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11 May 2002 (Title) Charlize Theron Vs Peta Wilson

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Charlize Theron vs. Peta Wilson*  (L) (Welterweight Title fight) by simguy 5-11-02


Theron addresses the press: "I just want to make one thing clear: I've already proven myself to be the greatest Welterweight champion in history. That can't be disputed. What's at issue here is personal, between myself and Peta Wilson - the title is secondary. Peta's bigger than me. She's stronger than me - I admit that. I went right at her last time and it was a mistake, but we all know that I don't have to fight her fight, and I won't. I'm going to take my time, strip away the layers, and leave Wilson bare and exposed for all to see, and that's all there is to it."

Peta responds: "I don't see what's going to be different this time. I handled Charlize easily the first go - EASILY. I don't even think she's faster than me and I know she's in trouble when we punch. I hope she gives me some rounds this time - I know some people think I just got lucky and put her out in the last fight: I don't want Theron to have her excuses." Charlize in cream string bikini, Peta in short blonde tousle, white bra style bikini.


Round 1: As promised, Theron on her toes, gliding easy to her left, wafting jabs at Peta and trying to time that chopping counter right. Wilson stalking forward, jabbing to the torso, just trying to get her range. Theron seems in control with her legs - gets benefit of the doubt from the judges.


Round 2: Peta out much more purposefully this round, jamming her right shoulder into Theron's chest, tying up Charlize' right arm in both hands and driving the challenger across the ring into the turnbuckle. Peta pinning her girl and slamming away with shoulder and ELBOW SMASHES TO THE BREASTS while wrapping up that right arm. Theron getting rag-dolled as Peta puts it to her body hard. Referee finally issues a break - but Wilson right back on top with a smashing overhand right, gets on Theron's chest and works the waist with both hands. Charlize hunching forward, starts answering back in spirited trade at the bell - Wilson banging out the points toe to toe.


Round 3: Theron back in control with lateral movement, slapping, stinging jab and open palm hooks setting up the downward slicing right. Peta wading in, reaching on her punches - gets clipped a hard right hand on the jaw that puts her momentarily wobbly butt! Theron following up with a series of clouting lefts on the ear to put Peta's back on the ropes. Charlize squares away to pile on, but Wilson shows her durability, digging in and slugging back. Girls shoulder to shoulder, lugging punches up from underneath THERON STARTS TO BACK UP! Charlize wilting under duress and it's all Wilson down the stretch as she bangs Theron into compliance. Charlize covering up, trying to lay in close as Peta hammers away to the arms and ribs to the bell.


Round 4: Charlize spearing the jab nice, doubling it up the middle, moving to her left - Wilson giving away a lot of first minutes just trying to get position to punch in these rounds. Tactical sharp shooting round mid-ring - both girls bending into hard right hands, coming back with wide hooks. Theron setting herself up better with the jab, gets the cleaner touches in a close heat.


Round 5: Peta with that tough shoulder technique, getting into Charlize' chest, tying up her right arm and stampeding the blonde to the turnbuckles for rough body blocks and MORE ELBOWS TO THE BREASTS! Charlize open-mouthed, stunned by the body assault - ref constantly pulling Peta back by the arm, but Peta wading back in to keep the heat on. Bell to bell scrub-down from Peta as Theron, gloves at her temples, stoops forward shuddering as Peta's fists bash the flanks and tummy after five.


Round 6: Peta stalking, tracking Theron down - Charlize loping around the ring, bouncing off the ropes, but finding it hard to keep Wilson off her. By the midway point - Peta has Charlize corralled with her left arm around her waist, jostling and nudging the challenger to the ropes, then forcing pounding exchanges. Peta propping Charlize up with her forearm, CHUGGING AWAY TO THE BREASTS with rising lefts and rights until a breathless THERON TAKES A KNEE! Charlize humming in shock, takes her eight and tries to walk off the ropes, but Peta's BASHING wide right hands to the body and savage hooks on the ear. Theron welted and clouted up against the ropes - she opens up to punch back and gets NAILED a blind hook on the chin and THERON GOES DOWN! Charlize dropped on her butt in the strands - spasming and struggling to get back up - barely beats the count. Charlize nodding as the ref checks her out, extends a left to measure and gets PLOWED with a gorgeous overhand right! Theron dropping on her right side as if shot - crowd roaring at what looks like a sickening KO blow, but a shell-shocked Charlize climbs the ropes at the bell. Peta grinning, exhorting the crowd - surges into the lead off three devastating knockdowns!


Round 7: Theron sleepy, unsteady on her feet, comes out looking to clinch and Peta obliges. Wilson bodying up, bulling her girl to the ropes, then working her methodically as Charlize tries to tie up and counter on the inside. Sweaty work - Peta muscling and pressing Charlize to the strands, tying up one or the other of her arms and going to town with her free hand, PANCAKING TITTIES WITH HEARTLESS ABANDON. Theron mindless, standing in to take it, staggers to her corner with a blasted expression.


Round 8: Girls fall in together mid-ring, each straining to walk the other back - Charlize standing her ground, hunkering in cheek to cheek and outworking Peta in the trenches this round. Blondes just standing in with each other, pulling tightly clipped punches in around one anothers elbows or cuffing one another jaws. Theron takes the round, but Wilson absorbing the punches very well and Peta's got a healthy glow during the break.


Round 9: Theron digging down into that champion's heart, gives Peta all she wants this round. Galloping lefts and rights up underneath have the bigger girl backing up - Theron coming off the stomach and clouting Wilson's face side to side as blonde drives blonde to the ropes. Charlize on wide-spread legs, leans in on the front foot to chop down with right hands, leans onto her back foot to bat-bat the hook and PETA'S HURT! Wilson suddenly dreamy-eyed, crossing her arms as she leans forward TAKING A BEATING! Theron helping herself with sizzling punches - raking Peta across the back, up in the belly and about the face. Wilson swaying defiantly at the bell, shakes her head 'NO!" as Theron groggily turns away.


Round 10: Girls jabbing each other in the chest, both lean into hard right hands and THERON IS HURT! Charlize staggering away with a forlorn look - Peta striding forward, lobbing in more haymaking right hands to get Theron ropeside. Charlize wobbly butt, sitting in the strands, but refusing to give it up - she's clipping counters out of her high guard, trying to time Peta's power strokes. Wilson gritting her teeth and heaving in the leather - SHATTERING BLOWS TO EITHER BREAST HAVE THERON SOBBING BEHIND HER GLOVES as Peta grinds away. Soggy back and forth slugging to the bell - Theron catching Peta plenty but unable to back her off. After a long delay, comes back UD10 for the winner and STILL welter weight champion - Peta Wilson!


Theron with the thousand yard stare at announcement - shunted aside as Wilson's hand is raised and Peta's well-wishers flood the ring. Wilson catching up to Charlize as Theron tries to leave the ring - hauling the challenger back in by her bikini bottom and lavishing Theron with an uncalled for walk of shame - to the delight of millions. Peta occasionally shoves Theron forward and as the groggy girl stumbles, kicks her cream bikini panties, symbolically booting Charlize out of the division. Wilson with the big raunchy smile - Theron stumbling, ashen faced in defeat - it's among the worst moments of Charlize' storied career. "It's the beating I wanted to give her along, with the knockout," crows Peta, "She gave it all up to me and I couldn't be happier. The look in her eyes when I shelled her in the sixth - priceless!"


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