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11 Feb 2005 Jennie Garth vs Milla Jovovich

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Posted by Simguy on 2/11/2005. 


Before: Up is down, black is white: Tech fields a blonde against a Krusher brunette! "It's weird," notes Jenny G in prefight. "I have nothing against Milla personally - she's just another model to me - but because she's a Krusher, there's real pressure to hurt her. Not saying there's a jug or butt-bounty on her or anything, but let's just say I wouldn't exactly be disciplined for taking this girl for a walk if I stop her."


Jovovich a long, lithe contrast to Jenny - European beauty working on adding a few pro fundamentals to go with her nimble boxing style. "Jenny is a good solid pro," Milla admits. "Not much for punching, though she can surprise you - just a good all around talent. I don't see how she can compete with my legs is all - I will dance circles around her and pick her apart. Besides, Jessica has told me that 'Krusher girls don't lose to Tech girls' - the Krusher mystique will protect me!" Hearty laughter, high fives on the Krusher side of the dais - Garth grinning as well, taking it in stride.


Garth in white sports bra, shades of blue splash print tie side bikini bottoms - Lavender string bikini, frilly cups, Milla.


During R1: Gamblin' Jennie swings away to Milla's chin in opening moments action! Jovovich startled - hands outstretched, head turning away as she backpedals - blonde stepping forward in a slugging crouch, hauling sweeping lefts and rights to her opponent's jaw and SPILLING MILLA INTO THE ROPES! Jovovich stunned, mouth agape: she bends forward butt-in-ropes - hands up around her face as Jennie digs in! Garth squaring away, grinding her forehead in between Milla's mitts, reefing hooks to ribs, then rotating her shoulders to chug away snug little lefts and rights directly to brunette navel: just bumping away down there. Milla cupping her hands on Jennies' head, smoothing hair back off Jennie's glossy brow, pushing weakly at Jennie's shoulders - blonde staying in there, systematically beating up Jovovich's middle. Milla slugging back late - wide lefts and rights as she leans in head-on-head with Jennie, then swaying back to try for uppercuts as she leans into ropes. Jennie takes points, but Milla taking blonde punch well - standing up through Jennie's best shots in the first.


R2: Milla buying time and space with legs, jab - lovely long lines on show as Jovovich circles and harasses midring. Garth dukes up, elbows in, turning, weaving side to side - trying to shoot in underneath behind a jab to Jovovich's chest. Milla's left arm loose and limber, elegant backhand stick spanking out and discouraging Jennie, tracking her. Jovovich equally comfortable motoring left or right, pop-popping stick to keep Garth at bay, touching Jennie up for points.


R3: Garth doubles up HER jab - comparatively stubby and jutting, but no less effective - she's finding more opportunities to close and work this round. Garth showing versatility - she slugged hard in the first, now she takes a few feet off the fastball to drown Milla with volume. Pitty pat, tapping lefts and rights - Jenny constantly cycling choppy blows through and around Milla's guard. Jovovich unhurt, but getting tagged and disoriented - she's standing, waiting her turn behind her gloves, getting peppered and looking uncertain as to what to do about it. When Garth lands hard, it's usually an amped-up hook amidships after a tapping series of lefts and rights up top to occupy Milla's guard. Jovovich flushed, flustered through 3.


R4: Oh that pesky Garth! Jenny spitting jabs out of a high, compact guard on the way in - she's hard to pick up and when she's in, she's outworking Jovovich. Milla making a basic mistake by not tieing Garth up - Jovovich wants to punch off the block, but Jennie's constant tapping lefts and rights proving difficult to time. Jovovich getting buffetted and scrubbed - face always getting spanked, tummy bumped as Garth hunkers in close and hup-hup-hups to gut. Milla landing in spots - winging shots wide as Jennie crowds in close - blonde dictating terms through 4.


R5: Milla flat footed, slugging - Jennie able to edge inside the wide blows, get low, answer to the body, tap away up top - she's exposing Milla's rangy style with compact discipline. Jennie's been pitty-patting up top to set up thumping hooks downstairs - midway through she's pitty patting Milla's flat tummy, comes off the body with a heroic hook and JOVOVICH GOES DOWN! Milla sprawling on her back, as much a victim of attrition as she is hurt by the shot - she's tired, stiff getting to her feet for 8. Garth stepping in, jabbing while keeping the right at her temple - Milla bends back over the top rope and gives up her body to a pounding right in the ribs. Jennie G camped out in Milla's trunks - short, chugging, shoulder-and-back driven punches just dotting and bumping lanky brunette torso to the bell. Milla frazzled, dishelved en route to her corner - really needs some answers from that high-priced Krusher brain trust.


R6: Milla answering, and answering, with vigour. Snappy jabs backhand off the hip - Jennie has to honor that stick, covering up, slowing her advance - she walks into a curling Jovovich right uppercut on the chin that stops blonde in her tracks. Jovovich immediately bopping back outside, circling right while spank-spanking out that stick - blue eyes hard, menacing with concentration, lips curled in a sneer as she goes about the task of breaking Garth down. Jennie bobbing side to side, crouching low to jab at Milla's body, but Jovovich lancing down with shearing rights to the back of Jennie's head or catching her ear - blonde starting to get moved off her stance as brunette dials in. Ref warning Milla about backhanding her jab AND jabbing with an open hand - Jovovich shoos him away with contempt.


R7: Milla upping the tempo, busting Jennie a heartless jab to the face, stepping in with short right hands ear/jaw - she's got Garth backing up at last. Jovovich lithe, light on her feet - she glides in with a stabbing, slant-jab down to the body, stepping back out before Jennie can answer. Nice bandy-armed delivery from Milla when she cracks away hooks or clouting rights: elbows are in, hands coming back snappy to her chest as she swipes away at Jennie's jawlines or ears. Garth on her heels throughout, puffy around the eyes.


R8: Garth fighting in spots, crouching low, edging in and trying to work, but Milla's either disengaging or tieing up for breaks rather than letting Garth find a pitty-pat rhythm. Jovovich also hitting harder now - really setting down on right hands off the jab, finding Jennie with jagged left uppercuts off the front foot, swat-swatting Jennie cuffing hooks upside the head. At one point, Garth left staring after a series of bracing hooks on her cheek - Jovovich pulls the trigger on that drifting right hand to the left eye: crowd groaning at the smashing shock off Garth's drowsy face. Round finishes up with Jennie hurt, sagging in the ropes, just trying to glom onto Milla's arms as Jovovich lathers away lanky to the bell.


R9: Shutout Jovovich - very pretty to watch if you like angular, rawboned brunettes taking apart curvy blondes in sinuous, relentless fashion. Milla's long, doubled up, backhand jab a constant irritant to Jennie, closing the blonde's left eye this round, bloodying her nose. Garth setting up at the ropes, dukes high, face grim - Jovovich steps in and out, amusing herself with a hard, stabbing jab down into Jennie's body, then escaping as Garth can only glare back. Taunting smile from Milla in the dying moments: she's loving the supremacy.


R10: Milla wants to slug - Garth gets opportunities as a result - best two way action of the round. Jovovich with that loose, bandy armed delivery on slinging lefts and rights, stepping forward and swatting Jennie upside the head. Garth covering up smart, ducking and rolling, stepping back and walking Milla into clanging hooks on the chin - brunette takes some crowd-pleasing blasts but refuses to back off. Jovovich the fresher, harder-punching beauty - Garth stubbornly giving ground and fighting in spots gets hammered for points. Close fight - long delay as cards are tallied and re-tallied - comes back UD10 by a single point Milla Jovovich.


After: Milla clapping, relieved - left eye swelling, body all touched up - she was in a fight tonight all right. Garth similarly abused, left eye closed - she's sullen, disappointed - one point loss leaves a bad taste in her mouth as she mostly recalls dropping Jovovich in the fifth.


"Now I know what they mean by 'Krusher mystique'," grumbles disappointed Jen in postfight. "More like 'Krusher payola' if you ask me. I worked this chick over tonight, made her look like an amateur - anybody could see that."


INTERESTED OBSERVER: Kate Beckinsale, another former Euro-champ making a go of it in the FCBA, said to be interested in Milla. "I battered Theron, why not add to my Krusher collection?" Brit chirps to Celebrity Ring newshawks. "In the American market - there is only room for so many European brunettes - I'm anxious to make sure Milla gets left off that list!


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