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12 Aug 2006 Catherine Bell vs Taylor Cole

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8/10/2006, 10:14 pm,



Before: "Growing up, I just LOVED the Bell/Theron battles," gushes an excited Taylor Cole in prefight. "I was always a Cat Bell girl - she had the black hair like mine, and I just thought she was tougher and classier and prettier than Charlize. My friends and me would play "Charlize and Cat" and I would always be Bell - kicking their scrawny behinds up and down the beach. So I can't tell you what a thrill this is to have a chance to take over from Cat. Can you imagine? Cat Bell passing the torch to ME? It gives me goosepimples just thinking about it."


Bell frosty her side of the dais - Cat well known for her antipathy toward rival brunettes, and for being extra hard on up-and-comers. "This girl dominated Jenny O'Dell at welter," Bell reasons, "Taylor's no joke. As I train for Cole, I'm thinking about Jenny a lot - what worked against her, why it worked - and I know the same things are going to give Cole problems. She's new to the weight, just getting used to herself down here, and I think it's a mistake to be taking me as her inaugral bout - but I don't manage the kid. I may be her HANDLER, but I don't manage her - look for Taylor to hurt in this one and learn a few things."


Taylor in crimson bikini with white swirl pattern. Cat in electric blue bikini. Bell seeking out Taylor's eyes during ring instructions and really staring-in: Cat very intense as they touch 'em up.


During R1: Cat jabs over Taylor's right shoulder, channelling Cole forward and REAMING her the blunt right hand on the mouth - TAYLOR'S SHOOK! Cole staggering in a semicircle to her right - Bell laying into young midriff, both arms pumping, beating a groggy pout of shock onto Cole's pretty face. Taylor backpedalling, chased by a stream of merciless Cat Bell right hands - Bell stepping-and-fetching Cole punches upside the head. Ropes: Bell DIGGING amidships again - lowering her head, drawing her elbows back, chugging away to waist and ribs. Cole grimacing, ashen-faced - when she tries to tie up, Cat shoves her off, punches her righty on the jaw; when Taylor tries to slide-right along the ropes, Cat steps-with, stays on that body with strapping vigour. Corner to corner to corner to corner pursuit - Bell TEARING at Taylor non-stop - taking the steam out of the kid just the way she did Jenny in O'Dell's first step-up bout. Break: Cole swaying in the wing, eyes dazed and wide, already busted up in the mouth and hurting - Bell stomps back to her corner with a 10-8 first in her back pocket.

R2: Cole showing big-girl resilience: she shakes off the pounding, fights a measured second as Cat's pace slows considerably. Stop-and-go midring negotiations - both vixens coming in off hard jabs, looking for cracking right hands up top, then falling in together. Taylor showing Cat big-girl strength - walking Bell to ropes, leaning on her for ref's breaks - being the stronger vixen. Taylor even going to the Bell midsection with pump action lefts and rights - forcing grimacing clinches from Cat with her back to the ropes.

R3: Taylor busting Cat hard jabs in the mouth, stalks Bell to ropes. Minute mark, Cole shooting in behind the jab, leans into a CRUNCHING right, catching Bell just behind the ear as she's ducking down and BLUDGEONING CAT TO HER KNEES! Astonishment in Cat's eyes as she steadies herself on all fours - the brute POWER of this kid! Wobbly-butt 8, Cat Bell: HERE COMES TAYLOR! Cat sags into ropes, dukes at temples: Taylor jackhammering that breadbasket - leaning her face forward, drawing her elbows back and pump-pumping left/rights into taut Bell waist. Cat's lips pulling back from her teeth in pain - she slides to her right along the ropes - Taylor maintains contact with a wide, gathering hook, quick-step over, then back to digging. Bell hounded pillar to post, ribcage under nonstop, tortuous assault. veteran's trying everything - spin-moves, clinching, spot-brawling - but Taylor will have NONE of it. Cole strong, bell to bell ON Bell - kid chests up, nostrils flaring, eyes blazing as she fronts up on Cat BRAZEN!


R4: Oh that wily Cat: Taylor proving too strong toe-to-toe - Bell adjusts, gets on her toes, starts to circle counterclockwise midring, work behind her jab. Cat patient, precise - placing her poke in Taylor's leftside ribs just behind the tricep; on mouth; on left eye. Cat stepping right, then darting in, ducking down to connect with short, sneaky right hands, quickly tieing up around Taylor's ribs to walk her back for breaks. Cole a half-step behind, eyes narrowed in concentration - Cat's sudden boxing look confusing the youngster in a transitioning fourth.


R5: Taylor counter-adjusts - jabbing-with Cat, stepping over to cut off the ring - Cole able to manufacture more face-on-face exchanges as the girls lay in, pound away downstairs. Bell willing to trade, answering back thump-thump-thump, arms pumping as she leans forward - but Cole's heavier hands, sturdier midsection proving too rugged - Cat slowly backed up, beaten to ropes, then beaten ON ropes as she covers up earmuff, waits for a spot, and clinches for break. At the halfway mark - Taylor's a point up on the judge's cards, making Cat work insanely hard for every square inch of canvas tonight.


Posted by simguy on 8/10/2006, 10:15 pm, in reply to "Taylor Cole vs Cat Bell "




R6: Is Cat wilting? Bell jabbed hard to chest and face, driven ropeside - she covers up earmuff - sometimes leaning back tall into the ropes, sometimes bending forward to help ease the pressure on her midsection. Cole doing a mighty fine Cat Bell impression as she beats her idol relentlessly on the strands. There's the chugging lefts and rights as Cole leans forward, just moving her mitts back and forth into Bell's waistline. There's the vicious dip-n'-rip hooks licked snug behind Cat's right elbow as she stoops forward, warping the Bell chassis, buckling the Bell legs. There's lanky Charles-Brewer type left uppercuts and straight rights between the mitts, knocking Cat back into the ropes, hurting and startling her. And there's jug - all the jug Taylor could want - just a thick and sexy short arm bumping of those beauties as Cole hup-hups her mitts side to side, plundering a cramped-up Cat. Break: Bell pale, badly shaken, visibly resentful as Taylor turns away from her, lifts mitts high and struts back to her corner with more points.


R7: Cat loping to her right again, up on her toes, dangling that left hand loose n' low, right cocked at her chest. Bell bouncing back from pressure, cuffing Taylor check-hooks off the hip, or running her into intercept jabs. Bell stepping-right, then diving in from the screened stance, pulling right hands onto Taylor's chin, then gobbling her up in a tight chest-to-chest clinch. Cat unashamed to tie up - even midway through when that sneaky lead right buckles Taylor's knees - Cat reaches in, snuggles up, and walks Cole to ropes for the break. Taylor scuffing up, looking down-in-the-mouth: she gets her butt wobbled, doesn't make any meaningful contact as Cat pitches the shutout.


R8: Another Cat Bell shutout. Lateral movement giving Taylor some problems, keeping her from taking the initiative - Bell's dangling left issuing snappy up-jabs or swatting check-hooks as required to keep Taylor at arm's length. Creep-step right sets up those sneaky lead right hands - Cat smokin' 'em hard to Taylor's jaw, then tieing up, frustrating the young beauty while hurting her. Final minute - Taylor blinking from a hard one-two on her face - her broad white back against the ropes when Cat steps right, drops her right (back) foot back for extra leverage and RIPS a left hook across Taylor's paunch. Cole cramping up, screaming "UHHHHH!" as she bites down on her mouthpiece, sits hurt into the ropes: Cat capitalizes with a nice little right uppercut/left hook combo on the chin to clap the mouthpiece off Taylor's teeth at the bell.


R9: Cole's eyes glassy, foggy with hate and hurt - she plods after Cat on flat feet, playing into Bell's crafty hands this round. More of the same from Bell, brisk lateral movement (mostly counterclockwise), a liberal dosing of jabs and cuffing hooks off the step-back; a smattering of lead right hands and clinches off the step right. Cat knows she hurt Taylor to the body last round, and gets back in there whenever Cole's back hits ropes - Cat pushing in mouth-on-shoulder, leaning forward, letting her arms pump back and forth, fists bashing away at the muscular goodness of Taylor's waist and stout ribs. Cole mouthbreathing, brawny arms reaching to tie up around Cat's head - sloppy clinches from Taylor mean Cat can keep punching, diligently pumping away until ref's breaks. Break: Cole broken down, breathing hard, but taking a terrific punch - Cat looking Taylor over, more than a little confused at the sturdy beauty's refusal to go down.


R10: Taylor flings out a heavy jab to Cat's mouth against Cat's own stiff stick - Bell unable to step out of the way as her own high workrate starts to catch up to her. More heavy, mouth-on-shoulder brutality sessions - girls just forming a hurtin' arch as they lean in, arms dig-dig-digging back and forth, hammering away at offending tummies, ribs and tits. Bell unable to hold her ground in this kind of action, constantly pushed, punched and bulled to ropes - Cat much more adept at tieing up the kid's head AND an arm, snuggling Taylor up so she can't punch while waiting for ref's break. But Cole's the aggressor, finding a second wind late, turning up the heat and getting after Cat - Cole on top, smearing Bell along the ropes, handing out a hammering to that legendary torso in the 10th. Goes to the cards - girls all puffy-faced and worn down as they stand side by side. Comes back UD10 DRAW - the ol' Tractorpull special.


After: Bell nodding, offering Cole a cool, professional hug - Taylor returning the gesture, but obviously feeling snubbed by her idol who hasn't been lavish with praise, respect, or friendliness towards the kid. "She's threatened," Taylor shrugs in postfight, basking in a lightweight-debut draw with the legendary brunette, "she's keeping emotional distance - I get that. I still think she's the greatest trophy-win out there and I'm going to keep working hard to achieve that. Maybe when she's retired she can relax and let her hair down a little."


Bell non-plussed when reporter misquotes Taylor, relaying a false impression to Cat: "I don't doubt that she wants to retire me," Cat says, eyes hard. "I'm seeing more and more of that from girls coming up - they don't just want a good hard win now, they think if they push, they can be the ones to make me hang 'em up. Taylor's good - but she's not that good. I hit the kid some blockbuster shots tonight and she took 'em, but I wasted the first half trying to bang her out. I think I could have taken 7 or 8 rounds by boxing her if I'd started with that earlier. Is she as good as Jenny O'Dell at this point in her career? I'd have to say better - Taylor's much more robust and stronger. If Cole retires ANYBODY, I've a sneaking suspicion it's going to be O'Dell."

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