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11 May 2007 Kate Beckinsale vs Carmella DeCesare

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Posted by simguy 5/11/2007


Before: Savage beating at Playboy Mansion L.A. several weeks ago the instigation for this fight. Kate Beckinsale installing herself as a “Playmate Assassin” of sorts, barbecuing a shot, but all too willing Rebecca Ferrati a one-sided pasting that’s too brutal even by Mansion standards. “Carmella first, then Brande,” Beckinsale says with a crisp smile in prefight. “I’m collecting them you see (holds up charm bracelet with one silver bunny dangling).” DeCesare livid, as are all the Playmates at Beckinsale’s outrageous posturing—Carmella determined to stop the Bunny Buster in her tracks. “Kate’s signed to fight me and Roderick both, back to back,” Carmella says, dark eyes flashing. “That’s back to back beatdowns for Kate, coming up. We all understand marketing and promotion, and you do what you have to do—but what Kate chose to do to Rebecca, she’s going to have to pay for. Double.” Kate in white bikini, small white workout gloves, tangly hair. Carmella sporty pink HMK bikini, white hip belt, small white gloves.


During R1: Carmella rangy, snapping the jab up off the hip—it’s spanking off Kate’s raised mitts, or skidding across Kate’s scalp/brows. Carm loping left—right hand negligently low: it’s a dangerous stance for DeCesare, but t helps her get pop on the left hand, and it looks sexy/lanky. Becks comparatively rigid—dukes up to block—turning midring—she’ll occasionally spit back a double jab, looking to chop a short right to Carmella’s chin. Carm’s legs anticipatory—she’s loping put of range, staying safe from Kate’s abrupt punching.


R2: Hard, lanky up-jab from Carmella’s hip takes Kate in the mouth; licking, clouting DeCesare hook toggles Kate’s chin; RIGHT HAND CARMELLA D! Kate caught clean and KATE GOES DOWN! Beckinsale sitting up all blinking and pretty—DeCesare grinning down, nodding at stunned Katie—then prancing to neutral corner to cheers. Kate up stiff, wincing at ref’s 8: ON COMES CARMELLA! Carm loping-to, lashing a whippy right sidearm to Kate’s body, then matching it a licking hook to waist. Carmella’s follow-through all gangly and rangy—arms loose and limber, fists biting at Kate then curling back towards Carm’s tummy/chest after contact. Beckinsale gritting her teeth covering up; she’s hurt on the apron, afraid to punch back—British lass soaks up a thrashing as limber Playmate strokes away pretty bell to bell. HUGE smile DeCesare—hands high as she struts back to corner. Brande standing ringside, clapping and whistling—every punch landed on Kate seems like justice.


R#: Carmella HOUNDING Kate Beckinsale, really taking it to Kate lanky. Becks, recoiling from Carm, backpedaling with dukes up: DeCesare able to lean forward, hands low, stalking her foe with menacing aspect. Up jab continuing to bang at Kate’s defenses and face—Roderick whistling and hooting every time DeCesare scores cleanly to Beckinsale’s eye or mouth. Rangy hooks stroking at Kate, spooking her backward; rangier right hands lashed wide to flank or ear, clouting Kate to her right. Carmella’s chin available, but she’s putting so much strap on Becks, British lass can’t get off. Bell to bell Carmellla has Playmate preening: Kate looking cranky, lumping up nicely after 3 rounds of prime DeCesare.


R4: Kate firming, fighting back in spots—but Carmella still very insistent, walking her foe down lanky, strapping and stroking her hard. DeCesare often lowering her off-hand as she's slugging - Kate able to counter off the block as a result, clipping Carmella’s jaw hooks, and beating Carm to the occasional short right cross in close. DeCesare doing a nice job managing distance however—feet wide apart—she’s able to lean well outside to avoid Kate’s quick mitts. Bruises blooming all across Kate’s torso, face scruffing up, left eye looking pummeled—Beckinsale catching a surprisingly classy ass-kicking through 4!


R5 Kate chopping back in spots—blocking Carmella on a high guard, then catching her tidy hooks of chopping right hands—but DeCesare’s still very much in charge. Carmella getting vicious lank on her shots—succulent, whippy rights and lefts lashed across pale British tummy; wide, oily hooks and sliding right crosses up top. Carm’s upperbody very supply—that and her springy, long-legged stance making up for her poor defensive hand position: difficult for Kate to draw a bead on her undulating, sinuous foe. Carmella just shellacking away for more points—clouting and stalking, clouting and stalking—Roderick up on her feet, fingers in her mouth to shriek whistles in exultation at the bell.


R6: Another DeCesare shutout. Lashing body body blows across Kate’s tortured middle winning grunt-and-cringe from proud Brit: she’s doing well to keep her dukes up in here, hurt as she is by Carmella’s slashing body work. Carmella’s oily up-jab from her hip penetrating with stiff, snappy spank—punching back Kate’s face with authority: More work done on that left eye, and Kate’s nose is bloodied this round. DeCesare’s laughter taunting Kate as Beckinsale tries to counter, only to miss her lithe, loping foe—Dcesare increasingly the owner of space between the fighters, closing and disengaging at will. Becks sullen, stung at the bell as Carmella lifts her mitts and struts yet again back to her corner.


R7: Kate Beckinsale shows up to fight. Crisp hooks-of-the-block finally toggling Carmella’s chin hard enough to disrupt DeCesare’s footing. Carm pulling back in alarm, hands down: Kate able to scoot-forward, put the blunt right hand onto Carmella’s mouth, follow up more tidy hooks to cheek and chest. DeCesare being driven straight back to ropes—Kate hopping forward, crouching getting off brisk—DeCesare can’t find that lanky rhythm. Beckiinsale very persistent—chasing D to the ropes, then clawing combinations at her, then walking her down as Carmella seeks distance—all adds up late as DeCesare’s legs buckle, torso droops slightly, Kate quick on the pounce—she gets close, hooks Carmella’s mouth once, twice; jots a straight right hand to face as DeCesare’s stumbling to her left—Carm ragdolled against ropes, eyelashes fluttering. Kate hopping in to unleash hell—bell sounds before Brit can finish.


R8: 7th clear turning point: Kate Beckinsale on the attack now, spitting her jab, penetrating Carmella, engaging at close range with crisp combinations. Carmella willowy, rolling supple with punches, but she’s absorbing significant punishment now—constantly backpedaling, unable to set her feet to slug the way she had been. Kate constantly hopping in, knocking at Carmella’s jabs tidying up with short, clipping rights and left—she’s driving DeCesare at the stagger all around the ring. D looking disheveled, mouth breathing at the bell; Kate gives her a withering glare before separating, British girl checking American for signs of quit.


R9: Gut check time, Carmella DeCesare. Constant, gnawing British attrition continues—Kate grimly pressing behind that spitting double jab, then cleaning up with increasingly clean, hurtful combinations. Carm cringing from body touches, straightening up from uppercuts, hand swiveling from clubbing rights or lefts—she’s under continual threat, spilling around the ring on rubbery legs. DeCesare hitting ropes very loose—leaning forward behind her mitts to absorb fearful rib work, then sputtering past Kate to continue the stumbling retreat: Carm doing everything she can to stay on her feet despite signs of clear collapse. Beckinsale coldblooded throughout, eyes narrowed in concentration, lips tight-‘n-spiteful—she’s stepping-to, putting compact bite on Carmella, beating her pillar to post, but just can’t find the off switch as DeCesare staggers out of the round.


R10: Carmella rallies—best two way round of the fight erupts as Kate presses, opening herself up to damage from a determined Carmella. DeCesare in wide stance, walks Kate onto a thumping right hand to belly, then a clouting left to chin as DeCesare shifts weight to back (right) foot. Becks pushes through it, spitting her jab, dropping her tidy right, hopping to her hook with her hops popped-right—she’s driving DeCesare back on her heels, reeling. Midway through, crowd gasps as Carmella is terribly hurt: jabbing negligently with her right hand down—DeCesare’s caught a vicious right hand on the button, and as she sputtering—Kate hits Carmella a roaring hook—British lass leaving her feet as she torques into the clout. CARMELLA REFUSES KNOCKDOWN! DeCesare badly loosened, wobbling away with how-could-you eyes, but when Becks pounces-to to finish? Right hand thick in her gut, clobbering wide left hook as Carmella pours her own lean, long lines into sloshing punches, repulsing Beckinsale aggression. Kate rebuked—frowning at her foe’s supple resiliency: DeCesare able to rally late, pull herself together and fend Kate off with that limber up jab, and the threat of more slinging right crosses. Goes to the cards, comes back UD10…Carmella DeCesare!


After: Beckinsale thrown back in sullen shock—classy British vixen simply waited too long to take this fight seriously. DeCesare with her odd form breaks but lanky effectiveness puts in one of her best efforts, handing the Bunny Buster a terrible setback and denying Becks a second charm. Roderick and DeCesare showing plenty of cheek afterwards—arms across each other’s shoulders, they heckle and taunt a crimson-cheeked Beckinsale as Kate’s making her exit—Playmates exactly overawed by their so-called “huntress’ tonight.


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