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11 Dec 2008 Holly Valance vs Jennie Garth

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Posted by simguy on 12/11/2008, 6:04 pm.

Before: Battling Neve-busters continue to jockey for position. "If you look at the independent fights HBO has underwritten over the last few years, you'll see Jennie Garth has by far the lion's share of the spots," Holly says at the podium. "This is because of the position she holds as the gatekeeper to boxing's most populous and competitive division: eventually, all roads lead through Jennie for most up and comers. Sadly, it's a law of nature that no one keeps what they have forever. I intend to wrest control of this lucrative sweet spot away from Garth and use it to launch my own campaign at 120." Jennie unimpressed - she's heard it all before. "If only I had a dime for every time some slutty little world-beater wanted to take my spot, then make a big name at bantam," Garth chuckles. "Well, let's just say, I wouldn't need to fight! Girls have tried Holly's big plan over and over - I've been gunning them down for 10 years, and if Valance is all I've got to worry about, you can pencil me in for another ten!" Jenny in bright purple bikini; black gloves; hair in messy ponytail. Holly in black bra and panties; black gloves.

During R1: Holly closes-with, bodies up midring: girls pushing, grunting chest to chest. Snatching body battle develops - girls chopping at each other's hips, in behind each other's elbows - each keeping her chin out over opposing left shoulder. After punching, girls bring hands back to their own tummies, elbows in: very tight, swiping delivery in close-quarters combat. Shuffling steps as the girls slowly rotate counterclockwise. Both lasses coming off the body with sneaky, 6 inch right uppercuts curled in close - then it's back to tucking in downstairs. Holly getting much the better of it - this is her fight, honed by years of traditionally close-in Pac-Rim style fighting: she's beating the stuffing out of Jennie in trade. Garth grimacing, wilting - by the latter half the round, her head's snapping dangerously from Holly's nasty little uppercuts. Down the stretch, Holly clips the right uppercut (snug); fits a right hand in above Jennie's left hip; bumps Jennie the left shoulder to chest; clips her a vicious little right uppercut, really picking Jennie's chin up hard. Garth slumps against Holly, arms hooping lightly about tanned Aussie hips; Jennie slumps forward as Holly steps aside and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Jennie drooping to canvas - sprawling onto her chest - SHE'S OUT! KO1 in spectacular fashion - Holly freakin' Valance!

After: Vegas sportsbook bosses wincing as Jennie collapses unexpectedly: HUGE tidal shift at bantam as Holly sweeps aside a long-time blonde strong woman who most assumed would take this bout very, very deep. Valance not wasting the moment: soon as Jennie's brought around on her stool, Holly's over there, helping Jennie to her feet with a hug up under the arms, pushing Jennie chest-first to her corner. Holly workmanlike, reaches for Jennie's sturdy left leg, props it in ropes, then mounts a blubbering Garth from behind. Holly crowing, bathed in the pulse of burst flashbulbs, her hands on Jennie's shoulders as she looms high above conquered Garth. BLONDE! Magazine shrill headlne reads "CHANGING OF THE GUARD AT 120", capturing the moment.


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