's not going down that way. I'm busting Jessica up and showing these girls it's my party too." Righetti in yellow bikini, white flower print - Jessica in red bikini.


During R1: Tactical first - Biel using her legs, roaming the ring, checking out Righetti's reflexes. Amanda stalking, dukes at her mouth, cutting off the ring making the fight. Not much contact - Jessica forfeiting the round to take a look-see.


R2: Biel's seen enough - she gets after Amanda this round. Biel stomping in with a hard jab, then putting rigid shots together: right hand on the ear, left uppercut on the chin, digging left amidships, left hook clout on the cheek, chopping right hand - mouth. Amanda gritting her teeth, keeping dukes up - Jessica getting off with one hand while keeping the other up at her temple - good tight delivery as veteran brunette tests her blonde. Amanda in a bad way second minute - savage Biel hooks reefing at the ribcage, tearing up great chunks of belly meat - Righetti getting worked over, stumbling around, trying to stay covered up. All Biel to the bell, finishing up with a tasty spanking flurry - ringing rights and lefts up and down Righetti's flanks as blonde slumps destitute in the ropes. Happy grin Biel - she steps on the gas and leaves Amanda choking on dust this round.


R3: Hard working Biel second, sharpshooting Biel third. Jessica darting in from outside with sudden one-twos or lead right hands - finding gaps in Righetti's guard and pounding blonde head back. Amanda reeling now, unable to come forward, looking hounded - Biel on springy legs, bursting in, bouncing out, walking to either side with a feirce scowl. Biel wants tummy? Takes it with bat-bat-batting rights and lefts - Righetti just standing there stooping, soaking up shots beneath her elbows. Righetti getting caned, worked over bell to bell again - Jessica having it all her own way through 3.


R4: Biel pouring herself at Righetti - Amanda wilting to the ropes, peering over her gloves, digging in to receive Biel's charge. Jessica opening up with grand slashing lefts and rights and BIEL GOES DOWN! Amanda with those quick dukes off the ropes, times a gap and hook the hell out of Jessica's chin to leave her quivering on her back. Jess failing on her first attempt up, manages to scramble to her feet, swaying badly for her 8. ON COMES RIGHETTI! Amanda turning the tables, goes right at Jessica's muscular midriff - bashing rights and lefts on stubborn abs as Biel groans forward. Righetti getting big, easing Jess upright with the extended left elbow, snapping off combinations - beat down proceeds up the chassis to club and clout that chin - Biel grimly taking as she droops forward off the ropes. Down the stretch, Righetti's right hand at her cheek as she RIPS repetitive hooks to the midsection and JESSICA TAKES A KNEE! Biel sobbing for breath, hugging ruined gut - Righetti nodding in satisfaction as she tears up Biel's lead on the cards.


R5: Amanda Righetti, bell to bell. Biel's legs trembly, deeply body shocked and she can't shake it off. Righetti advancing behind a punishing stick from her high guard, then muscling Jess to the ropes - blonde's taken brunette's mobility out of the equation. Systematic beat down - Biel sliding along the ropes, Righetti stepping with and keeping tasty licks on body and head.


R6: Biel fighting back in spots - snatching hooks or lead right hands off the ropes, but Amanda's the busier, more consistent beauty. Righetti banking body shots - wide rights and lefts to the tummy and flanks - getting her face chopped a little in response, but shaking it off - Amanda committed to pressure as Biel wears down.


R7: Jessica shopworn - mouth open - tremendous body work, counterpunching and pressure from Righetti adding up to a long night for former champ. Biel always against the ropes, twisting her shoulders, bending at the waist - trying to blunt Righetti's attack. Amanda behind that tight guard - very difficult to counter as she brings her hands back fast after snappy punching, dipping side to side, moving her head. Righetti wearing out the Biel midsection with ripping hooks, nudging weary Biel off with the elbow - it's a good thoroughgoing rubdown.


R8: Same desultory stuff from Biel - legs're shot - she's just fighting supple in spots off the ropes. Jess dips to her left and rip-snatches a hook at Amanda's strong tummy - Jess swipes rights at the ear, doubling up on catspaw hooks, but Amanda partially blocking everything. Righetti beating Jessica's biceps, chest, ribs, crowding in close to pack home her tummy punches, sneaking right uppercuts and short-arm hooks to Jessica's chin. Biel lumping up nicely, curvy legs holding her up, but she's starting to take a tragic beating through 8.


R9: Amanda presses to close this thing out - Jessica catches a second win. Biel still can't get leggy, but she leans in with Amanda and swaps shots tit for tat all round long - great crowd pleasing two-way. Heads in close, hands loose, stacked tummy and chest inside - girls just taking turns swiping and swatting each other, shouldering each other around in bruising give and take. Biel out-punching Amanda for one of the few times tonight - getting the better of that tanned body.


R10: Biel back in there ear to ear, swapping and bumping, girls occasionally coming off pain-wracked tummies to clip chins uppercuts or cuff ears hooks - but they're basically laying in and digging underneath. Non-stop, workmanlike stuff bell to bell - this time Amanda's the boss, stepping Jess back, landing the extra punches. Comes back UD10 comfy, Amanda Righetti.


After: Biel all puffy, slackjawed with astonishment - she's throbbing from punishment after 10 hard rounds of Amanda. Righetti turning things around with that deadly counter-hook off the ropes - same shot that put Eva Larue on her back and started Amanda on her current run. "Easy fight," Amanda brags in postfight. "Once I took Jessica's legs away, she wasn't special anymore. She's stubborn, I'll give her that - I expected her to quit once I started heaping it on, but she sucked it up and took it the way a former champ should."


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