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12 April 2003 Catherine Bell vs Jennifer Garner

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Originally posted by Simguy on 4/12/2003, 8:52 am.


Before: Combatants with nothing but respect for each other in cordial prefight sessions. “I’ve dominated this division,” Jennifer says, “but I can’t say I’ve dominated Cat Bell. She does this thing where she takes away the one thing you do best and makes you work with the rest of your game. You have to make good adjustments against her to beat her. She’s a delicious challenge and I’m glad this fight good be made.”


Bell equally complimentary. “Everyone knows Jennifer’s practically unstoppable—we spent SO much time fight-planning in camp, way more than we would for a regular fighter. She’s a little quicker than me, I hit a little harder—I have to make this fight more about my strengths than hers. Conditioning is key—you know Garner won’t tire and you have to be able to hand with her down the stretch.”


Cat in electric blue bikini, Jennifer in pale blue, bra style bikini, hair tied back.


During R1: Classy stuff. Bell sliding to the left, shooting jabs to the tummy, then hooking up top, always keeping the right tight to her chest or face. Garner using more of the ring, retreating to the ropes, feinting, then spinning out to keep Cat guessing. Garner separates herself late—jamming a chopping right over Cat’s left shoulder, putting the hook on top to spill Bella awkwardly into the ropes at the bell.


R2: Similar action—Bell economical, jabbing to the body to set up the head shots, Garner using leg, looking to dart in, get off in combinations, pivot out. Another close round finally decided by Jennifer as Garner shoeshines a covered up Bell, batting at her guard shoulders, skull to steal points late.


R3: Bell loosening up, turning over the right hand from the shoulder—Jenny’s stepping out of range, but Cat’s pursuit allows her to clip the follow up hook on occasion. Garner venturing inside, but catching Bell’s right uppercut—Cat able to halt Jennifer’s advance, then mop her up in the waist as Garner bends forward to protect.


R4: Bell just laying out the jab, placing it flat and heavy in Jen’s upperchest, getting the range and she NAILS a searing right cross to send Garner reeling to her right. Bell jabbing her girl to the ropes, then unleashing serious sweeping rights to body, palming with the left to brace her girl for right crosses up top. Jennifer covering upstairs very effectively, but shipping heavy leather across her flagstone abs—Bell able to stand up into some thumping right handed body work. Down the stretch, jenny twists right and banks a tight left hook off Bell’s chin, ducks right to pulls slashing right across Bell’s

Mouth and CAT GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Cat reaching in to clinch—Jenny keeps her hands in front, rotating her shoulders and mauling those melons to send Bell groaning backwards. Jenny stepping with and chopping straight punches—crisscross shots off Bell’s pained mug and CAT GOES DOWN! Bell driven to her back up. Big round for garner—she sops up a big Bell right hand, but gets the better of a harsh-punching 4th.


R5: Bell shows her resilience and discipline, back on Jenny with spearing jabs, moving her girl around the ring. Garner trying to slide inside and beat Bell and quick-mitt combinations at close range, but Cat’s not having it. When garner gets past the stick, Bell wraps her up tight, walks her to the ropes for the break. Outside, Cat seems to have established her range and tempo.


R6: Garner leading with sharp hooks, stepping left, feinting—Bell circling warily, trying to get a read on the new look. Girls fall in together, Jenny clipping the hook in a tight arc, grazing Cat’s cheek and Bell’s legs are weak as they lock up. Jenny pushes off, sees the knock-kneed stagger as Bell backs away and jumps aboard. Gatling Gun combination punching—Cat half turning away, arms raised as she hits the ropes with her right shoulder. Jenny surging in, setting up just outside Cat’s left shoulder, hook-hook-hooking those jugs, turning over the right hand to cheek and CAT’S MOUTHPIECE SAILS OFF HER TEETH! Punching shredding the former champ on the ropes—arms extended, weak, offering no protection as jenny hammers past the guard with both hands. Sleek muscles of Garner’s shoulders, back, stomach ripping the guard with both hands. Sleek muscles of Garner’s shoulders, back, stomach ripping into view as she tears it up and THE REF STEPS IN! Cat Bell bloodied, dazed, is saved from further fury as Jenny G solves the mystery!


After: Garner head back, hands at eyebrows—thrilling victory for the dimpled wonder leaves her teary eyed in triumph. Bell beaten ramshackle, shaky to her stool—last flurry of Garner’s a savage display of handspeed and accuracy Cat just couldn’t take, “She caught me a hook I didn’t see there,” explains Cat, gracious enough to share some words in defeat, “and that stunned me, no question. Was it a quick whistle? I was taking Ryan right hands, these guys have to stop overprotecting us—I’m sue Garner will tell you, it’s important for us to see the opponent go down. She deserved the chance to put me on the canvas and I deserved the chance to see if I could withstand it.”


Girls exchange respectful handshake, hug, but Garner’s words sting in postfight, leaving Cat’s mouth agape in the background.


“Cat Bell’s been an idol of mine for years,” Jennifer says in all sincerity, “but I’m really hoping she’ll hang’em up after this fight. She’s going to look at this fight and say ‘I won a couple of rounds, made jenny work. I was right in it’, but the truth is, I was in total control of the opponent and hurting her pretty consistently. I’d hate to see Bell stick around and start getting picked on by everybody—She’s lost that world-class step she needs to compete—as has Theron. I’ve heard that Charlize is having trouble remembering her lines—that’s awful to heat. I’m just looking forward to Ryan—there’s no reason for her duck me any longer—I think we’re the two best fighters in the division, so let’s get it on.”


Reposted by Archer 5/1/09.


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