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12 Aug 2006 Nadia Bjorlin vs Laura Prepon

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Posted by simguy on 8/12/2006, 5:08 pm


Before: Laura's been at this a while - working her way up the welter food chain - seen some highs and lows. She appraises Nadia from the vantage point of experience: "Very limited," Prepon shrugs. "I see this big strong girl coming forward and eating my right hand - she's tailor-made for me. You know, she's gotten a little 'next big thing' buzz, but I don't see it. I don't think she's shown the kind of promise I have, and I'm a much more polished professional than she is at this point. Kid's gonna get a beating, and I feel bad for her son: I got 99 problems but a beating ain't one!"


Jay-Z reference lost on Bjorlin, but not the mocking tone of it - Nadia clearly ill-amused at Laura's presumption. "All I've ever seen of Laura is Prepon showing her ass in the ring," snorts a combative Bjorlin. "I'll punch her into next week. She thinks I'M tailor made for her right hand? I think she's tailor made for ME - I'm WAY too strong for a girl like this. Don't bet the over boys: Nadia's sending Laura home early."


Bjorlin in gold underwire bikini. Laura in butterscotch plaid bikini, long low blonde ponytail.


During R1: Stalking - both girls snarling, creep-stepping in clockwise rotation, pawing jabs to measure the other for KO right hands. Prepon's corner livid - screaming at her to "STICK THE JAB! COME ON, LAURA STICK IT!" Girls taking turns leaning in behind flapping, range-finding lefts, extending into brutal right hands - each testing t'other and shaking her with solid single-shot chin-checks. Wobbly-butts all 'round by the bell - both girls hurt, but neither really pressing her advantage when she has it - just a crashing case of "you hit me, I'll hit you" in the first.


R2: Bjorlin erupting with a more forceful, walking barrage of lefts and rights, vigorously hurling her fists at Prepon's skull as Laura hastily backpedals to ropes. Preps absorbing mostly glancing blows, with a couple of solid clouts - she's able to regroup at the apron, duck low and gather up Nadia's waist for clinch, ignoring Bjorlin's patting right hands on the back as ref moves in. Stop and go - Laura trying to prowl to the side, pump her jab with a little more spice and line Nadia up for the KO right cross. Bjorlin wary of it - crossing her arms, bobbing her head, coming forward pitching. Both girls over-committing and falling into the other's muscular clinch - corners working hard during the break to calm both vixens down, get them to focus on fundamentals (body for Bjorlin, jab for Prepon).


R3: More dangerous, tense moments for both girls - each shaken in turn by the other's determined attacks. Prepon standing tall early, pumping out the stick, slide-stepping back and walking Nadia into a gorgeous, drilling right hand on the chin that has Bjorlin staggering in fence post holes. Minute later - Nadia clouts on-coming Laura off balance with a swiping hook to jaw - following it up with a stubby straight right on the left side of Laura's head and a clocking left to drive Prepon ropeside. Shabby clinches from both women whenever they need to recuperate - both women equally susceptible to getting tied up, wriggling impatiently as ref tugs at strong encircling arms.


R4: Bjorlin trying to force the middle, runs into a pair of bracing Prepon jabs, rejected backwards in disarray - Nadia raising her hands and twisting to her right as she backpedals - Laura POURS in over the top, extending on a crashing right cross to chin. BJORLIN'S ROCKED! Nadia unable to roll the punch, gets her head swivelled - she careens sideways to ropes, badly hurt. Laura heartless, stalking forward, ponytail switching back and forth across her spine - she jabs Nadia's mouth, steps back, jabs Nadia between the eyes as Bjorlin stumbles forward to clinch. Plugging straight right hand from Prepon bashes Nadia's head back - Bjorlin still trying to close the gap - Laura slides back out of range, jabbing Nadia in her chest with a stiff-arm motion while sidestepping right. HURTLING RIGHT CROSS, LAURA PREPON! Laura getting that angle off Nadia's left shoulder - POURS the cross in on jaw, shocking Bjorlin to her toes. Nadia's body spasming - right foot jerking up off the canvas, left knee buckling - she keeps her feet, but she's crazy-hurt, reeling around glassy-eyed at the ropes. Laura flashes the set-up jab and drives in the right - sumptuous, full-bodied right catches Nadia behind the left ear. Bjorlin limp - right hand waving lazily as all the strength leaves her body - she pitches straight forward, face-first to mat, cleanly, savagely KO'd. KO4 in decisive fashion - Laura Prepon!


After: Prepon defends her turf - trading bombs with a strong, proud, young slugger and laying Nadia out cold.


"It's very satisfying," Prepon shrugs in postfight, dabbing at tender face with a white towel. "You know - Nadia's one of these made-for-HBO bimbos - big bustline, big punch, pretty face - it's important for me to separate myself from these off-the-rack type chicks. She tried to punch with me - I knew she would - but I'm packing too much heat for girls to do me like that. I'm not just a harder puncher than Nadia: I'm a better all around fighter. I set her up tonight - I HUNTED her: she was just in there flailing, hoping for a miracle."


Ouch - Laura uncharacteristically snippy in postfight, doing her best to minimize the Bjorlin threat in AND out of the ring.

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