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11 January 2000 Chae vs Nia Peeples

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Originally posted by Simguy on Tuesday, 11-Jan-2000 08:28:34.


Before: Nia’s a smart business woman: buy rate soared for Nia/Chae I, and Peeples doesn’t hesitate to mix it up again when opportunity knocks. Chae looking for redemption—proud warrior was embarrassed last time out, not to mention battered senseless, and that won’t stand.


Nia in baby crop top t shirt, baby doll sleeves, navy bikini bottoms, Chae in red.


During R1: Nia out with that jolting jab from her compact delivery, but Chae cuts off the ring lie Duran and goes to the Peeples gut with hooks. Nia forced to the ropes, grits her teeth as Chae gets her backside into it, hair flying as she digs away, shoving Nia back for a beat down early. Fists fly after the bell as tempers flare.


R2: Nia with beautifully timed counter-right hand stings Chae as she wades in, and the left hook puts her on all fours for the count of 8. Nia back on her prey, jabbing Chae to the ropes, then squaring up to go body—ripping short lefts and rights to the sides of Chae’s rib cage and pounding the Asian into a defensive shell. Bell to bell marauding for Nia who can’t resist tagging Chae a right hand after the bell.


R3: Every step Nia takes has a purposeful, violent look to it. She circles Chae on the balls of her feet, pounding in jackhammer jabs on Chae’s eyes, and turning her shoulder into chopping right hands that savage left side of Chae’s head. Undaunted, Chae turns with her opponent, finally getting inside and churning away with rising lefts and rights in the final minute. Payback after the bell as Chae clouts Nia across the mouth with a right hand, once again prompting referee intervention.


R4: Shutout Nia Peeples as she starts to wheel and deal on Chae, Chae coming forward, but getting busted up by the jab, then turned at center ring as Nia boxes brilliantly, Peeples able to flash combinations, then pivot around Chae, constantly opens up new angles and has the Asian puffy eyed,  and pouting as the bell,


R5: Toe to toe slugging gives way to Nia bullying Chae backwards with shoulders, elbows and fists as Peeples exerts her will, it’s Chae’s fight and Nia takes it from her inside, landing 2 to 1, ripping to the meat of Chae’s tawny midriff. Chae with grimace of pain at the bell, looks wobbly getting off the ropes.


R6: Nia getting back on Chae’s body, bending left and right alternating uppercuts into Chae’s stomach and CHAE GOES DOWN! Chae on all fours, left knee pulled up to her stomach in pain as Nia taunts her foe. Chae gets up, Nia wades in and Chae outslugs her! Furious action sees Nia driven to the ropes as Chae’s fists tear up the chest and belly of her foe. Down the stretch, Nia counter punches her way off the ropes, staggering Chae with a clipping right uppercut, and a neat spin move puts the Asia in the corner. Beat down the rest of the way as Nia puts her punches together and closes Chae’s right eye with slashing hooks to the bell.


R7: Nia now workmanlike, smiling as she approaches Chae, then slashing in to bounce hard one-twos off the girl’s aching ribs. Chae wilting, getting beaten onto her heels, is starting to give up scoring opportunities without responding. Then,  before the final bell, Chae unexpectedly catches Nia on the chin with a right uppercut, she reels back, suddenly glassy eyed and Chae pounces, hurling left hooks to the ribs and trunks to beat Nia along the ropes, Bell sounds to save Peeples from further torment, but Chae looks relieved to have finally hurt her foe.


R8: Nia steps in with Chae, and the two exotiques lay cheek to cheek, savaging one another’s bellies with short, clubbing lefts and rights with nasty right uppercuts inside. Slowly rotating at center ring, Nia simply uses Chae up and has the Asian taking in the final minute. Chae trembling as she staggers back to her corner as Nia looks pumped.


R9: Nia pulls further away, bodying up on Chae, and beating her ragged this round with non-stop clubbing lefts and rights. Nia working Chae’s waist, has the Asian bent forward, and Peeples cruelly goes to the back and kidneys with sweeping blows, forcing Chae to hold on. Midway through the round, Nia works Chae over along the ropes, and digging a wide right to the gut sets up a jarring left hook on the chin that nearly spills Chae to the canvas. Pride keeps her up, but Nia batters her to the bell as Chae’s defense gets limp.


R10: Nia bores in on Chae once again, smearing her along the ropes, mining gold downstairs, and landing a clouting right hand on the jaw that has Chae’s mouth filled with blood. Chae fighting on instinct, wobbly butt, eyes closed, but in the final minute, she shows her class. Bellowing in defiance, Chae comes off the ropes, beating Nia backwards with lefts and rights to the flanks, and Peeples has to cover up as Chae welters her to the bell, Slugging continues as corners flood the ring and the crowd goes wild. After the mayhem is sorted out, a hugely one-sides decision comes back for Nia Peeples, as Chae looks wearily on.


After: Chae devastated by her second straight loss to Peeples. Nia fighting much smarter in the rematch, made stretches of it easy boxing, controlling Chae with a jab that lands like another power shot. Chae showed heart in going the distance, absorbing a terrific amount of punishment, but refusing to quit. Nia not complimentary afterwards, suggests she could fight another dime right then and there.


Reposted by Archer on 7/5/09.


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