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11 Nov 2008 Stable War Signing Day

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Signing Day: Foxfire/HMK Stable War


Posted by Foxfire/HMK on 11/11/2008, 1:58 pm


Most FCBA fight signings were a matter of exchanging faxes or dropping by the front office with no press around. Not so the formal contract signing for the 7-fight series that was to be held sometime around Thanksgiving (the actual date was still vague). For that event, the FCBA reporters had crowded into one of the larger press room. Crews from ESPN, Fox Sports, and the FCBA Network were all on hand. A small table had been set up on the platform where an FCBA lawyer sat to one side with the actual contracts. He called first called out the name of each organization’s leader to step forward and sign the contract placed before them on the table. In this case it meant Foxfire’s Head Trainer Virginia Madsen (for owner Marvin Fox, who was present, but wisely realized Virgnia was far more photogenic) and HMK’s leader Heather Kozar.



Once they had signed, the lawyer read the names of the individual fighters for each proposed bout. The ladies had dressed up for the event and came forward.

First up was Sarah Carter of Foxfire and Kate Bosworth of HMK.

359.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

Sarah approached the signing table with a confident smirk, though she said nothing as she signed. Kate Bosworth didn’t seem to like the smirk and gave Sarah a frown of disapproval. Sarah responded with a quick turn of her head, nearly bringing her ponytail across Kate’s face, but Kate deftly stepped back and the ponylash hit only empty air. Sarah looked back in annoyance and Kate now was the one to smirk. Sarah turned her back and marched back to rejoin her Foxfire sisters.

Next up was Hayden Panettiere of Foxfire and Eva Longoria of HMK.

Hayden seemed a bit nervous in the presence of the older brunette. Apparently this was the first time they had met. After they had signed, Eva unexpectedly offered Hayden her hand. Hayden look surprised, but shook it. Eva smiled and went back to her side. Hayden looked pleased, at least until she turned around and saw Sarah Carter scowling at her. Hayden gave her colleague a defiant look.

Elisabeth Harnois of Foxfire now approached the table.

She looked positively giddy, It was no secret that Foxfire’s blonde communications director was desperate for another FCBA fight and many thought she had engineered the entire stable war to get one. If so, she was now placed with HMK’s Carmella Decesare a busty, brunette graduate of the Playboy Mansion school of boxing.

Carmella eyed the blonde with some amusement when Beth began to stare at the brunette’s much larger breast line. Carmella leaned over and was heard to teasingly whisper:

“Don’t you be jealous of my ‘girls’ Beth and be mean to them or I will have to be mean to you and your ‘small wonders’.”

Beth blushed red and for once couldn’t think of anything to say as laughter rippled through the crowd. She signed hastily and made her retreat. Carmella sashayed back to her side looking very pleased with herself.

Rachel McAdams of Foxfire now joined Scarlett Johansson of HMK to sign their individual contracts.

Rachel Pictures, Images and PhotosScarlett JoHansson Pictures, Images and Photos

The two had never fought before and eyed each without saying a word. Then Rachel offered her hand and they shook.

Next up were Laura Vandervoort of Foxfire and the veteran Brittany Daniel of HMK.

Sci-Fi Entertainment Laura Vandervoort Pictures, Images and Photos

Laura had apparently heard quite a bit about some of Ms. Daniel’s pre-fight antics and seemed wary as she approached. Brittany could see this nervousness and it plainly amused her. As Laura leaned forward to sign her contract, she suddenly realized Brittany was intently studying her cleavage. Brittany was up to her old tricks as she then turned to the crowd and shook her head while offering a “thumb’s down” opinion of Laura’s breasts. (reminding those in the press of the time Brittany had "booed" Jenny O'Dell's rack before a bout). Laura looked bewildered, then angry as the crowd laughed along with Brittany. For a split second, it looked like Laura was about to do something, when she saw Marvin Fox shaking his head, so Laura settled for giving Brittany a blazing look of anger and then stomping away. Brittany just grinned triumphantly and rejoined her colleagues.

After that incident, Mary Elizabeth Winstead of Foxfire approached the table with some concern under her smile,

mary elizabeth winstead Pictures, Images and Photos

but HMK’s Unified Lightweight Champion Erica Durance though smiling at Brittany Daniel’s antics, nevertheless kept a more reassuring air when she came to the table.

[erica durance Pictures, Images and Photos

She and Mary simply exchanged pleasant smiles (though observers thought Mary’s was more tense) and signed on the dotted lines. Then Erica was heard to say:

“Watch yourself with Abbie Cornish, kid. I want enough left of you to give me a good fight.”

Mary smiled at this: “Don’t you worry, Ms. Durance, I’ll have plenty left for you.”

“Oh, call me ‘Erica’, anybody who wants my title should at least call me by my first name,” Erica said.

“Thanks, Erica, see you there.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Mary you will,” Erica said.

The final two fighters were Mandy Moore of Foxfire and Tricia Helfer of HMK.

mandy moore Pictures, Images and PhotosTricia Helfer VI Pictures, Images and Photos

This would be Tricia’s first fight at welterweight, but she seemed to be making sure Mandy Moore knew she wasn’t intimidated by this fact. She gave Mandy a tough, icy look before signing. Mandy gave her an equally tough, icy look back. No words were exchanged, but electricity seemed to be crackling between the pair until they turned their backs and returned to their own sides.

The signings concluded, the reporters pressed in hoping for some statements from the fighters, but there were none at this event. The two stables quickly filed out, but some of them (Laura and Brittany; Mandy and Tricia; Beth and Carmella) paused long enough to exchange final glares or amused smirks. While this was disappointing, the reporters could see that once the actual question & answer sessions began, things could get very lively.


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