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11 June 2005 Michelle Williams vs Naomi Watts

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Posted by simguy on 6/11/2005, 9:11 am


Before: Watts bulging with confidence coming in - she's bested her arch-rival Pene Cruz and looking to keep the ball rolling with the Wolfpack. "I had hoped to expose Claire, but I'm not surprised that Michelle is gatekeeping," shrugs Watts in prefight. "The HISC small women are vulnerable, so they're doing what comes naturally: trotting out the least of their membership in hopes of deflecting me or blunting my attack. Won't work: I'll slap this nuisance aside and take what I want from the rest at my convenience."


Williams goggle-eyed at the blistering disrespect - she's nothing short of appalled at the dais. "See what happens when Eliza shows her ass in the ring? Every scrawny little slut from 120 on down thinks they can just waltz on in and fill the void. Looks like it's up to me to carry the colours: I'm just gonna have to do an extra good job on Naomi so everyone can see HISC still has teeth."


Watts in ivory bikini, shoulder length bob from Huckabees - Michelle in leopard print push up, tawdry red boy cut bottoms. Small gloves both vixens.


During R1: Mish mounting brawling rushes out of a Tysonesque crouch - trying to disrupt Naomi's conventional boxing look. Watts discomfited, forced to bail, use her legs more than she had intended. Naomi with a nice jab, but she's pulling out too fast, tucking her chin behind the left shoulder and rolling to evade Michelle's whistling overhand rights - Watts sacrificing bite to stay elusive. Williams the aggressor, but not finding the range - she's winning the minutes with aggression, forward momentum in a wide-ranging first.


R2: Naomi trying to show leg: Mish tackles up, drives to ropes with stomping feet, jiggling backside. Williams pushing up off Naomi, belting body with robust lefts and rights - Watts fighting for her life, answers back desperate hooks off the ropes. Mish taking Watt's nibbling left to unleash her own howitzer hook, bashing away high on Aussie skull, buzzing trim Aussie legs. Naomi hurt, mouth open, knees buckling - she's reduced to pushing Mish off, then covering up as Williams swarms. Classic Mish - non-too accurate, but the sheer volume drenching cutey-pie Naomi, overwhelming her shifty moves. Watts taking it on her flanks, shoulders and head, bending at the waist, rotating her torso to at least give Williams a moving target. Brawny bell to bell - Mish fighting off a taller girl's chest as God intended - she labels Watts an all-American late right hand on the chops after the bell, daring Naomi to answer as the ref jumps in. Watts wide eyed, trembling during the break - corner telling her, "You gotta hurt this girl, Names - get her respect."


R3: Watts still classy in spots, but lacking the courage to time Mish and punch with her - Naomi still poking in the jab, then leaning out with the shoulder roll to change distance, keep Williams off balance. Mish pinning her ears back, loading up and winging - some of her misses are dramatic, spinning her badly off balance - but Watts just using the out to escape rather than counter. Watts doing a better job of keeping her back off the ropes - frustrating Michelle if not hurting her, but that's no way to win points from American judges.


R4: Naomi settling down, getting used to the velocity, being more constructive in there. Watts with an educated, premium jab, committing to it, spanking it off Mishy's left eye, startling Williams now - Watts able to step around the punch, turn her girl rather than blatantly running from Mish. Williams stung, coming forward, but not releasing as freely: now she's getting beaten to punches, forced to crouch, moving her hands from crossed-arm to earmuff as she looks to work her way in. Watts leggy, commanding midring - down the stretch, she steps into a gaudy left uppercut off the jab, picking Mish up hard, putting Williams on her heels for the first time tonight. Hook, hook on the mouth leaves Mishy staring, backpedalling - Naomi smoldering as she bangs out the points feisty in the fourth.


R5: Mish moving her head out of respect for Naomi's stick, jabbing back to Watt's chest, then rushing in head down to tackle-up again. Watts grimacing as she's driven hard to ropes, badly jostled - she hunkers down, getting bony shoulder into Mishy's teeth as this thing wallows in the gutter. Williams keeping her face on Naomi's chest, hands on Naomi's biceps, pushing, rubbing, wrestling Watts down then bashing away in spots. Naomi trying to keep elbows in, get low - she's not shirking her duty in there, snapping hooks off Michelle's tummy and jugs with quick-nipping bite. Mish wide, allowing Watts to duck under a lot of shots, but there's so much leather coming from Williams Naomi just can't answer it all. Bruising beat down Mish - she gets much the better of it, favouring throbbing Naomi a beaming grin at the bell.


R6: Same again - Naomi all pressed and bothered, stacked up at the ropes - she pushes on Michelle, shoulders her, struggles with her, trying to get American bully off her chest. Mishy writhing her way in there, reaching under Naomi's arms to illegally grab the ropes, working the trunkline both hands greedy, easing back to hook jug with malicious glee. Watts glum, but sturdy enough - legs braced strong, butt in ropes, leaning forward with arms crossed, answering with slick leverage on hooks to Mishy's ribs, tits and chin. Bludgeoning pace sees both bodies pink up nicely - again, Michelle the happier vixen at the bell.


R7: Watts facing reality: she can't handle Mish off the ropes - Naomi setting up behind her jab midring and PUMPING it with vigour. Williams catching on her left eye, wincing, raising her elbows in the crossed arm as sharpshooting Aussie left hands start to sting. Watts stepping right or left, turning Michelle - dropping sharp right hands off the jab with pleasing spank off Williams' face. Mish paying the price to get inside, clubbing away at Naomi's slender ribcage - Williams convinced willowy blonde must fold under sustained pounding like this. Watts getting her way more often this round - keeping Mish at the end of her punches, making Mish move her feet, giving Williams angles for the most part.


R8: Naomi keeps at it - Mishy's left eye busting up under a very cruel, accurate stick tonight. Grim satisfaction on Watts' face as she sees the effect of her jab - she's scoring harder now, making her cutey-pie shoulder roll/pull out move all the more effective as Williams can't find the mark in response. Watts stepping right, dropping in showy lead right hands on Mishy's face, pounding back Williams' head - Mish looking a little groggy, uncertain, slowing down and becoming more available. Flurries to breadbasket complete the menu - Watts polishing Mish, stepping away without receipt. Best round since the fourth for Watts - she circles, pecking away - Williams unhurt, but compliant, doing what she's told in the 8th.


R9: Mishy catches a second wind, has Naomi clattering back from a series of winging rights and lefts that miss, but chase Watts ropeside nonetheless. Mishy bang-clanging away to ribs and breadbasket - bending side to side to haul home the hurt - poor Naomi covering up, laying over on one side or the other just trying to ride it out. Midway through, Mishy squirms in, left hand grabbing the ring connection between Naomi's breasts, tugging her to and LABELLING HER THE RIGHT HAND! Brutal, cheap, rollicking shot - Watts' head belted aside, lolling back into position glassy-eyed with stupor - MISHY'S SLUGGING HER STUPID! Williams stepping-with wilting Watts, tugging her close, clouting her cheap - marauding bar-room belting beats Naomi along the apron into the neutral corner. Watts dazed, but managing to clinch for a break - she's ramshackle, staring as Mish reorganizes, marches back in fists at her chin. Rest of the way - ref pushing hungry Mish back - Naomi digging in at the ropes - Mish wading back on with swinging rights to the body, robust lefts head, shoulder, ribs. Punishment lathered on thick by Mishy as she romps to points - smiling at the sight of Naomi staggering en route to her corner.


R10: MISH! Williams blazing across the ring, running the top of her head square into Naomi's chest and butting her back into her corner - Watts' face clenched in pain at the thudding billy-goat action. Robust rights and lefts romp to gut, then Mishy works her way up torso - splattering away jugs and jaw. No choice Naomi - slug or be beaten - she picks Mish up some nice left uppercuts off the ropes, then digs hooks to her body as Williams is open for belly business. No effect - Mishy too enraged, feeling it to strongly - she overwhelms Naomi with rude brawling, finally doubling Watts over sideways against the ropes. Mishy leaning her left forearm onto Naomi's upperback, just PACKING in right hands thick to ribs and hip - poor Watts shuddering, helpless, held down and soaking at the bell. Mishy keeps plugging away, ramming righty into sleek Aussie goodness until ref finally gets muscular and wrenches Williams away. Comes back UD10 Mish Williams.


After: Naomi showing her class, but her conventional boxing look tailor made for the non-stop, swarming tactics of Brawling Mish tonight. Williams strutting, touching at a cut in her mouth and grinning - looks like she just loved getting the rounds. Watts throbbing, rickety, but acquiting herself well - she took a few rounds, won some minutes - against a Kelly Packard or Natalie Portman she'd be almost a mirror image and probably more comfortable.

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