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11 Nov 2007 Brenda Song vs Kristin Cavallari

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Beach Bout (Cabo San Lucas)


Posted by simguy on 11/11/2007, 5:08 pm

Before: "I want to be dominant," Song explains of her decision to meet Cavallari on Mexican sand in Cabo, "and that means hunting girls down wherever they're most comfortable, taking the fight to their doorstep and beating them at their own games. We used to eat girls like Kristin up for breakfast at Disney - this is going to be a walk in the park for me!" Cavs diligently building a rep amongst the spoiled rich-girl beach crowd as a useful open-air slugger - but can she compensate for Song's strong amateur career? "Gena Lee Nolin didn't have a big amateur career," Cavallari shrugs, "Carmen Electra - Jennifer O'Dell - lots of girls have learned on the job and become great fighters. I'm not scared of Brenda just because she's gone to fight-school - you can't teach heat, and I'm the hottest thing Brenda's ever been in with. Trust me, it changes a girl when she's face to face with someone like me for the first time." Song in sturdy black bikini; dark curls back in scruffy beach bun with curly bangs framing face; small black work out gloves. Kris in vivid electric baby blue bikini; scruffy beach bun with long strands framing face; small white work out gloves. Cabo beach - no ring - converted beach volleyball court with bleachers - very hot noon day sun.

During R1: Stop and go action as she girls curve in on each other and clinch - reaching under one another's arms and stamping around in sand for position. Cheap holding and hitting until ref's breaks - girls slapping at each other's hips and backs while tied up. Song with her hands bobbing gently, palms down as she navigates: Kris dukes at temples - stepping-to her foe, crouching, looking to throw strong right/lefts against Brenda's golden ribs. Tough to score - Song fitting a few good right hands into the pit of Krissy's tummy as the girls fall in together; Song walking Kris around in the clinch, seemingly the boss in sweaty chest-to-chest negotiations.

R2: More clinching goodness - little legs stamping, perky buttocks jostling as small-bodied vixens push and strain and wriggle for position. Song showing her class though - jabbing Kris on the way in, stepping her around in the clinch, working the right hand diligently into Cavallari's paunch before tie-ups. Cavallari grunting, baring her teeth with strain, but basically unproductive: blonde's walking in, getting beat to punches, then getting tied up before she can take her turn.

R3: Stop and go continues - but both girls doing more punching, especially at close range. Song's jab gives her initiative: Krissy's strength helps her retake initiative as the girls close and swap inside. Cavallari punishing Brenda's sprouting jugs, batting away to ribs and digging up tummy: blonde doing a nice job rotating her shoulders, keeping her hands moving as grunting Song tries to tie up. Brenda giving ground now, steadily punched back onto her heels - she's counterpunching, looking to walk Kris into cutey-pie right uppercuts and check hooks, then clinch.

R4: Cavallari ties up the cards with another hardworking heat - Kris showing good tenacity and aggression, walking Brenda down and collapsing distance. Song backing away, eyes narrowed - she's fighting well in retreat, fitting Kris for lead right hands straight up the middle; swatting hooks off the right (back) foot; plugging rights to paunch. Kris earmufing up, walking through this stuff and fighting off Brenda's chest: more and more blonde is breaking Asian girls clinches and working as Song's forced to bail and regroup.

R5: Song stepping to her right, swishing a bit in sand, but giving Kris just enough lateral movement to trouble her. Brenda seeking - and getting - a nice whippy right hand in over Krissy's left hip. Nice smacking shot bringing a wince to Cavallari's lips, slowing her pursuit a tad. Bren able to pick away from outside, step around her girl and potshot: on the few occasions Krissy's able to penetrate - Song ties her up and wrestles until ref's breaks.

R6: Kristin very persistent - she walks Brenda down, eats the odd potshot in exchange for the chance to brawl off Song's chest. Brenda scowling at Krissy's hard punching - blonde not fancy, but energetic enough swinging and clubbing away: Song constantly stepping back, trying to gain a little distance. Kris the aggressor, piling up good batting touches to ribcage, scrounging to jugs and tummy in close, and when Brenda backs away - Krissy's starting to hook Asian chin. Bell: Song staring thoughtfully at sand as she stalks away hands on hips; she's a little buzzed, disheveled through 6.

R7: Roughest round of the fight for Cavallari - she's very stern with Brenda, slugging her ribs effectively, mauling and pushing her around in the clinches. Song starting to stagger and stumble a little as Krissy's warned for pushing and bumping - blonde being very physical, headlocking and rough-housing her girl. A big, shovelling right takes Brenda in her tummy at one point - she turns, jogs away in pain with Krissy in hot pursuit. Down the stretch, Song backing away as she's bending forward behind her mitts: Cavallari stepping-with and clobbering her with free-swinging lefts and rights. Pelting barrage bounces off Asian head, gloves and shoulders, nearly pounding her to her knees under the sheer volume. Cavallari cheerful on the walk back to her trainer: blonde slugging trumping Disney finesse through 7.

R8: Bitterest two way trading of the contest as Song can't afford to clinch and Kris feeling confident, doesn't think she needs to. More toe-to-toe as a result - girls baring teeth and swinging away from medium distance; falling in and squirming to get body blows from mouth-on-shoulder distance. Still a lot of pushing and stamping as girls compete to come forward and move the other around - high spirited stuff proves crowdpleasing through 8.

R9: Song fights and wins a series of short-punching exchanges early, clinching Kristin up and walking her around afterwards. Ref pushing sweating little beauties apart - both curling back in towards each other as though magnetized. Song scrubbing hard to Krissy's jugs this round, batting those puppies up, down, all around - Cavallari output dropping as jug-mugging discourages her. Song pummelling jug to loosen Krissy's rigid earmuff stance - Brenda able to paste away on face as Cavallari's defensive form starts to degrade. Kris taking the best Brenda can offer, but Asian lass outworks blonde for points in the 9th.

R10: Rousing final heat of a close fight - girls snarl, curve in towards each other and paste away simultaneous. Bright spanking clout applied to both faces; digging rights and lefts stuck hard to tummies; batting lashes licked to flanks. Girls stamp and stagger under withering mutual lather - Krissy's determination and heavier hands seem to have Brenda discouraged late. All Cavallari coming forward in final minute - Song retreating, dukes up, teeth bared in grimace as she looks mostly to clinch. Comes back one point duke - Kris Cavallari!

After: Song stunned - conqueress of Ashley Tisdale brought crashing to earth as bouncy blonde simply outworks Disney prodigy in soft Cabo sand. "She's got nothing," crows a glowing Kristin in postfight, clearly relishing the upset. "I did all the hard punching, I hurt her throughout the fight and I was the aggressor from the opening bell. She can't fight on sand - not even a little bit: I was way too much for her out here today!"

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