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12 August 2006 (Title) Ch Katherine Heigl vs Jennifer O'Dell

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Katherine Heigl 12.jpgJennifer O'Dell 04.jpg


Paramount Lightweight Title Bout


Posted by simguy on 8/12/2006, 5:09 pm


Before: BLONDE! Magazine trumpeting this contest as the 'Fight of the Century' - intriguing clash between two leading contenders for Fighter of the Year. "Jenny's come out of nowhere," Katherine admits, "but I still think her accomplishments have been overblown. Krista Allen's always been over-rated by mostly-male journalists: we fighters don't have the same kind of respect for her. Ali was great once, but the wars have taken their toll and that pageant sash is starting to look a little threadbare at this point. Good wins for Jenny, but I don't think they're on a par with what I'VE been able to do this year."


Jenny champing at the bit - lightweight title within her grasp - solid win over Heigl-sized Mariah Carey coming in: O'dell knows she's hot right now and anxious to keep it rolling. "Ali wasn't shot BEFORE I got through with her," Jenny jokes with the press. "There's a good chance I've ruined that girl - certainly Kathy's never been able to put that kind of punishment onto a top-class fighter. I'd be very careful if I were Heigl - when you look at girls like Dunning, Allen and Landry - you can see they aren't the same after tangling with me."


Katherine in bulging crimson lace Victoria's Secret push up bra and panties. Jenny in baby blue bikini. White gloves, both vixens.


During R1: Jenny: left hand at hip, right at mouth, clockwise rotation as she brings the jab up smart, doubling it against Kat's rack and mouth. Heigl: both hands up, stalking - chopping her jab down from the shoulder to Jenny's mouth. O'Dell coming in off the jab with short right/lefts, punching her way into Kathy's chest/face, backing her up with clubbing assaults. Heigl stepping out, looking for similar opportunities to lean in with rights, come back with lefts and back Jenny up. Final minute - girls have gravitated closer - Jenny hook-hooking her left against Kathy's massive rack to win a breathy grunt of protest from the Krusher. Heigl back with hooks to Jenny's jugs - now they're mouth on shoulder, working offending jugs with short, muscular, shrugging right uppies and clawing left hooks. Bell: Both beauties with tears standing in narrowed eyes - each stubbornly intent on subjugating proud opposition breasts - ref has get in there to enforce the break.

R2: Some of the same preliminaries - the clockwise stepping, smart jabbing, lunging right/lefts up top - then the girls graduate shoulder-to-shoulder to really punish each other. Jenny dropping her right foot back, easing back to walk Katherine's tanned paunch into murderous, short-digging rights and lefts. Heigl grimacing, but answering, looking for Jenny's chin with short-clipping right uppercuts inside, palm-shoving O'Dell in her shoulders to push her off-stride. Muscular, hurtful two-way jug-mugging: neither girl will allow the other to get in there without swift, brutal repraisals. Comprehensive stuff - girls touching each other up and down, staying basically right in front of each other, taking turns. Jenny holding her own, but corner wanting a little more boxing out of her: "Take her into deep water Jenny - THEN get after her".

R3: Jenny looking to hop to her right, turn Katherine's left flank - but Heigl with a rangy one-two square to Jenny's breasts brings hot crimson pride to O'Dell's cheeks, prompting her to wade back in and work. Jenny ripping it up to tummy both hands, coming off waist to clout Katherine's bra - but Heigl soaking it up and coming forward, gradually stepping Jen to ropes. Kathy in her big-girl rhythm: palm-shoving Jenny roughly in her shoulders; swinging fat right hands flat to gut, or looped to flank, landing with loud, wet spanks and shaking Jenny's torso. Heigl pounding at Jenny's biceps with short, clubbing strokes - knuckles landing flat and bruising up the muscle. Constant muscular smudging of Jenny's breasts as Kathy gets in there snug, then uppercuts ticketed for chin are lifting O'Dell's face up pretty. Jenny grimacing, digging down, answering back tit for tat and staying busy - but she can't get off the apron and Heigl's heavier hands starting to tell as O'dell seems pushed and bullied through 3.


R4: Cat Bell standing up, hands cupped around her mouth as she screams advice to Jenny during the break - crowd roaring as strong blondes stride confidently to midring and greet each other with vicious overhand rights. HAMMER AND TONGS! Jenny coming straight up the gut on Heigl, backing her up a smidge under hot-tossing lefts and rights: O'Dell a little quicker with the mitts, able to buffett Kathy's face and breasts as Heigl's trying to stabilize. But Jenny's right in front of Katherine - Heigl able to shift her right foot back a bit and lug heavy left hooks into Jenny's ribs, slowing her. Beefy Heigl right hand splashes against Jenny's tanned tummy; crashing left hook clouts Jenny's head aside, visibly loosening up her stance. Jenny back with a furious scrubbing side-to-side buffetting of Heigl's rack - Katherine gasping, forced back, but able to counter with a short, shoving right hand over Jenny's left shoulder to jam O'Dell's jaw. Jenny put wobbly butt, but refusing to back off - she's back into Kathy's tummy with chugging rights and lefts, shoulders rotating, driving Heigl's butt to ropes. Snarling Heigl dangling left hand at her side, RIPS right uppercuts, jerking 'em up and across in close, clipping Jenny's chin, startling her: Heigl able to step-right and clock Jenny a looping right behind the head to send her face-first to ropes. Jen trying to right herself - Heigl with the left hand on the back of Jenny's left shoulder pushes O'Dell chest-down on the ropes and GOES RIGHTY TO HER BACK AND BUTTOCKS! Vicious, illegal kidney blows stiffen Jenny, bring the ref in: Krusher scolded for plowing into her foe's back with a stern - a very stern - finger waggle. Jenny dishevelled, shook-up, but resolute - she trudges off the ropes, dukes up, but runs afoul Katherine's heavy shock jab. Heigl breaking up Jenny's guard, POURS in the Cat-busting right cross - CRASHING TO JENNY'S CHIN! Spasmodic reaction as Jenny soaks the shot, cringes forward, then is roughly shoved hard in her shoulders, ragdolled into ropes. Heigl sweeping in - right hand carried in a low arc DEEP to trembling Jenny guts: O'Dell biting down on screams, doubling forward, face pinched in agony. Kathy delighted - smiling big, riding her left hand across Jenny's upperback while cramming home extra rights downstairs. O'Dell manages to tie up around the hips, helpless to prevent Kathy's bashing hammer-assault against the back and ribs until ref's break. Jenny limping to her right at the apron - stunned, disoriented - Heigl hops in a lead left hook to scatter Jenny upright into ropes, then bends in a full-bodied right to SMASH JENNY'S FACE! Cracking blast rocks Jenny's head back over top rope before snapping loosely forward on recoil - she's drooping forward, limp, helpless. Katherine's tongue pink between her lips as she lugs the left hand up beefy into Jenny's jugs, hops to the left and JENNY CRASHES FACE-FIRST TO CANVAS! Poor Jenny! Legs writhe slowly as she grimly tries to rally up off her belly - succeeding in rolling to her back - eyes clamped shut, lips curled back - BUT SHE CAN'T SHAKE OFF THE PARALYSIS! KO4 in brutal fashion - Katherine Heigl!


After: Yelp of pleasure from Kathy H - she pounces down to sit atop Jenny's straining belly, straddling the KO'D BSE flagship on strong, tanned haunches. Unspeakable glee on Heigl's face as her back straightens, right arm reaches back, lefthand knuckles brace flat against Jenny's ribs and OH NO: JUG POUNDING ENSUES! Right hands - swept across heaving O'Dell breastmeat with clouting vigour, then repeat left hands - Katherine working up quite a sweat as she leans into her task. Jenny's face dimly registering the pain - eyes closed in a groggy little frown, lips parted as her head lolls slowly side to side. Jenny's arms outstretched to either side as thick spank sounds out from her chest - her long, strong legs twitching, stretched flat against the canvas. FINALLY, FCBA officials remove heads from collective asses long enough to pull grinning Kathy off her brutalized opponent - Heigl awkwardly stamping her barefoot against Jenny's ribs with little slap-slaps as Kathy is carried away.


"THAT'S how you do Jenny!" A glowing Katherine Heigl gloats in postfight. Behind her, on camera, Krusher minions hold up signs saying "FIGHTER OF THE YEAR" in bold red letters on white background. "She came in here all 'I'm better than Kat' and finished up on her back all used up! I'm the best fighter in boxing - do you hear me? I've beaten up Cat Bell, Jennifer Garner and I've stomped Jenny O'Dell FLAT! YEAH!"


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