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12 Jan 2008 Kelly Brook vs Aishwarya Rai

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Posted by simguy on 1/12/2008


BEFORE: Rai a scourge amongst the English ex-pat community in India - she's the most dreaded "British Assassin" since the Thuggies with over 30 submission victories against pretty English imperialists. "Good thing I'm not wrestling her," says an unimpressed Brook in prefight. "Aishwarya bested Laetitia Casta - a sold 'B' class boxer - but that hardly makes Rai a chilling threat with the gloves. The Ice Hotel is mine - Rai isn't enough woman to stop me, whatever her pedigree." Aishwarya now the acknowledged "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" in international circles following her dismissal of Casta - she's clearly ill-at-ease with Kelly's disrespect. "The English always march into situations with their heads held high and their chests puffed up," Rai contends, "but they have always been easy targets for Aishwarya Rai. Boxing or wrestling, it makes no difference: I will suffocate this little lamb, I will toy with her, torture her, then throw her bodily from my hotel. Kelly Brook is my reward for taking the Ice Hotel away from Laetitia - nothing more." Kelly in crimson bandeau bikini with asymmetrical skirted bottoms, silver/grey fur mukluks with matchiing fur-lined punching mittens - she comes to ring in a silver/grey fur chinchilla cloak. Rai in black off the shoulder bikini - toga style single strap look up top with ring connection attaching to bandeau and ring connections at hips; dark sable mukluks and fighting mittens; Rai enters wearing a dark sable full length coat.


During R1: Girls trade right hands, Rai's back (right) knee gives way, touching down as Aishwarya blinks in open-mouthed astonishment! Kelly raising her mitts, prancing away: first punch of the night puts Rai on bended knee. Shaky 8, Aish: she shimmies to her left, dukes up, much less offensive minded as Brook stalks. Kelly patient: right hand near her mouth; left hand extended - she's darting out a Klitschko jab from the semi-extended arm position, nibbling at Rai's brows. Aishwarya circling, supple-stepping, rotating her torso as she slides across canvas - nothing back from Rai as Brook's abrupt jab dictates terms. Down the stretch, Kelly with the quick poke sets up a sudden right hand: jolting, surprise delivery takes Aishwarya on her chin, sends her scooting to her buttocks near the ropes. Rai up trembling, eyes moist: every right hand Brook has thrown has landed and dropped her foe in the first. 


R2: Kely supremely confident, smiling prettily as she walks Rai down. Aishwarya visibly concerned - hopping away from Kelly; changing directions; weaving her torso to change level - anything to open Brook up. Minute mark, Aish pounces in behind her jab: Brook blocks with raised guard, weight strong on right foot: she hooks Rai to mouth, drops a chopping right in while bending forward and RAI'S HURT AGAIN! Aishwarya staggering away, then loping to her right (away from Kelly's power). Brook stalking again, extending the left hand to shorten distance on that pecking, darting jab - very difficult for Rai to counter. Aishwarya skirting the perimeter - occasionally ducking low and walking Brook's hips into clinches. Ref issuing breaks, trying to keep the action flowing as Rai bogs Kelly down to bell.


R3: Rai stooping, jabbing Kelly's belly, then slide-stepping back, dragging that front (left) foot: Aish attempting to walk Brook into check hooks. Kelly eyes narrowed, reading the situation - pecking jab serving her well, neatly diagnosing problems and disrupting Rai's sneaky plans outside. Aishwarya slipping inside on occasion, squirming to swipe her mitts across tits before Brook can tie up: sloppy punch-n'-clutch does score some point for Aishwarya. Brook still the clear aggressor - missing right hands as Rai starts to slip under them or roll them with her left shoulder: Kelly takes her 3rd straight round from the ice queen. 


BREAK: trainer delighted with Kelly's performance - he waters her up, touches her cheek to gain attention, then: "Kelly - you are beating the SHITE out of this girl - everything's going the way we want it. You're moving her every time you land on her, but she's rolling at the point of contact, okay? - she rolling-with and taking the edge off, so what I want you to do is prep her to the body. Start preppin' her to the body baby - hit her some Laetitia-busters downstairs, cramp her up, then turn on the Biel-be-gones up top - okay? Baby you got this - this girl is weaker than we thought, she's shakier than we thought - just stay on her."


R4: Rai in full retreat - eyes wide, face uncertain - she's bounding along the perimeter, trying to renegotiate. Kelly in wide puncher's stance, but hopping in it, showing a frisky, springy leg - she's able to stay in touch with the jab. Brook diligently drilling straight rights to chest and midriff - drumming Aishwarya, driving her into ropes on impact. Bell to bell Kelly - she brightens at the bell, smiling demure at canvas en route to her corner.


R5: Kelly takes her first hard punch from Rai - vicious right hand over the Brook jab, buckling Kelly's right (back) knee. Aish sliding to her right, jabbing Kelly in the body, slicing the right hand up top, then diving in to clinch: Brook getting rung up/tied up as Rai takes initiative. Aishwarya stunning Kelly to chin, then walking her to ropes: Indian lass very cute in clinches, swiping at Kelly's breasts, tucking into her tummy, hitting her punches, forearms and elbows with subtle little torso--twitches. Kelly frowning, grimacing as she pulls Rai behind the head: Aish swiping licks to lungs, beating Kelly about the waistline and jug as Brook's trying to disengage. Down the stretch, Rai punishing Kelly with a smothering body attack along ropes: ref's reaching in to break and Rai smokes Kelly a cheap hook to chin. Brook tilting back against ropes, hands down, eyes blinking and RAI PASTES KELLY RIGHTY! Supple, curving overhand spanks Kelly's face straight back and SHE'S DOWN! Brook stumbling off ropes, goes to all fours at bell as ref pushes Rai back, reads seething Asian the riot act.


R6: Aish eyes narrowed, looks to press up the middle - runs into crunching Brook defensive jabs. Kelly stalling Rai's rush, then turning on a gorgeous short right to chin: head-swivel Rai - she stumbles away in fence-post holes, well-rebuked. Kelly forward in wide stance, long-hooking Rai in her tummy, then chopping her a right hand up top: Aish scattering to ropes, wobbly butt. Kelly working behind a heavy, pulverizing jab - just tracking Rai as she's rotating torso on her hips, trying to move her head. Kelly calm, touching and tracking, then leaning into zesty rights which badly spook a buzzed Rai. Kelly resetting behind her jab, or palm-pushing Rai in her shoulders to maintain distance - good disciplined attack serves to break Aishwarya down through 6.


R7: Midring - Rai slips-left inside Kelly's jab, hooks Kelly's mouth. Rai slips low under Kelly's right; hooks Kelly's tummy; twists torso-right to pull a sinuous hook across Kelly's mouth, putting Brook on her heels. Rai staying low, making Kelly miss, then squirting inside to set up on Brook's chest: Rai's clever, fur-lined mitts swat and cuff at tummy, hips, jug and chin. Brook swarmed to ropes - Rai a master at hugging up to keep her belly on her girl, then moving her hands to forestall ref's break. Kelly squirming, pushing at Rai: Aishwarya so bendy and supple - you push a shoulder and she pulls it back, rolls it, then gets it back into position on your body. Rai's mittens stroking, cuffing, clouting - Brook panting from the constant cuffing of her ribcage; jolting back whenever Rai clouts chin. Aishwarya scoring heavily to jug - but cute: just smearing little swipes with mittens, or short forearm whacks while jostling for position inside.


R8: Kelly responds, understanding the dynamic of the fight. Brook wants distance - pumping her jab, keeping her legs springy, ready to slide back if necessary. Brook using her hands like a lineman - palming Aish in the shoulders, shunting her to either side while stepping around; pulling Aishwarya's head down and spinning her. Ref barking warnings - but Kelly denying her foe that tummy-on-tummy squirming attack. Rai frustrated, badly lumped up from Kelly's jab, looking a little dejected in her corner for the break.


R9: Gambling Rai baring her teeth, hammering right hands to Kelly's chin as Brook's extending arms to punch: KELLY'S KNEES BUCKLE! Kelly momentarily distraught - she staggers to ropes, face in gloves: Rai slides forward, dips left shoulder, pops hips-right and STROKES Kelly a vicious hook beneath right elbow. DOWN GOES KELLY! Brook crying out in pain, immediately hugging her body as she drops to her haunches: hellacious liver shot chops big Brit down to size in a heartbeat. Rai brightening - puffy, punished features grinning as she walks away pumping her first. Kelly climbs ropes, fighting off the KO - she's blinking back tears, telling ref she's good to go: ON COMES RAI! Aish pouring in, bodying Kelly deep to ropes, then swatting paunch with both hands. Rai able to get good swipe on shots even when she's snuggling up to an opponent - Kelly's ribs sounding out with meaty thumps as Rai tucks in. Kelly's breasts mercilessly swabbed - Rai swishing away side to side, drawing the backs of her mittened knuckles across the bulge. Kelly repeatedly shaken, sitting in ropes, suffering - but she starts slugging back late. Murky, sloppy stuff as Rai struggles to stay tummied-up: but Brook's leaning back into ropes, squeezing off tight right uppercuts and starting to brawl for breathing room.


R10: Rai trying to dive inside: Kelly won't have it. Brook's pulverizing jab eats Rai up, forces her back outside: Kelly turning on a withering right over Rai's outstretched right catches Aish on her temple, turns her a quarter-turn right and scatters her to all fours! Kelly bellowing down, getting emotional - ref has to body her back as Rai proves gutty in beating the count. Second minute, Kelly pressing Rai along the apron, tracking Aishwarya with the shelling jab, then POUNDING home rights to chest and midsection. Drumming impacts visibly shake Rai, loosening her form: Kelly's starting to score at will. Brook alters right hand trajectory, taking Rai in her forehead, stunning her: HOOK PUTS RAI DOWN! Bang-bang combination drops Aishwarya to all fours: Kelly lifts mitts, struts away, swelling with confidence. Rai beats the count shabby - eyes half shut, mouth open - she's the picture of busted-up defiance as commands ref to let it continue. Kelly striding in, bracing Rai ropeside with a volley of jabs, then a shafting right cross to chin which seemingly has Aishwarya out on her feet. Poor Rai chin-checked, drooping forward loose: Kelly hooks Rai's face, picking it up blinky; right hand pounds face back; smooth left hook bounces off face and DOWN GOES RAI! Aishwarya swooning to her back under pinpoint bombardment - hands up above her head, head lolling side to side in murmuring confusion. Kelly strutting hands high, shouting at jet-set crowd who roar back. Aish somehow beats the count wretched, swaying and swooning at the bell. Comes back UD10 for the NEW Ice Queen - Kelly Brook!


After: Brook showing the ability once again to win under the hottest of spotlights - she rises to the occasion, taking away one of boxing's most cherished prizes from one of it's most exotic women.


Main entrance doors burst open: Aishwarya stumbles out in her bikini, sprawling beaten and sniveling on the icy road - hooting guests following in the wake of majestic Brook. Kelly in her cloak, tall, resplendent - assuming the mantle of Ice Queen with regal poise, as though born for the moment. Kelly's minions work behind her to throw Aishwarya's positions out into the snow; in the distance, a limo's being brought around.


Rai crying, battered, shivering - her breath puffing out white from swollen lips; she reaches for her sable coat, strewn carelessly on the ice behind her. Kelly's mukluk steps down on the coat, causing Aish to cringe while looking up.


"This stays," Kelly says, as the car pulls up. 

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