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11 June 2009 Carmella Decesare vs Carrie Prejean

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Boxing on the beach: Carmella Decesare vs Carrie Prejean


Posted by simguy on 6/11/2009, 10:37 am

BEFORE: Fired? Or quit? "The thing with the pageant owners was that they didn't want me fighting Decesare this year," Carrie explains. "I told them that wasn't acceptable to me and that I wanted to fight Carmella as soon as possible, and so they 'fired' me. But whatever: I'm doing what I want with my career, and the best thing I can do is start knocking out skanks...starting with Carmy!"


Decesare holding poise: controversial blonde unafraid to drop bombs in prefight, but classy Deech won't stoop. "Carrie's got a knack for getting herself noticed," Carmella allows, "but I don't see her backing up her attitude in the ring. She wanted no part of Moakler when Shanna challenged her, and I know she's been ducking a lot of former Miss Californias who can't stand how she's tarnished the sash - so she's obviously looking at me as someone who's a little smaller and easier to manage. It's a big mistake for her, because I'm poison for pageant fighters - always have been. I'm just looking forward to popping this bubble before it gets even more inflated - you know?"


Carmella in bright yellow bikini with big donut-ring connections; white gloves. Carrie in white competition bikini; white gloves. Prejean very smug during ring instructions, pursing her lips at Carmella and looking all superior. Outdoor bout on South Cali beach: standard ring set up; beach volleyball bleachers in place.

R!: Carrie comes out mansion-style - swinging for Carmella's jugs early. Decesare buffetted, off balance as Carrie wallops-and-chases her limber foe in first minute. Second minute - Deech with her legs under her: she starts finding Carrie with lithe hooks/slinging right hands, punching blonde onto her heels. Half way point, Prejean looking a little frazzled: Carmella extends a measuring left to Carrie's chest; drops the right to her hip; torques in torso-left and pulls a vicious, slinging right hand up and around, connecting perfectly to chin. BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Prejean's long legs lock up - she stretches out straight on her back - arms throwing up above her head as she's momentarily chin-shocked. Pageant girl showing pride: she's hurt, snivelling, but she lurches up off her back, stumbling into ropes at count of 9 to beat the count. Prejean staring, lips parted: she's all shook up as Carmella wades in for final-minute mop up. Carmy with right down at her thigh, just prodding left jabs into Carrie's raised guard: brunette bending in, lashing sleek right hands upside the head as poor Prejean turtles up. Carrie slumped in ropes, shipping shellack: Carmella head-hunting a little, would have down better to lick those exposed blonde ribs. Still a big 10-8 Carmella round.

R2: Prejean a little calmer, showing her pageant pedigree as she sets up behind a classy jab. Decesare spanked on her face early: she responds with sinewy torso-rolls, getting all supple and bendy-backed to slip keen blonde poke. Decesare with hands low - she's looking to slap Prejean wide out of the rolling crouches, threatening blonde with either hand. Total contrast in style: Prejean upright, rigid, poking straight lefts and rights; Carmella flat footed, but giving all kinds of head/torso movement, twisting and turning on liquid hips. Decesare content to make Carrie miss, then flirt with her jugs with swinging, slapping clouts. Carmella repays every blow to her own rack, showing Carrie she can't get away with anything today.

R3: Carmella sinewy confident - stalking her blonde with hands down/torso rotating. Prejean working behind the jab - finding Carmella on occasion - but Decesare's sleek rolling/slipping head movement keeping her safe. Carm laying into the Prejean waistline with wide, strapping licks: Deech twisting side to side, hauling leather onto her rival. Carrie grimacing, bringing elbows in: her output drops significantly as Carmella touches the body with authority. Bell: Decesare brightens, tossing hair of her shoulders and smiling sunny. Prejean grumpy, ribs and tummy pink: she's cranky, sullen in her corner, arguing with her trainer.

R4: Carmella gets the jab going - pumping down at Prejean's flat gut, then pivoting-left in lanky, leggy fashion. Carmella keeping right at her chest - relying on her legs and left hand to bedevil Prejean in first minute. Carrie turning, scowling: she twitches like she wants to punch, but she's been missing so much, she's hesitant to release. Midway through, Carmella locates her blonde with the long left in the chest, then turns into that slinging, sidearm right off the hip, bending torso-left to sweep it home. CRASHING pinpoint clap against Prejean's jaw: lovely blonde legs stiffen up again and down she goes, splashing heavily to her back. Carrie stunned, face pinched as she squinty-blinks up at the sun: she gives it up on her back, unable to answer the 10 count. Sweet-swinging KO4, Carmella Decesare.

After: Decesare grinning, sunny - pasting out blonde pretender as promised. "I just knew she wasn't in my league," says Carm more truthfully than boasting. "She's got good boxing fundamentals - like most pageant girls - but no fighting instincts. She stood straight up all day for me - like she was too pretty to be punched in the face or something! Gotta love cooperative blondes, I always say."

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