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11 June 2001 Jessica Simpson vs Britney Spears

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Posted by Simguy on 6/11/2001, 8:41 pm.


Before: Britney’s world on the verge of collapse as losses pile up—only one thing in the world can make it all better: “Beating Jessica Simpson fills me up,” proclaims the confident popstar, “I can get everything back by taking something from her, and that’s what’s going to have to happen tonight,” Spears with the career edge against perennial bridesmaid Simpson, but the Texan does have a win against Brit, and has been working out hard to firm up soft midsection, Pundits continue to counsel boxing as the answer to all of Britney’s problems, but once again—tough talk leading up to festivities seem to be pointing towards prideful exchanges rather than savvy strategems, identical tight velvet dance pants cut low, with flared bottoms, twist tied tops with long sleeves and showy deep V necks, bare midriffs—pink for Britney, black for Jessica.


During R1: Spears’ trainer shaking his head early as Spears reaches in with the left around the waist, Jessica reaches in a wrapping left and the two trade mugging right hands to tanned, smooth tummies in tight. Girls cuddling and punching, struggling to shove and wrestle her opponent into a vulnerable position—result is a staggering waltz all across the ring. Midway through—girls disengage—Britney shoves a jab into Jessica’s topknot and PLOWS home a curling right hand, bending in and down on follow through as Simpson stands helpless, stupefied, Combination of relief and ecstasy on Britney’s face—FINALLY , a wrecked opponent—and Spears piles on. Brit reaching in under Jessica’s arms to body her into the ropes, then pulling out to plunge right hands deep into that cushy belly—Simpson groaning and doubling over, gives up her sweet hips and shiny lower back to Britney’s cruel fouls. Clubbing, sweeping punches from Spears as she lords it over a hunched up Jessica Simpson—Spears smiling for the first time in ages at the sight of Simpson’s wincing discomfort at the bell.


R2: Girls trade into one another, right hands low and poised to heave up and into midriffs—bruising trade as blondes in dangerously with their chins one another’s shoulders, hands low, arms pumping to lift in lefts and rights underneath. Gritty effort from Simpson as she as she takes it out of Britney’s belly, forcing Spears into grudging retreat, then mauling her up against the ropes, Britney covered up and taking from the midway point—seated on the ropes, lolling sideways at times, gloves up around her face, arms in as she SOAKS up Simpson’s hard work, Jessi none too crafty—she’ll square up one or the other of Britney’s brown shoulders and just pump back and forth with both arms chugging. Spears battered about her arms and tummy, sliding along the ropes as Jessica beats her—crowd roaring at the familiar sight of a Britney Spears collapse. Simpson finishes up the shutout in a neutral corner, getting brawny all over Britney as Spears sobs in outrage at the bell.


R3: Britney baring her teeth, bawling as she fights and a savage, primordial war blossoms as shiny skinned youngsters just help themselves to whatever’s soft on the opponent,. Spears unrepentant, crying as she hammers away low on Simpson, buckling the Texan’s knees and putting her butt momentarily on the ropes. Jessica sobbing in pain, but refusing to be bullied, answers back in kind, using her left to trap Brit’s right and expose the midsection for plundering right hand action to the pit of the stomach. Mutual atrocities pile up, but Jessica slowly gains the upperhand. Britney cowering in the final minute, bending forward from the ropes as Jessica HEAPS on a two-fisted beating to the back and lush sides of her foe. Simpson enraged, keeping Brit down with a forearm across the back of the neck and just drifting in big right hands to the side—ref has to jump in as Jessica keeps pounding after the bell. Spears open mouthed in pain, stretching her side and simpering back to her corner as Jessica is forcibly shown to her stool.


R4: Continuance of the mutual aggression pact signed in the third. It’s mindless, club-scene punching—Jessica Simpson coaxing Britney Spears into a tit for tat slugfest as the crowd roars to its feet. Bludgeoning, heartless right hands up and in—both girls working out of the wrap to hold and hit—ref following the action and screaming warnings that no one hears. Action spills across the ring at random, but once again, it’s Simpson imposing her will late. She muscles Britney up against the ropes, crams in tight right hands repeatedly to the ribs and belly and Britney stops punching back. Down the stretch, it’s Jessica Simpson marauding on her arch nemesis—clapping away at the exposed hips and back, hammer-blowing Britney’s defenceless kidneys as Spears bellows behind her gloves. Spears lolls back into the ropes, tears pouring down her cheeks, and Jessica wraps up to dig busy right hands over and over into the breasts, Spears bends forward again, giving up her aching lower back and BRITNEY GOES DOWN! Spears puddling at Jessica’s feet, throbbing from the waist down after Simpson’s brutal assault and IT”S OVER! Britney choking and weeping, right hand at her back as her forehead touches the canvas in total subjugation. KO4 Jessica Simpson.


After: Complete capitulation as once again Britney starts something she can’t finish. Jessica Simpson takes her trophy blonde on a sumptuous walk of shame, guiding a sobbing Britney around the ring with a proud right arm around the waist. Spears totally losing it—bawling “Why?” as Jessica beams and eaves to delirious fans. Rock bottom for Britney—she blames everyone from Dani Fishel to her trainer for her disastrous slide, firing the latter as part of a general house-cleaning exercise. New life for Simpson—Jlo or Janet not out of the question after this big win.


Reposted by Archer 10/22/09.

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